Why I LOVE Frontline in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Frontline. Today I’m talking about why Frontline has been a breath of fresh air for me to maximise your impact and profits in it!


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free here:

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  1. Bottom line is you still went for usual damage farming instead of playing for a win, which was easily achievable for a player such as yourself, if you had focussed on the initial cap.Encouraging others to farm and not play for the cap/win will ruin this game mode.
    learn the impact you have when you comment.
    now that bloody promontory over the bridge will be the focus for all QB noob followers

    You still lost.

  2. I like Frontline mod. The lack of frustration regarding matchmaking and economy is refreshing. And also, the maps give so much more opportunity for flanking and creative solutions to some stalemate situations. It is much more dynamic engagement, and much less susceptible for a game to be ruined by bad teammate players.
    All and all, a refreshing game mode. Hope it stays.


    Why fun line is fun,lesser gold spam,airstrike and smoke usage(u shoot me with tank I hit u with arty),watch enemy run back when base are captured,armor are actually useful,tell ur team that ur flank falling and everyone spawn on ur side(u have 5 tank I have 8 tank,war are win by number),team are actually working to def instead of go do what they want.

  4. I love this game mode. So glad they made it tier 8, but I think they could make it from tier 6 keeping the same tier MM. really hope they keep this as a permanent feature

  5. Yes grinding tier 8s when you always seem to be bottom tier is a pain

  6. TL:DR. The issue is 3/5/7 MM. In theory it looks good, but reality is, most of the time you are cannon fodder. Frontline eliminates this.

  7. For me the main improvement is THE MAP. Huge open map. It is so refreshing, and makes all the standard maps so small, closed, bobsleigh track. In front line you can try different approaches, different ways, flanking manoeuvres and so on.
    Really, when you get back to random battles, suddenly you feel that you can’t make any real decisions. You take a scout and you get… Himmelsdorf. You feel like totally screwed, and unless your team makes an exceptional speed run, you will be useless, or your impact on the battle will be minimal. But even if you take another tank, heavy, medium, tank destroyer – on most of the maps your role is defined by the map. Mines with HT – 2 possible positions. Mines with TD – 2 possible positions. Mines with medium – 2-3 possible positions. Its really frustrating.
    Also fights in front line are more intense. Lots of encounters, lots of shooting. Compare it to standard maps, camping, hiding, and WAITING. All this waiting. If you rush and will be unlucky to encounter 3 tanks – you are dead, and have no chance to improve in this battle.

  8. get it on console for us scrubs lol … love this mode

  9. Dont want to say anything but i cant shot that weakpoints than you do always, and those pixel snapshots..luck i know.

  10. The fastest thing to become a general:

    1. Take a Defender/Caernavon/Löwe/Lorraine40t/Prosecco46/T54.Mod1/T26E5

    2. Invest all your Points in Pioneer

    3. Use better Consumables

    4. Make a Platoon and invite friends who have pioneer as well.

    5. Yolo both Caps on one Side.

    6. Rush the turrets and kill the players around them. After 9-15min everybody in the platoon is a general

  11. Experience is shared between tanks or stays on one?

  12. Freedcomb403501 0

    I play my isu all the time i love how many scorpion g tanks there are end up doing like 5 to 7 k dmg a battle i really enjoy the gamemode

  13. I think that we need fps improvements

  14. One question – do the Personal reserves work in this gamemode?

  15. so after playing WoTblitz first on tablet and then on PC(i have 10k battles now of which i won about 57%) one of my friends got me to try the “big tanks” (thats how i call normal WoT because the maps and the teams are bigger) and some things are DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT
    1: gameplay is much more dynamic in blitz. even on the bigger maps there is nowhere near the ammount of camping that there is in “big tanks” . in “big tanks” there are either corridors separated by killzones or a huge open map with very little hard cover where your only saving grace is bushes, and in blitz there are always alternative routes and covered ways to approach a choke point or a camping position
    2: gold ammo. im pretty sure that ive fired more gold shells from medium1(or is it 2?) to me getting to the archer(British t5 TD) in “big tanks” than ive ever fired in my entire blitz career. and that is due to multiple factors, for example in blitz the areas on a tank which you cant penetrate are highlighted in red which in effect TAUGHT ME (something that wargaming titles dont do enough) to aim for lower glacis and other weakpoints rather than dabbing that 2 key . In my leopard 1 i honestly cant remember the last time i fired a gold shell at something and that is due to the game pointing to there being no need to fire gold ammo (especially after all gold ammo got 15% damage nerf(yes even on premium vehicles)) plus there is an equipment module which gives you a flat 5% penetration increase.
    3: crew and skills. in blitz crew system is MUCH simpler. instead of having a noob crew every time you get a new tank where each crew member is a factor, you have 1 crew that for all tanks which can have all of the skills. besides that you get 6th sense and eagle eye(the one that shows you enemy`s damaged modules and crew).you can train your skills on ANY vehicle where your crew is 100% (the crew doesnt forget how to drive tanks they have driven before) and you can use your skills on ALL vehicles you take in battle, so even though you have a 75% crew you dont feel useless, because you have all your crew skills and again you also have the basic 6th sense.
    4: NO ARTY in blitz
    5: low tiers are MUCH less fragile in blitz and high tier(mainly tier 10) is more fragile, which is a good thing because at low tier if you dont die as easily you can actually maybe do something
    im pretty sure there is more that i could talk about however…
    how is this all trash relevant to anything in the video here?
    well, after my friend told me to get “this” premium tank and after evaluatin all(and more) points that i mentioned above i concluded the “big tanks” to not be fun(you are completely entitled to your own opinion).
    now enter front lines
    even though im still not that good at the game but i finally HAVE FUN playing “big tanks” and i feel like im not being a burden to my team (i usually get captain or lieutenant rank) and even with rental tanks i can make money while playing it.
    front lines is great for the game because it actually made it FUN.

