Why America Has The Best Top Tier Tanks | ALSO GIB FREE ABRAMS (War Thunder)

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Thumbnail credit – https://live.warthunder.com/post/719498/en/


  1. okay pun was intended )) Fellas thanks for the support see you tomorrow for the Phlyday stream!

    • every tank have 3 characteristic: penetration, armor and mobility – to balance tank must have only two of them (like leopard 1: it have good penetration and good mobility but have no armor) – M1 abrams have all three of these characteristics

    • dont expect you to see this but HOLLY SHIT i found an area on the tiger h where its armor is literally 1100

    • I love ya phly but I do take these videos with a grain of salt when you say a tank is the best tank in game because its not hard to choose just the good games and stick those in a video I mean the least you could do is show the bad games you had because I know you had them. And the Abrams is not the best tank in the game theres no way I would say the 2A4 or the Type90 are the best tanks Type90 may not have the armor or survivability but it has a gun that can pen every tank in game with ease and 5sec reload with very good mobility. The Leo2A4 I would definitely consider the best tank because its has an amazing gun with Excellent pen an amazing turret that at medium range hull down can almost be impenetrable and has great mobility. The M1/IP has ammo that has a very hard time penning tank from the front and armor that can be easily penned by T64b,Leo2A4,Type90,AMX40, and the Chally
      its good against CE rounds though good mobility good survivability but a repair cost of 20K to 25K SL per death so if you die in a game the max SL you wil get for the game will probably be maybe 8k or less its hard to make more than that with a death in the Abrams considering a normal top tier game make like 40-60k SL i’m not using Premium btw. now its not the worst tank at top tier but its def not the best the worst tanks are prob Challenger and the AMX40

    • Hey Phly, I’m new to war thunder. Can you give me any tips to both air and ground forces?

    • Phly, try playing soviet top tier with HE shells and see how thag goes

  2. why no love for chally, its never talked about when its a 9.7 tank 🙁

  3. Challenge: kill something with a smoke shell.
    Attempt #1

  4. Gorgeously video like usual

  5. Panzer 4 F2 , one Shoot machine

  6. Loving the unloved! It’s time to take out the good ole rusty su-57 phly! Attempt #31


  8. Phly out the IAR-81C and bully those poor low-tiers with MG151/20mms. Attempt #22

  9. Nguyễn Hải Dương

    Reverse roles challenge: Get in a 3.0 match and get a plane kill with the IL-2 1942 and a tank kill with the KB ZIS BTR-152A

  10. agree 100% i always say that, your the 1 one that notice itsince 1.71

  11. I mean if the abrams has a gas turbine and is on fire that would be an afterburner right?! So f4 phantom confirmed?

  12. Loving the unloved:

    Play the Russian Panther A

    Attempt #2

  13. Butt wipes could bring world peace.

  14. Because the Americans built the best tank in the world

  15. Phly I don’t think the Abrams is as good in the game. If you watch my last video I was playing around with some friends and started off in my T80. Got raped by an Abrams and then respawned in a T64-BV. For some odd reason I got alot of shots on me but did not die. I am still figuring out how I survived 2 Abrams and a t64-a while I was the only one there. Also leave a like if you will.

  16. Germans for 8.3 to 9.7 get fucked super bad right now

  17. Sandra Carolin Jones


  18. Loving the unloved. Phly please play the Leo A1A1 attempt#3

  19. Any thoughts about doing an old-school collab with Slick, Baron, and Devildog?

  20. players:Like,for real the M1 abrams is the best tank in the game

    sturmpanzer players:ThE AbrAmS IsThE bEsT tAnK iN tHe game

    russian players:players:ThE AbrAmS IsThE bEsT tAnK iN tHe game

  21. dollar shave club is the goat

  22. All I asked for was the T-72B… And they gave me the shitty T-80… The tank that was so shitty it literally made Russia vow to never again make a turbine powered tank…

  23. PresidentRandomGamer

    Hey phly i think i have a interestig challenge ?.

    The White Tiger.
    Youl need:
    Tiger H1
    A Forrest map.
    Some Enemy Ruskis
    A flanking route.
    Take out the Tiger H1 and Flank the enemy then proceed to attack from behind and make the ruskis panic as you kill every friendly around them.

    I know its a bit simple but i really liked the movie white tiger 😛
    (Attempt #1)

  24. Everyone here saying “war thunder needs to add this tank” “we need this” “we need that” “we need the Stryker”… But in reality there’s only one thing worthy of being top tier meta, the special forces soldier with a confirmed kill using a plastic more spoon… Could you imagine the damage he could do to Soviet stalinium armor?

  25. Can you just dive bomb in the Ju-87 in sim battles please.

  26. Shower and Shaving Products in bulk: _I sleep_

    Butt Wipes in Bulk: *Real Shit*

  27. Why don’t you play Leopard A1A1 and feel the pain?

  28. Phly you are correct, this is the fundamental advantage the Abrams teams have but there is more to it. For one the M1 and IP are unrealistically maneuverable in their current in game states. Secondly, the Leo 2A4’s crew protection has not been modeled correctly. Thirdly, and probably mostly, Gaijin has chosen to give us the pre 87 2A4 which did not have or shoot DM-33 APFSDS. Yet the pre 87 2A4 is facing base M1s with early 90’s crew protection upgrades and IP which was a early 90’s armor upgrade.

    This of course because the M1 is the money making flavor for Gaijin right now and they really don’t want to nerf it or buff something that will power creep on it.

  29. Bože ty kokot to kde si zobral že amerika najlepšie top tier tanky??
    Aha už viem si amík takže si aj kokot??????



  31. can we talk about how phly killed a guy with smoke?

  32. Shawn should of kept his mouth shut ?

  33. M1 Abrams is OP

    *Bounces a BT-5*

  34. Alvarrel Mikail Marhadi

    Play the M48 with only APCR

  35. Tetrahydrocannibinol

    My plug came thru
    Phly came thru
    Snacks came thru
    Today was a good day.

  36. That BT-5 thinks he bounced an APFSDS round from the Abrams when you shot him with smoke. He’ll be telling that story to his grandkids.

  37. Phly pleasee make a live!

  38. Phly take out the Sherman M4 105 now it’s been dropped to 2.7 it really is a low tier KV. Go on slap some low tier ass you know you want to ☠

  39. when i play the T64B i just shoot APfsd and trapp shoot the ABrams at the turret ring under the gun almost 8 out of 10 times it gets one shoted

  40. 16:03 Russian bias at its finest

  41. Gaijin no one asked for free Abrams, just FPE and Parts.

  42. Logged in to give like for 0:30 😉

  43. whats the point of having the best tank in the game when you have to deal with a 15k repair cost…. and thats if you dont use any other vehicles. often times you are going to go negative with the abrams and with the current RP cap it makes it less and less worth it thats why xm-1 are more and more common which are overpowered for their BR in their own right.

  44. With the new SP system they just made the Tank RB into Tank Arcade. I personally preferred the old system.

  45. What is this video Abrams thinks about in the intro?

  46. T 80 better

  47. 16:03 Armour made of pure russian bias

  48. Not gonna lie à lot of french steel waiting our incredible “Leclerc”

  49. M1 was the best tank until got nerfed(armor, speed, speed, speed, etc…)

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