Why i don’t play low tiers?

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  1. I think playing to be competitive and winnig equals having fun.

    Sadly, I can be competitive only at tiers VI and lower… 🙁

  2. That blindkill though…

  3. I thought the patch was supposed to come on the 18th in europe?

  4. You’d think at higher tiers people know how to play. You’d be surprised 😀

  5. 07 fochy your right man a great tanker like you don’t need to fight in lower tier you have a shit load of skill and you fight against tankers with that give you some sort of fight and yeah leave the new bes alone ay good to hear that you fight against those that can give you some sort of challenge

  6. my time is 420 on 420

  7. Cant say I blame you there, though I do play this game for fun so you probably hate getting team mates like me. 😉

  8. And this is why I don’t like the new light tank mm. God some of you mofos are lucky you don’t have 9.18 yet lol

  9. you are the salti-est wot youtuber,top on ranking in EU server,but the honest one..what you are saying is right

  10. kv2 pz4h and m4 with HE derpcannons care not what tier they face.

  11. I find low tiers are full of 60% WR stetpedders and high tiers are full of wn8 stetpedders and tier 8 is full of 45% WR players driving premiums.

  12. Dimitris Psomiadis

    Summed it all up clearly and in a taciturn manner. Kudos

  13. Not sure if foch understands the full meaning of the word fun.

    I think he means “I find the competitiveness fun rather than just beating people/winning.”

  14. The truth about WOT revealed in almost 6 minutes. Respect!

  15. Admit that you play for fun. Atleast shitbarn.

  16. Come on guys
    The fun is to one shot someone while sitting in your base

  17. i have been playing world of tanks in the last 4 years as a way to keep my hands occupied in a low intensity activity while hearing an audio book or a lecture , or news . It’s a repetitive mindless grind in my opinion . and i have a 55% win rate

  18. Herr Schicklgruber

    Maybe I’m fucking weird but I like being bottom tier with t3 & 4 light tanks and don’t like when they’re top. That said I still enjoy the challenge of playing tiers 5/6/7 LT with +3 MM so it’s not all about taking advantage of noobs. Would be sick watching Foch play more LT, if he didn’t dislike them so much.

  19. low tiers are full of monkeys and retards…. high tiers are full of….. oh wait… its same, just tanks do 4x more alpha and have 4x more hp

  20. This looks like all the tier 10 games ive seen today lol

  21. wargaming if you really need someone to tell you the truth about your game check this video..

  22. I really want to watch foch play low tiers and cry every time!!!!!!!

  23. if you play for competitiveness why not play a better game that is better suited for it ? WoT is 1 vs 29 game from a competitive mindset, plus you have the immense amount of anti skill RNG. Even the very best players such as yourself only have 64% win-rate. A bot has a 42% win-rate. Anyone who is not AFK is 50% or average win rate. And being the very best makes around ~60%. This is not a good game for skilled gamers.

  24. More importantly, the realy low tiers, I mean tier I-IV are not balanced at all, if I can say so. I have my own opinion on the balancing system of WoT anyway, but this is something especialy horrible. You see tier IV TD, french hetzer, that is just simply worse in almost every category than the real hetzer. French low tier tanks are slow, with crap guns and their “strong” armour doesnt protect against anything but machineguns. They would have to work quite a lot on these low tier tanks, because they are truly on a different level, with some just simply better in every category.

  25. I don’t even bother playing anything below 8 now…even avoid 8 as much as possible, always get into 10 games where I just feel fucking useless. If I had the credits to just play tier 10, I certainly would.

  26. that’s the reason I love WOT youtubers like you.
    Sircircon is just a piece of shit!

  27. well as we can see the way which WG is going with the new prem and power creep tanks is like fighting a tiger 1 tank with an m4 during WW2

  28. Upper tiers, lower tiers, it’s all the same. The only way to play WoT is drunk.

  29. Wot is the worst game to play if you’re looking for competition, sorry. Anyone always has an advantage right at the get go, either by having a better crew, paid camo, better rng, premium ammo, premium consumables, tank of a higher tier, etc.. If everyone started a new match in the exact same level as everyone else then I would say that this is a competitive game. Something like Quake III comes to mind when I think of a really competitive, no bullshit online game

  30. Low tier has the chance of being matched with an enemy tank two tiers above you. Tier 10 there is no tier 11 and 12 to fuck you over. so your always cheeki breeki and never have to worry about not being able to pen it unless its a super heavy and your stuck looking down the barrel of its cannon.

