Why I Don’t Play Low Tiers in World of Tanks!

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Starting World of Tanks is like banging your head against a wall and here's why I sympathise with all new players!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. I love seal clubbing in my teir 1. I dont play high teir bc way to high of a skill gap and now so many players got high teir tanks from seasons its random who is going to know how to use the tank. I can see the stream sniping being a problem for low teirs tho

  2. i play low tier when i need credit. normally tier 5. if lose not loss too many credit. but when i had good game. the credit will be high. free player lol play tier 5-7. 8-10 is really gonna eat credit a lot

  3. Filip Ladzinski

    Is this the 1 billion frag game I witnessed on stream?
    Bro you are a legend!!!!

  4. Experienced players aren’t as much of a problem in themselves, it’s the platoons that create mind blowing imbalance. But this issue isn’t isolated to low tiers it’s the same on high tiers. Specially on weekends when you have low 40% plebs platoon and become even more of a burden to their teams, then you have this pleb platoons matched against 55%+ platoons and it’s just a shit show.
    Getting rid of platoons, or an option to opt out of platoon games would levitate a lot of imbalanced team issues. Sure you could toon yourself with equally good but that would just inflate the overall issue.
    Another option would be to prohibit bad players to platoon but doubt this is a thing wg will ever consider.

  5. its all about ME!!!!

  6. Arrogant and big headed

  7. It’s not that I enjoy playing low tier, but I suck at this game so bad that I could not grind further than tier 5 after 10k+ games.

  8. I started to play with M15/42 a couple of months ago. For some reason, I had a feeling that one of the Italian lines will soon be top of the tree and I was right. I managed to get a decent crew and the gameplay was awesome. QuickyBaby was right when he said it is one of the best Tier III tanks.

    • Jaroslav Kostolansky

      M15/42 is absolute beast for T3 tank… 2000 damage for average player can be quite regular game…

  9. They just should remove all this pay to win bs. Remove gold ammo for tier x guns so those legal cheater have to aim weakspots in tier x fghts.
    Sure grinding a stock tank is a pain in the ass but its also a part of the experience in wot.

  10. Gunfighter Philippines

    I love all my tanks from tier 1 to tier 10 so i play them all. No discrimination against my low tiers.

  11. You forgot to turn on subtitles, cheers

  12. Worked up to t10 American, Russian and German….sold them all after a few weeks,I play t6 to t8 now,much more fun,got all the tiger 1s,most of the Sherman’s,and a smattering of Russian heavies.

  13. whatwouldyoudo64

    Yeah,… and a huge amount of modding, cheaters! Now makes this Russian cheaters paradise!
    And , yes I say that with years of experience!… F this most rigged online game! What a shame

  14. On the ANZ server we often can only play lower tiers due to lack of higher tier players. We get robots to make up the teams.

  15. WG should remove food at low tiers

  16. sathish vasavan

    13:35 the tank has cute eyebrows

  17. Brett St Pierre

    Removing 1 or 2 equipment slots not being able to apply extra has levelled the playing field a little tier 3 can no longer see tier 5

  18. The biggest frustration for me is still the +2 matchmaking. When you play a tier 6 and can get clipped in 2 seconds by a tier 8 premium it’s no fun.

  19. I hate low tier. It is seal clubbers because the basic, new playerS are all at tier 7 and 8 getting creamed

  20. Not gonna lie, my first like 100 games or so, I barely did any damage if at all.

  21. this is manipulative mm vs wg bots

  22. Problem is of course, this game in reality do not have a MM

  23. Obviously, QB have got himself a dog called “aravans” and as we all know, dogs are running everywhere on their own, running around you just wanting you to throw the stick, and they can be super hard to train

  24. Now QuickyBaby only does 100 damage per game. So proud of him! He came so far!

  25. I still play low tiers if I want to crack though daily missions like “Have 10 kills” quickly.

  26. my friend returned to the game after not having much experience when it came out on steam and we came up against an M10 RBFM seal clubber that had 57k battles… could not believe what i was seeing

  27. for me tier 5 and 6 games are the most fun games!

