WHO WOULD WIN? A SqueezyBOI? Or a Modern MBT? (War Thunder Gameplay)

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WHO WOULD WIN? A SqueezyBOI? Or a Modern ? (War Thunder Gameplay)

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  1. HAHAHA what a epic joke about german language, kill yourself fucking subhuman

  2. oh your retarded friend is actually playing the most OP tank of the tier, 2K. hope him and you both get cancer and die in agony

  3. Phly please love some unloved PZ J long boi DX

  4. The German Rapewagen

  5. Phly daily bro is the squeezyboi a premium or not and what rank?

  6. god dammit every second lobby i see those little shits now in an 8.0+ battle thanks to you! can you atleast do a video with a russian low tier aswell? maybe it balances then

  7. A challenge!
    The enemy approaches from the rear but we have no time to turn the tank around! Engage with your PzBfw VI and your Sdkfz 234/2 Puma driving backwards the entire match! Get 3 kills and a win and good luck!
    Attempt #3

  8. valentine Xristov

    Mechanical Watch in a Digital Era Challenge:
    Take out the Tiger H1 into a 9.0 BR match!

  9. Squeezyboi!!!

  10. Slade Darklighter

    When he called the artillery on you, shoulda stayed put… it wouldent have hurt you, ive had people call artillay straight on me and then nothing

  11. A supersonic leaf?! Hahahaha what the fuck, Phly?

    I am dead.

  12. Wtf since when was the Type 62 in game?


    Phly, I have a request for you

    Play the XM-1 Abrams GM

  14. You should line up a lot of SqueezyBois and she how many a high tier APFSDS could penetrate with one shot.

  15. M1 Abrams… making dream shots into memes since 1979

  16. I do hope Hans intended to have his ashes scattered to the wind because, uh, there ain’t much else for him.

  17. Donquixote Doflamingo

    What should i buy for arcade battle ru251 or tiger 2 sla 16?

  18. More SqueezyBOI adventures please 🙂

  19. the squeezyBOI

  20. you shoulda used the locust at that br so u could face the leos and kill them. much easier

  21. And this, is why I love Phly

  22. I love how much he sounds like tom Hanks when he yells

  23. Hanz is gonez

  24. ThePrussianFencer

    Is that Jnorbz he’s playing with?

  25. Hi phly…can i get your decal for PS4?we can’t buy anything in Gaijin store but we can buy only on PS Store

  26. I Can fit in your turret he said…. Your barrel is as big as my head he said….

  27. that wasn’t overpen that was a cannon round going under Gongs’s tank

  28. Snarky Mcsnarkles

    spawn kill much?

  29. No bist ich bin schnell

  30. Can I talk in your discord server

  31. It would be awesome to see a squeezy-bois vs squeezy-bois custom battle

  32. fifty shades of noodles

    i have good games with the SqueezyBoi and bad games.

  33. I liked the people you were playing with today, so nice.

  34. Callsign-YukiMizuki

    Technically, the Abrams is NOT modern. It’s still a Cold War era tank.

    Modern would be something like the M1A2 and beyond

  35. Im fast –> Ich bin schnell…not Im schnell or Im schnelling ^^ ;D

  36. Never knew you could make a simple meme an 18 minute and 52 second video

    ? Well done

  37. when youre yelling (like when the arty hit you) you sound exactly like Tom Hanks

  38. Next time you go out in the air, I wanna see you land a plane on an aircraft carrier.

    In first person mode.

  39. Tobias Leiminger

    What’s the soldiers’ song in the beginning called?


  41. should see if a KT or a Panther can kill an Abrams now hahaha

  42. I like how the secondary weapon on the MBT’s is the same size at your main gun

  43. I only See one Video of the Panzer IV/70(V) are there more or only the one from 4 years ago ?

  44. SpikeMan4Days YT


  45. Leopard 2a4 squad pls

  46. mahadisal ahadani

    last battle….almost half of my team is using that tank…I thought it was at least rank 2 but…wow

  47. Thats not Hans, thats Gruber in his little tank, 10 points if you catch the referance

  48. Hier ist Patrick Bang, breiter als ein Panzerkampfwagen/
    Bass pumpt aus den Hummeranlagen/
    Ballerman laden

  49. Shakuraz the Dark One

    Nope bro….”schnelling” doesnt exist in german.
    Say “brettern”….you “bretter” through the botanic xD

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