WHO WOULD WIN? Proven Modern MBT or 1 Heavy Boi? (War Thunder)

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WHO WOULD WIN? Proven Modern MBT or 1 Heavy Boi? (War Thunder)

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  1. Lone survivalist314

    Suuureee, “proven” facing tanks decades older and much more inferior, seems proven to me, like running around cod waw zombies in god mode and pretending to be good

  2. long time see you play the maus

  3. The memes are the best Phly

  4. “Whe might have an Abrams” proceeds to shoot M3 stuart multiple times 😂😂😂

  5. Family friendly pg clean

  6. Wow,the maus has a great reverse speed ! Wait, it’s a german tank,not french ! Looks like germans are taking intelligence from the French

  7. German bias

  8. 3:26 mMMERICA FUCK YEAH. PhlyDaily says : this guy is tuff man

  9. I see bongocat, I like.

  10. 😂😂 your intros kill me every time

  11. “DAS FASS HANZ!! Ok kommandant! … JAWOHL!”

  12. 17:00 Soviets not Russians

  13. quickest way to get demonetised

  14. Attempt #29
    I-16 type 10 with historical information please

  15. Echo echo echo echo…..

  16. DOOMTURTLE @toptier

  17. A.C. IV
    Attempt #32

  18. Come for the tanks, stay for the memes!

  19. One of the better videos I’ve seen in a while, gg!
    Ps. U sounded like the wtf, Richard”? Meme

  20. what’s the music at 18:50? Very thanks!!

  21. When you got the high br MBT and think that you at leasth dont have to care about aphe .

  22. Now M2A2 vs top tier , 2 kills minimum.

  23. That fuccing iMovie music tho

  24. So..is true that
    1 maus= 20 abrams?

  25. Sneaky Maus

  26. play the I15R in top tier try and bomb tanks with the 64kg bombs

  27. I’m on it phly I’ll get Franz to help with the breach

  28. *Manipulated democracy*

  29. 1 light gal would win

  30. That’s a battleship not a tank….. Man

  31. He phly can you make a vidio with botime gaming that would be really cool thx

  32. 16:13 welcome to hight tier germany

  33. Loving the Wolfenstein music at 10:52 !!!!!!

  34. Phly, can us console guys get some store discount love?
    Need that discount you advertise.

  35. You should use the sturmpanzer in top tier battles

  36. I’m not defending German superiority. I’m stating the FUCKING obvious.

  37. Why this huge bush shoting at us?

  38. why’d they limit choppers to tier 5 lmao

  39. Hey phly, What about using french reserve tanks at top BR?

  40. *Germany* you know what we need?

    *Hitler* What?

    *Germany* A fucking brick with guns

  41. Haa ya deutsch engineered cloaking device ze maus has it makes u completley invisible they think you be ze barn!

  42. Pretentious Arrogance

    and with that intro I wonder how I even got an ad

  43. Rush b in the Berlin map with some russian tank or plane start with b words attampt 10

  44. Obersturmführer Petra Ral

    10.0 panzer 4 f2 challenge

    attempt 3

  45. Personally, I totally did not expect the Maus to do as well as it did in 10.0 Matchmaking. I expected the thick armor to arm the rounds and cause the shrapnel to bounce around in the tank. If I ever return to War Thunder and get the Maus, I will have to try this. *If* I ever return that is.

  46. 2:56 – Slow down, you trying to win a race?!?!?

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