Why Gaijin Haven’t Fixed War Thunder

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Source: Spookston

It would be an understatement to say that the War Thunder community is pretty frustrated lately. Seems as though exasperation over Gaijin’s apparent lack of action is reaching a fever pitch. So it begs the question, why does it seem as though Gaijin don’t fix any of the issues that exist within War Thunder? Whether it’s tanks slowing down to 1km/h when going uphill or ATGMs spazzing out, issues keep popping up while old ones go unsolved. We’ll be taking a look at a few of the reasons why things are the way that they are.

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Subnautica – Into the Unknown
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Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
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  1. You really like subnautica, don’t you? xD

  2. just gotten my t10m and it really feels like it the only tank with russian bias still inside of it despide the tank turrent being filled with ammunition i survived multiple heatfs apds exet.

  3. literally, your content is just complaining. and while I agree the game could be better but its their game and its free to play. if you don’t like it just stop playing

  4. wakabug lol

  5. Dude stop crying and get good at the game

  6. Why..?
    Players will still play the game even if they will never fix the game dude

  7. Am I the only one who noticed this but I was testing out my tiger and noticed that even when angled it can’t defend against its own gun anymore. If angled perfectly its immune to its own gun at 500 metres but now its angled armour doesn’t do anything. Same thing with the panther, it’s armour values went from 160 to about 134 I’m not sure if it’s just me but it feels like angled armours been nerfed by mistake

  8. Spaghetti code is also the reason why they dont dare to touch older content and can take years for it to be fixed. Everytime they touch something old, they break something else due to the retarded code.
    They actually just need a COMPLETE engine/game rewrite. But that can take YEARS as well.

    Also, they dont play their own game.

  9. They should make a new engine and release a second client of war thunder, and eventually…game good and stuff.

  10. Bombers are paper and cost 50k to repair. Premium vehicles cost more than a new PS5. Anti cheat that doesn’t work and isn’t for some entire regions.

  11. IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.2

    Now gajin has ruined any fun aspect of arcade with not having to aim

  12. I’m glad they took the lock on when you push r2 and rt because I’m locking onto planes when I zoom in trying to shoot someone

  13. Should i Grind Germany or Ussr?

  14. im playing war thunder partly bc of the problems and issues in the game bc it creates the big funi from time to time
    also subnautica music pog

  15. Im collecting clips where my apfsds bounces of the side of tanks at a almost perfect angle only because it hits where two layers meet or some shit

  16. everyone wants a change but noone will stop buying golden eagles ,thats ladies and gentlemens is why this game will only be getting worse from update to update

  17. Marcus Jones Stinks

    This is the fate of most online games that run too long. Every game has a shelf life, and I think WT, like WG, is approaching it. So instead of maintaining the great experience it started with, it keeps “innovating” which progressively makes the game worse.

  18. Just now I realised that Gajin is very similar to Valve

  19. high repair cost

  20. Another YouTuber says that the pen for Leopard 2s is much less in game than in real life. I suspect there are different opinions and stats for each tank in the game.

  21. It’s became a chore to play…. I maybe play once a week now, I used to play almost every day

  22. To be honest I think they just need to make entirely new game after a while if you use the same game and don’t make a true sequel this happens.

  23. TheTexanBuzzsaw

    At least you’re not TF2.

  24. I’d rather have a realistic game with Realistic ballistics. Otherwise the game can still be a game. But bouncing 2 152mm shells off a tog-2 is BS. Thanks WOT

  25. They make a “genuine” effort when their player base drops and people aren’t buying gold/packs. Then they stop when they get players back to “normal” until again, players stop playing.

  26. Its Gaijin…….you must Know more???

  27. Fix the MM!!!

  28. reason: they dont give a shit

  29. LewisDePatserlord

    would you rather:
    A) Make another premium tank/plane in war thunder so you get a lot of money
    B) Fix a bug so your community can find something else to complain about

  30. Srečko Lepoša

    This game and I have a toxic relation. I hate the guts out of it and yet I can’t wait to get home from work and play it. Over the last 6 months I’ve noticed that the number of online players at the times I usually play dropped by allmost 20k.

  31. Hi all, I believe Spook makes absolutely perfect points here. I have been playing WT since 2013 and have put in well over 2k hours and despite how much the bugs can drive me insane you do have to factor in the time the game has existed and how Gaijin has been trying to constantly keep people interested with new tech. Of course the game felt more refined years ago but years ago about half of what’s implemented into the game now didn’t exist. Unfortunately unless Gaijin decided to start over from scratch we will never get to see a perfectly optimized state of WT.

  32. Subnautica music. :))

  33. All they want is money

  34. Brown Fox Warrior

    Money and incompetence.
    Need anyone say anymore?

  35. The jumbo now has holes in the frontal plate varying from 100mm to 180mm of protection, simply knowing where to hit can kill a jumbo frontally with a round that normally wouldn’t pen the frontal plate.

  36. Game is not fixed because Gaijin’s game designers dont see any problem

  37. DasWehraboo Ausführung_S

    True story
    Random dude in Red Skies official chat :
    Is dev server still open for testing ?
    Another dude : Why ask ? You are in a dev server.

  38. Since in your own words, your videos are to try to fix War Thunder – Gaijin doesn’t care about the playerbase, they just do whatever is in their mind by, as most players mention, fix one bug and make another. I suggest you keep making these videos for entertainment, but don’t expect Gaijin to do anything useful or care about any feedback.

  39. Remember when you could play enduring confrontation and grind for hours into the same
    match and leave with way more sl and rp than the normal tdm

  40. The only REAL issue with WT is the bullshit BR grouping in games. I can take a 6.7 tank like the Panther II into battle and be facing T32E1’s and T-54’s! The system is completely broken and Gaijin’s just like “hurhur buy more golden eagles if you wanna get gud”. Assholes…it’s an EASY fix!

  41. It isnt like the chinese tree was added for the chinese market nothing else they barely have any truly unique units unless they are high br’s

  42. Yeah. The rewards issue has driven me to spend money alright, on DCS. I’m done with WT until they make some serious changes to the economy.

  43. the game is actually fixed, but only if you play America.
    Sparking? No problem, no American plane ammo actually sparks. They actually one hit snipe TU4 and BV238 90 percent of time.
    Painful stock grind? No problem, American vehicles have very forgiveable stock grinds
    Repair costs increased while multipliers reduced? No problem, America keeps grinding AS ALWAYS while getting AFFORDABLE.
    MiGs OP they turn too good? Here, have the AIM9J, the F8U and the F5E.
    Upcoming: MiGs still OP they have six missiles? F5E with 6 AIM9J.

  44. So, as i beeing a professional senior developer in a company for measurement hard- and software. How you know the condition of their code (as you stated “spaghetti”), if you may never saw any sample of it? Fixing bugs in a complex product, like this game is for sure, could be hard, even if you get on all the best practicies in development. Even if they changed their engine and originally started this game on a base of another one, you can’t say anything about their codebase, as you just don’t know, if you won’t have worked on it. So how you know?

  45. Things do change, this is just players being overly dramatic….. they fix things however other aspects have gotten worse with new vehicles being added in major patches.

  46. LeadFollower551

    Le Spookston- hates people who die and quit the match, posts video about it and proceeds to do the same thing they do.
    I’ve seen you do this multiple times you hypocrite.

  47. 2:45 where the hell did that shell go lmao

  48. Overpressure is stupid sometimes, but i never had more fun playing with almost no ap shells

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