Why Does Nobody Play This? War Thunder Gameplay – 120mm Naval Gun Tank

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  1. Yo i dont get it, i have gotten a 16 kill match in this tank its fucking

  2. TheArmoredChurchillGaming

    Can you play the Conqueror

  3. It may be fun but its a shitty premium.

  4. “why does nobody play this”

    Because giving my arm, leg and firstborn son to gaijin for a single tank
    isn’t worth it.

  5. Just a piece of soap

    That fucker in the T-126 was playing on ULQ so he could see trough the
    grass and camo the spawn, he deserve a perm ban the asshole.

  6. YOU’re a Masterbator XD bad pun sorry

  7. NovaTheSergal, the most famous furry in BaronVonGamez history

  8. This intro feels very stolen

  9. oi baron what do you record with nothing really worked with me 🙁
    greetings from Germany

  10. Kiyoshi Kirishima

    Potato gun!

  11. it’s because when it first came out it’s HE shells were broken and it was
    hard as hell to get a kill with it

  12. No idea why people either slate or hate it, I’ve had nothing but fun
    playing the short gun. Easily the most “fun” premium I’ve bought, racked up
    plenty of kills with it too.

  13. Wraith™ (Vastos Saint of Killers)

    this video is cancer to the war thunder community

  14. It’s because it doesn’t even have the right shells.

  15. I’ve play with this tank and had very very good games ://

  16. Because HE sucks and gaijin has the nerve to ask for more money just to
    play the fucking tanks

  17. This game is so bad its liek WOT and the ghost tanks no one see and they
    see you so bad game now its not even worthy to play,.

  18. I know you may not see this Baron, but if you ever play this again, try
    plunging the shell under the tank’s belly. The upward shrapnel will be more
    effective against bigger tanks

  19. TopBunkProductions

    Because according to my research, High Explosive rounds in this game have
    been nerfed to the point of uselessness. Had they not been nerfed, this
    tank would be a fuckin’ *beast*.

  20. Shoot the ground underneath the enemy tank. The resulting upblast does more

  21. t44 122….please

  22. Dude!! stop using rasing sunflag!! In Asia… it is same as Hakenkruez!!
    You know what Hakenkruez means right?

  23. PRO TIP shoot the ground under enemy tanks.

  24. This tank is more of a ab tank. (In my opinion)

  25. I wont play Japs because you have to pay to get the good ones…..been
    burnt too many times

  26. When is War Thunder going to make the Puma? That would be sweet.

  27. I was unsubscribed from this channel for no reason.

  28. Play more German monster tank Baron

  29. srleraja Srleraja

    Japanese heavy tank m8

  30. I see tons of people use them in realism mode. In its proper tier, but the
    kind of iffy penetration makes it something you don’t frontline in a
    battle. The british armored car for whatever reason is immune to the tank

  31. HE is terribly modeled in War Thunder, an he 88 does nothing to a T-26

  32. 30 sec nintendo ad rly

  33. The HE only Gun doesn’t kill!

  34. no one want to aim for ever :P

  35. oh I play it its such a fun death machine

  36. try to use that gun shoot a T 50 i bet you be dead by the time you kill him

  37. Think about this tank compared to the Russian Su-122, that thing has a
    massive gun as well, but look at the shell’s it can use. This is some
    serious underpowering on the Chi-Ha

  38. Baron! Are u going 2 play ENLISTED when it’s released?!

  39. hey ever tried aiming under the tank??

  40. can u play with ze mighty maus!!!

  41. why dont i have japanese tanks, i only have planes

  42. Nobody plays this cause it can’t pen crap

  43. when the HE round works its great. but HE is broken in WT so its a crap
    shoot. one second I can one shot a M3 lee.the next I can’t pen a M3 stuart.

  44. Frankie Stewart, Jr


  45. Just gonna say this before you steal it. “Very Asian of you” ” Very
    honorable” my Asian friend would always say this when we would play war
    thunder and sacrifice ourselves.

  46. you arent using AP rounds?

  47. Lobbing the damn shells require some luck to even hit far targets, granted
    missing but with the HE splash may break his wheel or some shit, still it’s
    a glass cannon.

  48. How To Rotate Fast Enough


  49. SkidaivingVS gaming

    Į play

  50. SkidaivingVS gaming

    Į plai diz game

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