Why EVERYONE is Playing This Tank…

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Kranvagn is becoming obnoxiously popular in World of Tanks here’s why.



  1. Remember when the game aas just about having fun. Most don’t. QB jobs is to play WoT and he lets is really bleed over into his videos and streams. Very few view WoT as a game but rather fun.

  2. QuickyBaby: 10 minutes into the battle might as well be 10 MINUTES into the battle.

  3. “Meta.” Sorry, I’ve heard it so many times in every video. I made a drinking game of it and it’s getting expensive. I’ll have to switch from whiskey to beer.

  4. BenW Piano Covers

    kranvagn is shit, i either do 6k+ or 0.

  5. I hate ranked, it’s nothing but a dumpster fire of a mode with more premium spam than already exists, the only, ONLY redeeming factor of ranked is that I don’t have to fight any Chieftains or 279Es

  6. why do you ban any mentions of other cc on your stream?

  7. Bro, u didn’t mention intuition! Incredible!

  8. you know QB, i have an AMX 50 100, i’m trying to get the field mods for it just ot know if it can be a bit more usable… but it has been a NIGHTMARE… thanks to WG and the new meta… 50 100 is just a way to throw your stats down…

    they should review all the OLD tanks to balance them out…

  9. I thought so many we’re playing it, to be nice and let me slam shells through them in patton/M60, haha.

  10. Steffen Agermann Christiansen

    not sure why spamming heat against kran has any point to it not like that can pen its turret anyway…

    • You can pen the sides of the turret in a better angle and shooting the cupolas is easier because heat has better normalisation.

  11. Servers have been so laggy that it is un playable

  12. 10 minutes into the battle might aswell been 10 minutes into the battle 😂

  13. Butch E30 M3 s14

    Funny, I average around 54% wins in all my tier 10 heavies but the Kran: 46%. I don’t seem to get it to work fo some reason despite being descent equiped lol.

  14. 10 minutes into the battle might as well be 10 minutes into the battle. Good thing it’s 10 minutes into the battle

  15. 17:45 idk man, i have quite some tanks that can shit on the kranvagn (well, at least how i play them)

  16. I struggle in the Kranvagn. Fire my shots, none of which penned anything, then die reloading.

  17. Never player Ranked, the full premium spamm is not of my likes, and the currient meta is BORING and pay to win.
    Wot’s Balance departament is a bunch of drunk people thinking what’s best for the game.

  18. Stumpy the Dwarf

    I don’t play ranked.

  19. Too many kranvagans by far and videos like this just persuade even more people to use them. Have been seeing 6-8 kranvagan and 6-8 leopard in most random battles since battle pass started… On the plus side less in Chieftain, Obj 279e and obj 260.

  20. I personally have had very good experiences within ranked, with hardly any toxicity at all, we are often all willing to play together to win… to make calculated risks and attacks which often pay out.

  21. Fun fact, the kranvagen in wot blitz is a autoreloader than a autoloader.

  22. so russia unplugs from net MARCH 11…. bye bye WOT

  23. hahaha – get behind your team in ranked… 🤣 Half the SEA server redline camps the other half are dead within 3min and pings map for next 10min….

  24. Balancing department? You think Wargaming has one of those?

  25. Cause they’re g@y? *NEXT!*

  26. “Why wouldnt you play the Kranvagn?”
    Well thats easy to answer: Cause its not fun to play at all. Even less the more you do.

  27. TacticaL Mech Tank

    Rank for me is both depressed and relaxed at the same time. Depressed because of the competition, but also relaxed because it won’t count into your stat, so just play to get the rewards. I even play it f2p: no gold, no bond equip, no food and can still make some small credits.