  16. only same tier vs same tier on this mode.
    loewe plays so fuckin great

  17. Why are you playing just lorr and progetto , feature more tier 8 tanks on your channel!!!!

  18. Yes!
    Like you say it’s always very rewarding. I love the prestige system, and the whole rank/major/general thingie 😉
    I think it’s great that it is an event, wouldn’t want to have it all the time cause then they would have to nerf the rewards, but I hope it comes back really often!! 😀

  19. At 4:13, why is that M4A1 just driving around in circles while getting shot.

  20. Double Double 4G

    Figures that WGs best idea in years is one they borrowed from someone else 😉 This MIGHT get me back into WoT, maybe.

  21. you don’t get extra credits for becoming Major, General etc. You only get the xp boost.

  22. AWESOME video Quickybaby! Keep up the good work!

  23. Hi QB, Great review and thanks for the insight into how to play it and tactics.

  24. I like this game mode, I played it in the test server too and I know it’s here for some short period – not perm. game mode.. But I think they should keep it. People are playing it and it’s good. Maybe they should do something for the defensive team, cuz I think clearly the attackers have much easier time on this game mode. Maybe slower down the capture time, or make it if u hit the guy who cap. to reset his capture points /like in random battles/ instead of this “block/stop” time.

  25. Quicky you southerner 😉 i have not tried frontline yet i only have type59 and patton my crew does not have many skills is it a “good” way to skill up a crew… my patton has no crew skills either 🙁

  26. Iordan Sorin Titus

    This mode needs a Colonel tier and the General should only be obtainable by one player in each army.

  27. Is it just me or is the defending team majorly advantaged? I’ve only seen the attacking team win once and they had a unicum platoon who all achieved General. Perhaps it’s just me

  28. Now we need this for tier 9 and 10

  29. This gamemode is really fun (maybe the best entertainment WOT has ever offered), but it really needs some optimization. As you can see in the video, QB is often hovering around 30-45 fps on his beast of a PC. I can’t imagine how a lower end machine is handling Frontline.

  30. Love Frontline, good to see Quicky playing like one of us lol 🙂

  31. Great unicum playstyle! instead of focusing on the object, run around, trying to get as much damage as possible while hoping that the noobs in your team capture the objectives…
    To me it seemed that you weren’t even trying to work out a way to secure base C. “Why is it that my front is not succesful” lol…

  32. Wessel Goudriaan

    Nice prequel meme there QB!

  33. Started the video while I was looking at something else, only watching out the corner of my eye. Thought QuackyBaby had weird baggy skin and unusual chest hair.

    Looked closer, saw it was a t-shirt. Disappointed.

  34. Its a good gamemode but i have not won on the attacking side yet . The last stage of attacking feels kinda unfair since u have to get behind the guns .

  35. Wargaming did Battle Royale first

  36. I am just loving this mode, especially because it is something for tier 8s.

  37. what the fuck …. half a million credits ? WHAT ? I’ve been getting to captain often and most I’ve got is 15-20k. Maybe because I am using the free tanks

  38. make a video on the KV-2 R

  39. Front line is only reason to play WoT for me. I think it should stay in game forever.

  40. in general the rank of captain will grant you a major xp bonus.

  41. Paytowin QB. You never need premium shit. Remove it from the game

  42. You love Frontline and WOT in general because you personally make a LOT OF MONEY from youtube videos referring to wot. But we, the rest of us, DONT LIKE WOT because WE LOOSE OUR F*** MONEY playing it. Got that ha !!!

  43. The fps make this game mode unplayable for me.

  44. defending is important – with VIII prem TD I had really quick way from privite to mayor in about 3 mins – i defending C and almost all time I was decaping and destorying enemy tanks in base or in close range

  45. Ivan Stepanovic

    Frontline is OK, I was plesently surprised with it. Refreshing to play games “same tier all”, especially in tier 8. I was worried how OP premiums will affect this game mode, but turned out not to be that bad.
    Only troubles I have with FL… Well, as we see, defending team wins pretty much always cos once you cap all points, nothing to extend time and turrets are tough to kill! The other problem is mine only cos I sold pretty much all my tier 8s after being tired of fighting tier 10s all the time. Repurchasing is so far not an option. I do have credits (about 43mil), but if this is only an event, does it make sense to buy? Dunno…

  46. Don’t feel bad QB, I accidental chocolate all the time… maybe that’s why my diet is going so badly…

  47. I have two tanks in my garage telling me they are not ready, both are fully crewed and equipped. Anyone tell me why I’m unable to play them on FL?

  48. 5:55 you hit the nail on the head there.

  49. Heya QB! Everyone!

    I have to say at first i was a little bit dissapointed about the FL because i lost 74k credit the 1st game. I was shot instantly, my shots allways hit t44-s tracks dealing 0 dmg (I HATE THAT STUFF) etc etc
    Being a growing rageorange, the gamemode indeed shows some promise.
    After that i picked up again after half a week and made some neoto profit of 50k credits, and 3-4k xp under 10-20 minutes.
    This gamemode is indeed fun, no. It’s VERY fun. Even for a rageorange like i am. So after seeing qb did 660k credit profit, i wanna play the gamemode more.

    So with all, give it a try EVEN if u had bad luck like i have. It’s awesum.

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