Why I Love Double Barrel Tanks in World of Tanks!

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World of Tanks. Today I’m talking about why the IS-3-II is rapidly becoming one of my favourite tanks in the game!


World of Tanks game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Crappy gimmick, along with the wheeled vehicles, which along with constant gold spam means I play less and less each month.

  2. I don’t like them becous I whas hull down in my EMIL II end the IS-2-II whas hitting my commander hatch from 50 to 100 meters like 6 times in a row

  3. How meany battles do you have in total in this game

  4. *Heavy tank are NOT best class in the game- this still goes to Medium tanks and Power Bikes on certain maps…*

  5. is3-2 has to be the most dogshit tank ive ever player

  6. Rainier Pomeranians

    Well, when you have to grind past the stock gun and not all of us have a mountain of free experience… Win Ratio is going to hurt

  7. Benedic Justine Velasco

    Heavy tanks arent meta. Russian tanks are.

  8. This may be a stupid question as I don’t watch streams, but does QB play with fans?

  9. So Soviet heavy tank armor… The capability to be an autowhore heavy tank or a td… And a turret… Yeah. This falls under FU Warshaming.

  10. Heavy tanks are the strongest class?
    Damage? Armor? Mobility?


  11. Heavy tanks best class in the current game?
    You don’t say QB ignoring the fact that the majority of maps are three lane corridors, armor isn’t worth spit when players dab 2 and spam heat and apcr.

  12. No i agree Qb IS-3 -II is the best double barrelled beacuse of funky armor and speed, ST-II is actually slow as a Maus and have no dpm whatsoever and its armor is the same with ST-I on tier 9 which when on tier 10 it doesnt work and constant lowrolls 10 out of 8 low rolls for 780-800 only 2 rolls 860 and maybe 1 in 25 you hit for 1000

  13. is3-ii is broken, -8 gun depression, 1 turret weakspot the size of a flea and no cupola or raised roof for overmatching like standard is-3, 780 alpha or autoreloading 390 alpha, cant pressure them, cant push them, hull down 1-on-1 and you may as well give up… only way you can kill these bastards is to outnumber them or batter them with arty.

  14. To which Soviet premier did you sacrifice enough backsliding capitalists to survive all those shells as a 1-2 shot, Komrade Kwickybaby??

  15. pause the video at 7:58
    Thats me when i land a blind KV-2 shot

  16. brings a new meaning to clown tanks

  17. 0:35
    Well, I mean it is just a straight overpowered tank. It’s like an armor penetrating KV-2, except without a long reload. Plus it essentially has the option of instantly swapping guns in the middle of a fight from 390 damage to 780. So no you’re not flexible, just playing a broken tank?

  18. I just did 10k Dmg game in my M60 which sucked cause you just had that tank on your channel

  19. Wonderful vid Quackybaby!

  20. Rub it in for us console players why don’t you..

  21. Thank you for keeping us quarantined bois happy

    Stay safe

  22. Hey QB, have you ever tried the game Warthunder? If soo can you make a video of you playing it?

  23. 1:34 you really over use the term OP. OP means overpowered. You call any good tank OP, it’s a misuse of the term. This isn’t OP.

  24. I almost uninstalled wot because eveeyone said I sucked. So i stopped playing heavies and found out I was good in light tanks and mediums.

  25. Mauchen 51% win ratio? I can not even hit 35% with that tank, but maybe It’s Just me

  26. Heavies are one of the Best CLASSES QB? Seriously?
    GO and CARRY with an IS-4 regulary.. GO and carry with an E100 REGULARY…. go and carry with an 60tp REGULARY….
    Don’t make a Joke out of you QB….
    Most Heavies are retarded useless BULLSHIT except of Chieftain, Obj 277, WZ 111 5A (or others alike!).. and what do THOSE have in common? They are FAST like Mediums…

  27. It’s kinda bs that heavy tanks have medium tank capable mobility with a lot better armor, view range, and a lot better DPM/HP ratio

  28. @QuickyBaby, this is disgusting. You are an incredibly skilled player in WoT but the amount of premium ammo you are firing really makes me sad, even top tier in a OP tank and you still do it. When even you are firing premium ammo what can we expect from the average Joe?


  30. A pretty much perfect heavy tank with better then average armor, health, speed, pen, dpm and view range with a skilled player is outperforming everybody? What a surprise. We were very much in need of such a tank line, the game is getting more and more pay-to-win, frontline is 90% premium tanks now.

  31. Matthew Vandermeer

    Not going to lie I think the double barrels are all a tad overtuned. Fantastic turrets, good upper plates, amazing gun soft stats, decent dpm, usable side armor.

    There aren’t many downsides and hull down their weakspots are literally gold or gtfo

  32. It was Caernarvon at the hill who interrupted cap and got defender medal, not Type 4 Heavy player.

  33. I think double barrels are kinda in the sweet spot not too op not too bad didn’t spoiled mm like ebrs :/

  34. Good energy! Best vid in a time for QB

  35. Top tier heavy tank with sturdy turret, Mines, NO arty = pleasure?..:D

  36. WG, what should we add next to our game? non-existing double barrel tanks, even on “paper”, and speedy PREMIUM boi, thst should be funny and very balanced thats why i playing WT but its to starting broking but still beter than this shit, yes in wt we to have double barrels but not heavy tanks and you can shot them witch machin guns, and they are exist have at least 1 prototype or been on “paper”

  37. I absolutely agree 👍

  38. I would just remove all fantasy tanks (and wheels). This used to be a tank game not a ”let’s just put all kinds of war machines in the same place”

  39. I see mines i stop the video! Fml i hate that map with a passion!

  40. i was actually thinking about grinding this vehicle, is it worth it and most importantly, how does the IS-2 II perform stock and also fully upgraded

  41. Try war thunder

  42. I hate doublebarrel tanks. They are really ugly and maybe OP.

  43. they’re just another god-damned symptom of chernobyl.

  44. You are just lucky , there is no arty in game. pain in the ass

  45. 6:09 i think you meant tier 8 german light tank

  46. C0FF33_M45T3R Gaming

    Can you help me i cant log into wot

  47. 9:00 as somebody who likes to play arty:

  48. I am yet to buy the tier 10, but the tier 8 played a lot better for me. My stats in the is3-II are complete trash where I can pull equal/better results with the is2-II.

  49. Dargon_gamer 5ITonkla555

    I​ can​ say​ this​ Is3​ 2​ is​ Batter than​ ST2

  50. Im glad i stopped playing this game years ago before they started to add all this rubbish

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