WHITE TIGER GOES TO 6.0 – Tiger 1 E in War Thunder

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Source: OddBawZ

Tiger E in War is a German Heavy Tank that has long since stood at 5.7 as a feared machine. In the last week the changes moved it to 6.0! I decided to play it to see if the Tiger E is still good.

The short answer is YES! The Tiger fires PzGr. which is as much a HE shell as it is an armor piercing shell. The 88mm cannon ranks as one of the best 1 shot guns in the entire game. Any penetrating shot is an instant return to hanger for opponents.

The Tiger E is pound for pound one of the best Heavy Tanks in War Thunder. It just takes a bit of skill and patience to use!




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  2. popcorn is life, love ya

    I feel like everyone forgot the Tiger H1 got moved up too.

    It used to be 5.3 now its 5.7

  3. #WhiteLivesMatter

  4. Japanese with 151mm pen at 5.3

    First time?

  5. I get this weird glitch were my enemies all ways shoot back

  6. 15:15 Where does it say the BR?

  7. 25:30 That kill was disgusting.

  8. It still slaps at 6.0

  9. if only warthunder had a pve mode. todays iteration of warthunder sucks compared to the staring days

  10. The revenge bombing is cringe, main reason why i quit this game.

    You know how to fight with your tank and curb stomp your opponents, well congratulations you just “awarded them” with a plane selection and them dropping a couple of zero skill 1000 kilo bombs on your face in less than 30 seconds after you killed them…

  11. chaosgreed666 gaming

    They have the gun set at 75mm instead of 88mm kinda makes the tanks gun crappy than what it should be

  12. its those little interactions like with the m22 that make warthunder sometimes soo wholesome and worth to play

  13. I hope I remember what Guinea_Pig said for the rest of my life.

  14. hey everyone, new player here. can someone list some good ground realistic lineups for Germany after 3.3 br? ty in advance!

  15. Day 1 of asking u to play the asu 85

  16. ‘In order to play the Tiger affectively, you really need to work to get your kills’… *proceeds to explain basic war thunder skills everyone adopts on day 2* .-.
    Most versions of the Tiger and Panther are just OP tanks, their overall week point screen space relative to most other tanks are drastic, coupled with their fire power: opposing players really do have to put in a lot of work to kill a Tiger or Panther CONSISTENTLY, 6.0 is brimmed with these 2 tanks and unless you have some competitive CSGO level communication with your team then you are losing to the Germans again and again, makes it really hard for casual non German players to progress past 6.0 and even 7.0 as their performance gets flopped during this time. I like to call it war thunders Cold Progression Phase, or in other words: you better try hard, the Germans don’t have to, but you REALLY do.

  17. The tiger 1 is a good vehicle, but its not THAT good.. it was fine at 5.7

  18. I haven’t played in like a year and a half but as i remember the best way to play a tiger was to play something else.

  19. Hod forbid a hame about tanks, Armor actually matter. Nope, just point and click. No more flanking, no more tactics, just basically everything can oen everything.

  20. nice like ollways,can you make a video whit t34 e.hawe a nice day.

  21. Is the white tiger a T-34 movie reference

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