Why Does This Exist in 2022 in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

In 2012 the Bat Chat was moved tier 10 in World of Tanks and 10 years later the stock gun is JUST AS PAINFUL!



  1. Haven’t paid a cent for the last 7 years or so….don’t think I ever will…its a money pit really…seafire1942

  2. I think the words you are looking for are “Cannon Fodder”, QB. Thank you to all of us cannon fodder who continue to play WOT.

  3. Namegoeshere Orhere

    I see almost no toxicity towards F2P players other than the ones who constantly whine and bitch about how unfair it is that they don’t get the benefits of the players that pay for the game they get to play 100% of for free.

  4. 2:50
    “45, 46 or 47 percent wins, right?”
    LMAO this sync was so good

  5. i’ve been f2p since 2013 (2 accounts)

  6. Worst grind was the M48A5 back in the days (wg changed it in 9.20 i belive) where u had to girnd 45k exp with a 218mm pen gun at Tier 10.

  7. i been playing for 8 years and i love both guns

  8. Stock T29, T-54 & WZ-120 ring out as my worst stock grinds ever.

  9. As someone who gets to play once or twice a month I’ll be the first to say that I suck at the game. But I really like playing the game. But I can’t figure out why I have so many premium tanks. I downloaded the game about 5 years ago and I had 3 or 4 rental tanks. I actually stopped playing until last year and was on medical leave and started back playing the game. That’s when I noticed that I had about 3 dozen premium tanks. It was like Christmas had come early. I know that I didn’t buy any of them. They range from tier 3 – 8. Right now I’m trying to figure out arty. Could really use some pointers on the game. Keep up the great work. Really enjoy your videos. If you’re ever on the NA server. Look for ironeagle7179. You can have my HP. 😅

  10. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    IS-4 still has the troll gun as stock from when it was tier 9, however, the IS-7 lost the 560 alpha gun from that era but WG didn’t increase the amount of shells to compensate the loss, so it’s possible to run out of ammo in the IS-7 more times than needed.

  11. Once upon a time, Bat.-Châtillon 25 t was a fantastic tank until WG decided to nerf to death. Do not remember exactly what they stated for reasons, but one piece was that it too strong and dominant. The criticism on the forum was that it was good as it was and there was no reason to implement the nerf. Not the first and last time WG will ruin a fantastic fun tank to play, even though we have not seen anyone play it for several years. In this year’s Rank, I saw 3, 4 if we include myself. when did you last see one yourself?

  12. I’m not mad at casual players. I’m mad at unfair matchmaking that leads to blow outs almost every game, one way or another. If there was more equal matchmaking there would be less toxicity. QB you still refuse to deal with the issue of unbalanced matchmaking as THE problem that needs to be fixed.

  13. Appreciate the causal players only if they are on the other side of team.

  14. The most painful point for a newbie or a free player, is the crippling inability to get a 100% crew without gold, Everyone will obviously think that the tank is garbage if they try to play it with a 50 or 75% crew, a 31% hit ratio & 240 damage per game, like dear WG, i’ll gladly pay 500k credits per crew member if i can have them at 100% from the start, I HONESTLY prefer having HEAT & APCR back as gold ammo but 100% crew members with credits 😀

  15. This is why I stopped playing world of tanks, especially on the na server, if you’re trying to play a stock tank good luck getting over 40% wins it’s ridiculous and now there’s not even weak points on tanks to help with the fact that without the top gun you probably don’t have much for pen at all. Yes if I was a better player maybe I would be able to do better but I’m not and most people aren’t crazy good at the game.

  16. Thank you strawberries.

  17. tvp vtu…horrible tank

  18. Lindisfarne Druid AKA Ganja Wallah

    The pay to win ethos of this game is so utterly toxic I am a new player but dedicated, this past six weeks or so having spent 10 hours a day or more grinding tanks on the german tech tree only to find each successive tier i go up my vehicles are less and less competitive. So many Bought tanks so much gold and so many players with self entitlement issues who either push you out into the line of fire or just leave you to fight alone if you try to help them. Then there is the constant barrage of insults both in game chat as well as sent to you after the game. I would and could spend money on this game were it not for this aspect. Only Pay to win tanks have a fair chance and this tells me only too clearly of the mercenary nature of the game as well as promoting the very worst of human traits. I like the game but most if not all pay to win players are gutless simps who only have good statistics because they pay for them. The same people who would use prostitutes and then claim to be studs.

