Why I LOVE the T95 in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm declaring my undying love for the glorious of World of ! Sit back, relax and let me show you what the zoom turtle is all about!



  1. First as usual

  2. early boyyyyy

  3. Damn, Im early

  4. RobloxBrickyJamesYT


  5. So soon here, 8 views and 21 likes.

  6. RobloxBrickyJamesYT

    22th like thank you quicky

  7. Thank you quicky

  8. i though it was because it attracted ladybugs xD ??

  9. What is the point of the protection system on the T95? I feel like it’s better on less armored tanks, like the AMX M4.

  10. 5 min gang pog

  11. Private first class cheese

    Unless your playing the thing stock

  12. QB isn’t boosting his turbo with a mobility slot
    This is not the QB that I know

  13. Gotta appreciate QB for making long video despite they are all pre-made before his holiday. This guy isn’t compromising quality for quantity.

  14. E3 is, in my opinion, good enough, but the t95, especially in tier 9- match up, you feel like an unstoppable being

    • Life Is Strange is best game ever and dont argue

      I honestly prefer E3. As much as i loved T95 you can never be truly invincible in it since you can’t hide both lower plate and cupolas. In E3 i love going hulldown, or even just hiding lower plate and not caring about any incoming shells, apart from jag heat.

  15. What is a K95 you ask? It is a KV-5 and a T95 in one, everyone’s nightmare. 6:25

  16. Sounds like QuackyBaby loves the T95 more than his wife hahahaha 😀

  17. 1.18 update preview please

  18. Worst experience when playing the T95: enemy T95 put a hole in your cupola and your shell bounces on his

  19. 0:55 “friendly neighborhood soviet tank” – possible only in WoT…


    I also love this tank, but it is SO dependent on one’s own team doing their bit or one will go back to the garage very quickly. Last night I played twelve games in her and we lost all but one within five minutes with a typical score of 2-15 due to everyone going one way together and getting slaughtered, leaving me to the mercy of the rampaging hoards. Team play seems even more distant than it ever did.

    • Even when we lose, which is quite often, I still always roll away with 2-3000 damage on this tank. Thats what I like about it. People think its an easy kill, but it costs them a lot.

  21. Notification squad! T95 big boy squad. Squad squad!

  22. Ethan Gavril Moreno

    if I had a nickel every time an IS-3 is helping QB in a T95, i’ll have two nickels,
    which isn’t a lot, but it’s wierd it happened twice

  23. guys day 2 of asking why his game interface is different , I am on console on world of tanks , but my interface always looks very different to his . Is it because he is on PC or is it because he is playing some other edition of World of Tanks than me.

  24. Why I hate the T95

  25. T95 is my most played tank at 1,828 games (second most only has 577 games), and is fitted with a 7 skill crew (they don’t have a 0 skill BIA either)

  26. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I like the T95 but I prefer the T30 although T95 has better gun handling than the T30 I prefer having a turret

    (But sometimes the gun always low rolls than high rolls ….)

  27. Doom turtle

  28. Still amazed that YOUR shots seem to go fairly straight and many of mine will deflect 20-45 degrees just before the shot hits (or misses) the tank. Either the NA server is broken, or my account is. This just started the last few months. RnG can’t explain changes in trajectory when shell is mid flight. Wondering if any other NA folks see this happening? As usual, great content. I learn with most every video.

  29. Cuz tech tree discounts

  30. why have two accounts?

  31. T-95 and Tortoise. My 2 favourite tanks. Im at around 80% in both of them.

  32. Question: I’m not a WOT pc player. I play its little brother WOT blitz and the Japanese have a td line. Is there a Japanese td lin in WOT pc?

  33. QB : “I just felt this game is going be fast”
    Me: burst out in laughter
    Also me: Every game is fast
    (For everyone to know : Not trying to make fun of QB.
    I just found it funny.)

  34. Done removing comments?

  35. SPG pooping on everything. Even on screenshots.

  36. I have fought 900 times with this tank. I hope one day they gonna bring nice 3D camo to this tank.
    And ofc for other all tanks in future

  37. Fun fact : I’ve started playing WoT to get this tank after seeing one of your videos back in… 2014 I guess ? 13km/h, good old times.

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