Why I Play World of Tanks FREE TO PLAY (PAIN)

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Source: QuickyBaby

Here's why I play World of Tanks Free to Play on a separate account andas many tips as I can give you to avoid the pain!



  1. Is it really the free to play experience when you can play like 10 hours a day

    • its actually more “free to play” if you were to play less each day, but played more days. daily missions do give a good amount of credits/useful resources and being able to secure those while only playing world of tanks during those missions makes it easy for credit economy

    • That playsforfree account played about 600 games over the last 60 days. 10 games per day is maybe just over an hour a day.

    • @Mortonbmx ok, so how much credits is QB making for playing 10 hours a day during the Christmas event, compared to someone only playing for 2 hours per day? now do you see the difference?

    • Agree totally, and also when u have other premium account, so if you get bored of grinding some shitty tanks u can just switch to the other account and play the ones you like. Free to play players don’t have that luxury. Qb can just do the daily missions to get multiplied xp and come back when he has enough, problem with new players is if you wanna play the game you have to put a bullet in your brain and just grind away. Not to shit on qb he is trying alot to be as close to free to play as possible but unfortunately the reality of free to play players is much worse than qb realizes.

  2. POV: you got this in your notifications

  3. It is so unfair when you had the skill but not have the money to win.

  4. Oh wow, I hadn’t thought of playing for a double digit number of hours professionally, every day.

  5. If the point was to replicate the “new player/average f2p player” experience, it’s kinda ruined by the fact that you have pretty much unlimited time to spend on this account. For the marathons and other limited time events, for example. You would get a more accurate “average experience” if you could only play, let’s say, 15 hours per week maximum.

    • But it still shows you what you can achive in long run

    • What is more, he is a SuperUnicum player. An average player cannot simply play that well at all. That massively distorts the experience in comparison to an average player.

    • Wrong. The he spent playing on the account does not ruin the experience because it has been solely free to play. The time spent playing the game does not take away from the challenges of free to play. If anything it’s telling us the obvious. Play more do more. Not everybody can play alot but alot of people can. If you can’t play alot that’s on you. But you still free to play. Even Pay to win accounts have to log hours for missions

    • @Noland Mcdaniel no to mention they are all forgetting that this account is 4yrs old now as he said. Even 15 hours a week for 4 years, with the occasional binge, You should still have a couple tier X and premiums if you’re not gargabe.

  6. I agree with a lot of what you Say, however you will not really experience the same due to the fact your skill level is far higher than most of the players you faced while increasing the number of tanks in the garage. Sorry disagree, I played 100 games and out of all the shots that hit me 5% was not gold rounds. This just spoils it for me.

    • he wants to maximize what is possible with being f2p. so in essence, if a f2p was good enough, they could perform very well. the inverse could also be true, you could spend loads of money but have low skill so therefore you would still end up with subpar results.

  7. Oh yes you can do all of this when you dont have a job!
    Now I have a goal in life!

  8. You should do a poll on youtube to know the proportion of f2p players subscribed, that would be great !

  9. Imagine the pain of starting WoT in 2022, 75% crews and Tier I tanks, zero knowledge of in-game combat.

    • Ah I started 2013 and had to play in Tier 5 vs. Tier 10 like KV-1 vs. IS-7 who one shotted you. But yeah once you sat in that IS-7 it was a hell of fun. And with the old HE-Ammo you could really hurt even T10 with your T5 tank. Quite fun to kill an T10 with with your T-6 IS. But no gold ammo, you had to know about weakspots and all tanks had weakspots…

  10. I have something similar; I have a regular account with prem time and another one (an abandoned test account I resurrected a couple of years ago) that i spent zero money on. Just wanted to see if it was possible to do reasonably well without spending any money (yes, it’s possible). It’s a different sort of challenge.

  11. Great job, QB! Ty!

  12. I have gotten a lot more free stuff than usual, especially in last 3 or 4 months, but having a regular job, not been able to take advantage of some of it in same way

  13. We need vedio on marathon motions and how you can find ghem to do them

  14. To create another series of content stream/videos that you can monetize?

  15. QB you forgot that although you didn’t get premium days as rewards back in the day, you could win gold in events.
    as a F2P player, I won the Obj 283 with about 25 tokens. 18 tokens from daily holiday missions and traded shards in for the other tokens.

