WHO WOULD RAM A MAUS?!? QuickyBaby Best Moments #18

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“RetroFuture Clean”, “Local Forecast – Elevator”, “Meatball Parade”, “The Cannery”, “Hitman”, “Teddy Bear Waltz”, “The Entertainer” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License


Special Thanks to the Top Clippers:
thelightninger, redshiftotf, M4real, The_ArmouredArmadillo, DeKillerRabbit, vimk_dk, evilcozord, PizzaChris, GalbatorixTheFirst alxen78


  1. Bush Mastery

  2. Get a life dude


  4. Every single one of QBs impressions is golden

  5. Well done Tanya!
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  6. Epic video !

  7. Majority of viewers have either stopped playing the WoT or play the game very little….
    Any specific reason for this?

  8. Hearing you laugh killed my ears.. You really have to work on your expressions
    So irritating

  9. Great video mrs baby love it

  10. Why dis video was first named -World of tanks ???

  11. Chad maus vs sigma E-50M player–

  12. I’m starting to feel these “best moments” videos are better than your regular videos lol

  13. Tanja added new dimension to your “best” moments 😀

  14. The gun glitch was hilarious, especially your reaction.

  15. I really enjoy these thanks!

  16. 7:34 omg skydoesminecraft

  17. 6:02 oh boy, what a wimp
    6:55 67000 battles 46% winrate, 31000 of which in Tier 10 arty.


  18. I want to see more of Herr QB his german is great Ja, gutes Deutsch 😀

  19. Old meme are cringy

  20. I think E 50 M ramming machine is the best moment XD

  21. Die in German is stirb

  22. And again the bavarian stereotype. How tiresome.

  23. Am I hearing this, or QB has anime voice mod?

  24. Source of Arrogance

    1:05 yeah absolute Carius xD

  25. Good job Tanya. Comedic pacing was spot on.

  26. Did I just hear anime crew voice in 7:55 0_0

  27. I’d love to see “The Broken Quickybaby” from that ah so positive game on Empire border yesterday. 😀 I was literally laughing out loud most of the game and my wife looking at me like I’m a crazy person.

  28. ahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaa realy espartan time

  29. Laughed my butt off when QB speaking German English

  30. Source of Arrogance

    11:18 the same thing happened to me with SU-100

  31. Great job tanya i’ve had a great laugh!

  32. E50 is weak

  33. Regarding the thumbnail, the answer is easy: QB in E 50M

  34. Tanya u r doing great. Absolutely love your memes <3

  35. Tankja! You nice gurl! Keep on with this and scare him on stream some time 😉

  36. Chito Iii Montenegro

    nice mate

  37. The last was lucky to i saw xd

  38. Thx Tanya for the video !

  39. How about the “quicky baby the worst moments” video?

  40. i like tanyas videos the best

  41. Quicky is the John Wick of WOT! he even looks like him!

  42. 08:56 get ready for death from orbital Canon

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