Why Call In Artillery When You Can Be ARTILLERY (War Thunder)

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Why Call In Artillery When You Can Be ARTILLERY (War Thunder)



  1. Wouldn’t mind some proper artillery tho like I’m wot but yknow thunder style

  2. HE shell: can kill with a calculated shot

    AP shell: can kill armored tanks

    HEAT: can kill a tank and damage groups

    Fence: Am I a joke to you?

  3. You should play the brummbär in a squad

  4. 10:21哈哈哈😄😅😅😅

  5. Play any low tier chinese tank. But you can only harass. Especially the M8 Lac. It’s so much fun

  6. 16:23 that was me before i realized bomb fuzes where a thing i put it on 2 seconds to be safe

  7. Every time Phly uses the A-10’s “BRRRRRRT” for censoring makes me want an A-10 Warthog in this game even more.

  8. I love how probably 200 people waited for you to upload your video for 2 hours and then didn’t get anything

  9. His slow motion laugh though😂😂

  10. 9mm in a luger phuc a duk daily, 9mm

  11. it better on youtube cause you can skip the boring bits when needed

  12. 4:50 !!!!!!! ahahahaa thx

  13. There are actually Brumbar’s with a machinegun on the front, not sure why they didn’t make THAT Brumbar the premium one…

  14. The Tank Commander

    Luger P08 is a 9mm Phly. Good try

  15. Pronunciation was nearly spot on. 😁

  16. Why you shoot that fenses not with your machinegun

  17. please play challenger 2 pleasssssßsssssssssssßsssssssssssssssssssèeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  18. Phly during his SM.91 video: miss me miss me now you gotta kiss me.
    *Laura will remember that*

  19. Its more easier to watch on youtube because I don’t encounter any buffering unlike twitch(atleast thats my situation),internet speeds are different in other countries and regions.(keep that in mind)Love your work phly. Keep safe and keep going😊😊😊😊😊😊

  20. Please do a video on the Do 335(not premium) attempt 6

  21. The worst place for the BrummBar would be C on Japan 🤭

  22. Phly invents 8mm luger.
    Hanz: Call the luger factory!

  23. Doesnt T30 have a bigger HE ?

  24. Lüger is 9mm not 8mm

  25. Is there add-on for artillery crosshair?

  26. Phly play once like artillery, sitting behind obstacle

  27. That does not look like an artillery looks more like a tank destroyer with a Howitzer artillery is open tops so it can do what it’s built to do shoot very accurate at over a kilometer away

  28. Steffen Mikkelsen

    the pronunciation isnt bad.

  29. Mispronunciation

  30. *Phly, why are you being a PHAG by using a “Buzz” sound to censor yourself?*
    *Be a REAL MAN and use the classic “Beep” sound instead.* .

  31. Awesome video 🙂 well played

  32. Makes me wonder, whether there is a spike in the “like” curve when Phly reminds ppl to like the video compared to when he doesnt.

  33. Nobody:

    Phly: Pruuuuumbarrrrrrrrrr!

  34. PHLY please check out the lkv 103 it by far has one of the best guns at its B.R at 5.7 it has a 105mm heatfs round with 400mm of pen you have to try it out it’s a blast to play with because practically nothing can stop this round except the upper front end of the Italian cars because of its angle Attempt #2

  35. Love your vids as always!!!!

  36. I just wanna know, the Song he used in the intro with the bomb, what the f### is the name of it cause i have been looking for months

  37. Hey PhlyDaily giveaway some war thunder account

  38. This will face tank 75mm all day and pop everything Americans have in the face up to 5.7.
    Gets into 3.7 all the time too.

  39. HEY PHLY! Can you take the F-84B-26 out again? Last time you made a vid of it was 3 years ago.
    It has a top speed of 588mph (Approx 950kph) and 6 M3 .50cals …

    at 7.3
    Feel like the F-84 is unloved even though its a beautiful Jet and this saddens me :I

  40. Can you play the Italian 75/46/M42?

  41. damn, I didn’t even get alerted to your non warfthunder video

  42. Pronounciation nailed 🙂 nice Phly thanks for the effort! well at least the first and second time 😉

  43. Meh, this is not a 380mm rocket broombar

  44. Vasco peeters Vasco280706

    Hello phly i would love to see you play the m901 a.k.a WALL-E

  45. Pls play panther d in tank rb attempt 1

  46. Герундий Ди

    I should use rangefinder for long distance…

  47. I saw this tank IRL. Yes.

  48. That thing was my only vehicle that could deal with the IS6, when it came out!
    This SPG can still destroy MBTs, though it´s damn hard at long range and the reload sucks, just like the mobility at high tier…

  49. Phly play KPZ. Make one video on this patch

  50. Hey mr tank daily can you play some air rb sometime?

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