  31. Someone gift him a PzIIJ.


    playing in a derp jumbo and meet the tier 8 japan heavy,RIP my friend

  33. inb4 tier5 is just full of T67 stat padder

  34. This reminded me of circon explaining why +2/-2mm is absolutely garbage. I wish i knew which video it was in. you guys both have valid arguments 🙂

  35. On the bright side at low tiers ,,,,,,,, you don’t have people telling you to go back to tier 3 because you are there already. You don’t have people with 40,000 games on a reroll account tell you that your wn8 sucks or nearly as many calling you a noob because your win percentage is below 50%. The 3 man platoons seal clubbing you will often say “sorry,” ok ,,,, ok,,,,,that part I just made up.

  36. Yep, everyone knows tiers 1-4 are cancer Foch. I do think question was more about tier 6-8. These aren’t that bad outside of +2 matchups. What frustrates so much is absolute lack of carry potential there.

  37. Lots of people these days probably don’t know that MM used to be worse; your tier 5 could end up against tier 8.
    WG spent 2.5 years saying they would NEVER go to +/-2 MM (I had a quote of a WG employee saying exactly that in one of the many, many threads that were about MM on NA when the game was ‘released’; I was very well known back then for my stance on how crap it was and pointing it out at every opportunity).
    I don’t know how people such as yourself and others play so much of this game and not get bored of it. Not as though the game has changed significantly in 7 years in terms of fundamental game design. I stopped in 2014 I think.

  38. Foch only plays high tiers to compensate for his small penis size.

  39. I used to play LoL since 2009 stopped playing around 2014 the reason was i didnt have fun with the game anymore and was only playing for competitive reasons. dont be mistaken I was very good player.my comment isnt about ego. i just want to point out that if you dont have to play a game just for money you better take a break or try something else because you may hate it eventually.Having fun should be the major factor for playing a game.”having fun” should be used as a an expression here meaning you have good time playing or enjoying most the aspects of the game. I believe foch you love this game but you expected more from WOT but they have clearly made so many mistakes all over these years and pissed a lot of players including me.economy,powercreep,p2w,unbalanced vehicles are some things you have to tolerate playing this game

  40. low tiers are retarded. People who complains about high tier should get into a few low tier battles to se what inbalance really is… Like comon look at the derp guns at the tier 5 medium tanks, they can oneshot a lot of stuff they face. Its like an accurete medium tank with a fast firing 183mm gun at tier 10… what the fuck. And thats just an example, i could write a book on all the retarded low tier shit

  41. but QB can only 3 mark low tiers xDD he is such a good super unicum… noot 😀

  42. well there are team battles and CW and such, they only have the RNG remaining, so another question then, why don’t you play those competitive modes?

  43. I think that the tier that have the hardest when being bottom tier is T5, because of the HP pool. T5 mediums can meet T7 heavys that have their own HP x3 fucking times, AND OVER THAT. and the Most T5 mediums have 110 alpha, what the fuck do the do when They meet an O-NI? They need to shoot around 15 times in his side with gold, RIP CREDITS. AND HE CAN FUCKING ONE SHOOT THEM. Im not Saying that the O-NI is OP, just that the HP pool is to big bettwen T5 and T7.

  44. Almost all of us here play for the competitive nature of this game. If we have fun along the way then that’s cool. But admit Foch is right. Fun isnt what keeps us coming back for more punishment it’s to prove and improve ourselves

  45. agree completely

  46. high tiers without prem acc are money nightmares. players without prem acc must play several tier V games just to play one game of tier IX 3k dmg with 1k silver per shot and if you are dead you have minus. so its very expensive to play high tier games, and when you have stock tanks…

  47. Semantics. Isn’t winning fun? 😛

    I don’t play low tiers because I want to learn the game better and that’s not really possible below t7 or t8. Also, I’d rather loose to better players than watch my team behave completely randomly, which is not as frequent at high tiers. I just finished grinding through a t6 tank after a long while of t8-9 only games and it was a completely different game.

  48. Tier 9 and 10 are the best tiers. Yes, there are things like the Maus & Type 5s which are so incredibly retarded, but at least they are not premium tanks that are locked behind a paywall, and as such have a higher chance of being nerfed in the future should we make enough noise about it.

  49. Only tier 6 tanks I keep in garage, other than LTs and a premium Rudy, are the shermans. Going hull down and spamming 105 HE rounds is actually kind of fun.
    I used to play shooters competitively at top level so my perspective on fun in wot is similar to Fochs but there is a way for me to have actual fun in this game: playing pub games with light tanks, especially the T49 and the autoloaders (1375, bulldog, 59-16). Zipping around on bigger corridor maps, abusing the vision mechanics on open maps and doing crazy drive-bys (T49 platooned with an autoloader 😉 is fun for me.

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