  28. Honestly, I know the Kranvagn is the META tier 10 hull down beast, I can’t play it, I suck complete butt in it, and find it terribly boring and unfun. Naturally I never get very far in Ranked

    Edit: This is actually my first Ranked event I’ve done, I am a very average player, so I don’t get very far in very much of anything, and my least well played tech tree tanks are Heavies, so the Kranvagn is just blegh for me.
    Course its meta when I can’t play it as effectively as QB or most other players. It feels really awful, cause I really wanted the 114 SP2, but I’m only going to finish this season with 3 tokens, since I don’t play the Kran anymore (I sold it cause I’m just really disappointed in myself, and very angry at not being able to be good in a meta tank). I haven’t played much of Ranked this time, and I probably won’t, because over here on NA, its just full 10v10 kranvagns… and there’s no point bringing an STB-1 to a Kranvagn fight

  29. love this gingerman camo

  30. I disagree with QB on arty point. If there wasnt such dumb tanks as kranvagn, you couldnt sit in that corner anyway, you wouldnt need arty. Kranvagn is complete cancer, its an autoloading IS-7 with gun depression. Remember when autoloaders had worse dpm because of the clip??? No more, slap 3000 dpm on kranvagn, a 440 alpha autoloader, slap 3200 dpm on T57 Heavy, screw all logic and reason in the ass. Also remember when big alpha guns had worse dpm as a trade off for the big apha. Yeah, none of that anymore, alpha is king, there is no more reason to play any low alpha gun, cause you get literally nothing, you may as well be firing a big alpha gun, when was the last time wargaming released a good low alpha tank? Thats right. And not only are there no weakspots on tanks and no finesse, all of the plates on tanks are either auto bounce angle or easy pen, there is no calculation needed, its green or red, you either auto bounce or auto pen. Dumb game for dumb players. I know what an idiot I am, now all of you should wake up and put your clown hats on, then march off to play some better game, I honestly think even warthunder is better than this, certainly less frustrating.

  31. World of Kranvagn !!

  32. I think it’s on par with 279 and Chieftain in terms of how strong it can be in the hands of a good player. And it’s a tech tree tank.

  33. man i would love ranked soo much, if they only would adopt a LoL like system. i hate to compete against my team and the enemy team… such nice teamwork displayed here! thats what ranked should be about. win as a team loose as a team. Wargaming fix your game!

  34. The thing is. The kranvagn is only good when you can A) sit hulldown and B) show your face to the enemy.

    If you can flank it, it’s dead

  35. Very nice aiming 11:05

  36. Lol going north in sand river has to be the biggest waste of time. Even if you win the north, you’ll be pushing into a base camp that will kill you or you will have to eventually flex back to defend or work down the south. The hand picked replay obviously showed a bunch of noobs on the enemy team.

  37. What is a Meta tank?

  38. something else. Any idea why EVERY time i zoom in (scroll or shift) i end up in 8x zoom? Thats very annoying and i cant figure out why

  39. Still doing it ? shame on you.

  40. Even though I play arty only occasionaly, I’m glad QB mentioned/hinted that artilleries need a buff to be relevant again.

  41. Jetson Reginald Baltan

    Can someone answer my question about ranked games. Soo I have 115% at ranked then I lose(-1 chev) became 112% I win(+ 1 chev) then became 113%. Soo basically when you lose -3% when you win +1% is this how ranked works??

    • (Chevrons gained – Chevrons lost)/games played = Efficiency
      So basically you just added two games to games played but didn’t gain any Chevron, that’s why your efficiency goes down. Just math.

  42. T10 heavy with an autoloader & better DPM than most T10 mediums? sounds broken

  43. In 10 years of playing this game, I’ve never played Ranked because it’s moronic.

  44. Yo dude, any chance you could share your mod ini file with us? I like your setup 🙂

  45. nobody is playing this game xDDD the title is missleading

  46. If you are a bad player is ranked worth playing?

  47. pushing north on sand river jesus

  48. thanks for pointing this out, but imagine… WG dont care at all

  49. SolidSmokeRockabilly

    Well, very true and I agree a very special Tank +Fun Autoloader on Tier 10, and if you love Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque your best mate! Thank you for you great videos Sir! Rocking regards, Solid

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