  28. Jaques Scheepers

    They should make the game that people with more than 5k games played can’t play any games under Tier 5. Once you get to 5k games all tech tree tanks you have not research yet in tier 1 to 4 should automatically be research. Tier 1 to 4 should only be playable for people with less than 5k games.

  29. Tiers 5 and below should be locked for either high winrate or high battle players. Say 55% and/or 10000 battles

  30. AliShaqra Shaqra

    Just let new players have their own world and their own events while they’re start playing the game on low tiers tanks until they have enough experience in the game in general and ready to join the “big boys” by promoting them to “for example to tier 6 and above when they 4k personal rate”, with that they will have fair games and also they don’t screw more expert players’ battles as well.

  31. Bots can’t read English.

  32. I can’t stand tiers I to IV. I free xp skip them.

  33. Roxomb Plays Roblox

    I started playing 2 weeks ago And im at t8 And im having a lot of fun if my TEAM is not trolling xd

  34. Panzer of the lake, why have you forsaken me

  35. Alex Manthoyiannis

    As I’m new to this game, I found out that even though I’m playing low tier games to gain experience and I’m supposed to play with inexperienced players like me, I’m up against very experienced ones who are also playing low tier, and that is frustrating and demoralising. Should be different!

  36. I thought in the latest patch experienced players will no longer be matched against new players?

  37. I fully agree with what you said about seal clubbing in low tiers. The experience of the enemies isn’t high, there is no challenge, if you’re good. But there are things that I really enjoy at low tiers. There are few overpowered or broken tanks. There is no stun. Arty isn’t nearly as common as in tier X and isn’t as potent. You can actually have fun. No wheelies. In tier 1-3 you have only +/-1 MM. This is great!

    There are problems regarding the balance. Pracitcally everyone at tier IV plays a derpy TD, at tier 5 and 6 you have really overpowered arta that is wide spread again. Tier 4 and tier 5 also have the worst MM of the game, seeing vehicles two tiers above them but only one tier below them. Still, I think the fact that wargaming doesn’t monetize those tiers too much have spared them from the worst excesses of cashgrabbing, that plague tier 8.

  38. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    For my Kolobanov in T-150 five out of six enemy vehicles survived their assault on Karelia not capping, running after me.

  39. I want Play With You I am Anu Songs Can You Join with me Quicky

  40. new top of the tree sucks

  41. Not many videos about tiers 5 and under on YouTube. Videos here are mostly 6 tier and up. Maybe I should start my own channel and put up videos that are tier 5 and under……

  42. Can u play Obj. 705A please, i think its gonna be very interesting

  43. When I was just starting my journey in World of Tanks I was noob like everyone else.
    Except there where some people who where already playing the game for couple of years.
    And the way I was learning the game, I was watching these people play after my tank got destroyed.
    Pick the guy with most kills and watch what is he doing, what position he takes, where does he look.
    When you learn anything, just looking at someone experienced doing the thing right is huge opportunity.
    And WG pushing experienced players away from low tiers is one of the reasons why there are so much absolutely clueless players even on Tier X.

  44. What difference does it make which tier you play at? None. You are better than 99.9% of players anyway and rule the battlefield.
    Then why you call players enjoying game play at low tiers “seal clubbers”?
    Just because they play better than newbies?
    You have lots of newbies at any tier thx to the WG Policy of easy grinding.

    BTW, as a player kicking ass at any tier you should consider quiting the game as IT is unfair according to the logic you present.

    Have a nice Day, MrPoorNoob Defender.

  45. Play the AMX 50 100

  46. Me before watching the video:
    This is probably going to be about the 2 consumable slots.
    Me seeing the first 10 seconds realizing QB has food instead of medkit:

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