  19. its so hard to play for free, i been playing for two years like that. the suffer is real 🙁

  20. They are only angry when we are on their team, never a word when the bad casuals are red…

  21. I’ve been playing for free for 10 years

  22. thanks for the shoutout to “free to play” players. Much appreciated. 🙂

  23. “Unless you’re on the NA server, then the que times are already minutes”… that one hit my soul

  24. “Don’t hate on the casual players” when I don’t have a toon of e100s camping at the back of the map perma spotted by a t100lt then I’ll stop hating on bot casual players who put not even the slightest amount of effort into the game

  25. why do you allways have the premium account activated when you play from your free account? as a free player, i get one or 2 days of free premium per mounth doing the daily missions.

  26. I have quit this shit game now, but for the 10 years that I did play, I never spent a dime on the grind. Back when they had “Skirmish” Tournaments it was easy to bank 10-20k gold a week.

    The F2P player base wasn’t/isn’t the issue with the game, it is the absolute toxic community. Unicorns refusing to teach/help newer players and vise versa, the lower end players refusing to at least learn some basic mechanics/positions so they stop throwing games.

  27. BC never should have been tier 10 v_v

  28. This game is crap now they have only gone down hill. Not surprised tho

  29. “happy little strawberries” Yes thats me :)))

  30. Happy little strawberries😂😂🙏

  31. Hey QB, why your free2play account have premium days?

  32. I still like the batchat. I use the 100mm for the better gun handling. Miss less shots. Faster aim, more accurate. I also like a lot of unfashionable tanks. I dont play for win rates I tend to get the kind of tanks that I built models of as a kid… The real ones. I play to enjoy myself not to please others , it’s just a game no!

  33. Hey quicky I reckon you should play wot blitz and react to it.

  34. Vz 55 doesnt come with both guns!!

  35. BC even with 105 gun is kinda obsolete nowadays. I am a dedicated BC player. Really. 6k battles on BC here.
    I have a great crew, 7 perks. A full load of bond equipment.
    And still, even a bit outdated TVP is way better. And you have no chance vs tanks like 907, hell even 140 will rip BC apart. Progetto, M48…
    BC can be great at the end of the battle. That is if you will save ammo, coz you have only 30 rounds. 30. And this gun is everything but precise. So you have to be close to make sure you connect. But you have paper-thin armor that EBR crushes with HE, and you get hits for 550.
    Frankly, it is sad how crappy BC become. It is like TOG on tier 10.

  36. yup, toxicity is a problem in the game. but the one i experienced most recently is that those who die first by doing a stupid move always blame the rest of the team. those are the people i want to change their mindset. but for the rest? just play the game how you want to play (but don’t play a German heavy tank like a sniper TD or something). as long as people are having fun, it’s all that matters. stats are not showing how you perform in battle with teammates or teamplay. and people seem to forget that. fun matters, stats don’t

  37. AMX 65t.
    Just skip it.

  38. This gives me flashbacks to the M48A1 days.

  39. Maybe you should take your own advice in your twitch streams. You act just like the elitists you have the gall to chasten with your youtube persona.

  40. Bat Chat 25t is completly different tank when it’s maxed up with premium consumables and stuff. I hated this tank on the beggining. It was innacurate, aim time looked realy bad, not a single clutch shoot were connecting. But if you are using premium modules, consumable and you unlocked those new boosting EQ (forgot the name) its one of the most fun vehicle in the game.

  41. Federico Maria Ostuni

    Actually I’m playing the Jagdtiger stock and it’s one on the most horrible things in WoT history. You have no Armor whatsoever, the stock gun is the Ferdinand gun at tier IX (you can imagine) and the engine is destroyed as soon as they see you

  42. Alex Jackson-Smith

    I still don’t understand why WOT does not have a yearly payment for people who do want to support the game but do not want to “gain” advantages from payments. I would be happy to pay a yearly fee as I enjoy the game. €25-50 per year seems reasonable. I guess I am alone in the idea of contribution without in game advantage. (But then I am older!) A.,

  43. I’ve been f2p since the wot xbox 360 release lol.

  44. Not to mention 10 years ago tanks had less HP

  45. Started playing wot like 8years ago when i was 9 still olaying for free tho i did pay 50€ for 112 cos i thought that just bying a prem tank would make me good

  46. The worst for me was t28 prot. ,too slow, bad gun, cant deal with higher tiers ,doesnt have mobility, a nightmare, but gg for you QB

  47. Been playing WoT since May 2016, and I have not spent a single coin in the game. So proud of myself for putting up with it as of this time.

  48. Made in Belarus. Not supporting these criminals.

  49. I own pretty much every single France tanks. The worst tank in this French line is tier 8 single fire/shot heavy.

  50. really want to get back on this game. wow its been 7 years for me . I remember grinding for sherman only to realise what kind of a glass it was XD

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