  16. Chronological Gamer

    QB what’s you opinion about people who say only bots look at you videos?

  17. I don’t mind paying. I do mind the effect of paying for premium shells on gameplay and resulting balance changes as a result i.e. uparmouring of tanks especially real historical tanks.

    Having some elements of a vehicle balanced the same way for all vehicles being implemented ensures all vehicles are balanced to the same standard.

    I am one of those that try to stick with standard ammo as much as possible. It is not about honour but me wanting a bit of the game that I’ve loved since Closed Beta to remain.

    • I think some tanks need it. Maus still gets “outplayed” by outrageous gold penetrations like 340mm+, it can be partially negated by angling but god forbid you angle wrong by one degree and you get penetrated instantly. And thats the most armored tank in the game. Type 5 (and all other japenese heavies after
      O-I) desperately need an uparmoring as its 270mm will get penetrated by tier 8 gold spam and it cant even angle unlike the maus. Type 5 is debatable if it was historical or not but i think a turret was made so partially.

  18. Been playing this game casual for 10 years. I was premium for 1 year on my 2nd year playing the game. It’s great if your playing as much as Quickybaby and it keeps your researching and credits flowing nicely to the point you don’t care what ammo or consumables your using. Why haven’t I payed go be premium again? Casual gaming isn’t friendly here and Wargaming has been very unwelcoming to new players. It’s very hard to get new players bc of the experience cliff and different tank models that’s nice to know. I can’t get my old friends to play this game unless Wargaming addresses the tank balance and money money gouging it’s been doing for probably more than 5 years.

    I still like to play this game casually but I’m not going to grind this game. Since quickie babies had to come for 4 years he’s had time to establish a decent account where maybe he should start a brand new one to see what it’s actually like for a person to start right now.

    • I’ve had my account for 11 years and don’t have a tier 10 tank, I came back to play only a few days ago after watching some QB vids, joined a game in my mostly stock T20 and got put in against Tier 9s, couldn’t pen a single tank and thus reminded of why I never play the game regularly, I uninstalled.

  19. NO; you can afford premium consumables playing free to play; what you cant afford is premium ammo spam and premium crew features like retraining etc. and farming stats in power creep tanks before they are nerfed

  20. I am
    doing the same. I have a paid account on which I spend money and an account where I absolutely don’t spend any money. needless to say the second account takes a lot longer to grind through

  21. they should make some special mode where only F2P players (not premium acc) and no premium tanks are allowed to play.

  22. It sucks that it is not possible to pauze premium time.

  23. you got shitload of premium time from warplanes and warships back in the day

  24. I wish Premium tanks are fighting Premium tanks while the tech tree tanks vs tech tree tanks ….

  25. I’ve been playing the game for free for several years now, not having spent a cent, and I also have to say that the game is in its best state for f2p players. With Battlepass, Twch Drops and Prime Gaming, the credit problem is definetly getting smaller.

  26. Hey QB, world of tanks console player here, have you kept up on what’s going on on the console port? They’ve buffed artillery to fire twice as fast and be more accurate and doubled artillery hit points. There’s no stun mechanics either. Also the console port has a new German tank destroyer line that leads up to the new German tier X tank destroyer. The Strumtiger. If you still have a console give it a look though im sure you got rid of your console.

  27. They need to remove repair costs.

  28. Hey quickly baby do you remember me? ( I am from tank fest 2022) ?

  29. I was on your twitter

  30. How do I access the battle pass in WoT? Also is it free or needs purchase to get the battle pass?

  31. The F2P grind is even worse on the Xbox version. Mostly due to the fact you don’t get to decide what you unlock first. Its a string of unlocks, usually something like, radio, engine, tracks, first gun, second radio, with the best gun being the last thing you unlock for the tank. They dumbed this game down so hard for console players, it’s despicable. They removed the camo net, the binocs, and the tool kit, from the equipment list. Removed the option to spend gold to remove equipment from tanks for a full refund. It’s all watered down world of tanks. Then they have the audacity to implement cross platform play. Makes me so mad I spent money on the console version.

  32. QB, three most played tanks on PlaysForFree account are on premium tanks: EBR, Bourrasque and Renegade (TS-5 is 6th). You earned those tanks in marathons, but I think they solve one of F2P problems – credit earning. This is experience you are (IMVHO) missing.

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