Why I quit the Armored Warfare Partnership Program and the Game?!

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Source: Capt Canada

ItÙs been a rocky road for Armored Warfare and for me, itÙs come to an end.

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  2. Understood. However, it is obvious you have not been living with Wargaming for last couple of years 😁. Talking about greedy company, loot crates, getting ridiculous amount of useless boosters for a considerable amount of money? Lol. Play some WOT or Blitz, see what really means GREEDY, then come back. Cheers, mate.

    • You are correct about Wargaming but he is also correct. The under appreciation is what IMHO, drove Capt . away.

    • Well agreed wargaming is greedy (see 252u & Chry-k powercreep) Thier holiday “lootbox” is the best deal they have all year. Unlike any other games that do lootboxes. wargaming’s boxes always have some amount of gold (at least 250). each year I usually buy a 11 box bundle ($25). This year I got one t8 tank, two t5 tanks and enough gold to buy some tech tree premiums. While I think $60 for a pixel tank is ridiculous I don’t mind dropping a little cash for an ingame currency that I can buy almost whatever I choose. It’s a much better option than spending real money on in game credit to buy lootboxes that have boosters and repair kits.( wg gives that stuff out for free)

  3. Use to play every day. When they merged the game the player quality went in toilet. Hardly play at all. Ready to uninstall.

  4. Yes sir, you deserve to retire in AW and move on

  5. If you like playing tank games (im just assuming) pls try war thunder and make a vid about it

  6. I understand. I realize you hv been putting in a lot of unappreciated and unrecognized time into the game, AW and would perhaps do it, too.

  7. A lot of good points and honesty. As far as the Loot Boxes are concerned i feel personally World of Tanks’ approach to it was the most upfront and honest. You get the same value in gold back regardless of winning it big with premium tanks or skins. At least you knew you were going to b fairly compensated. This Game has turned into a cash grab and is riddle with quick fixes without proper implementation practices. I may continue to play it for the time being though. I’m not in a partnership with them or anything so I can be as candid and honest on what i experience without fear of being “fired” from a partnership. But my son is due soon so i may not be doing much of anything for a bit once hes born.

  8. With the recent introduction of Battalion Contracts and now also Battle Path, and the influx of new Battalion players, I have renewed my enthusiasm of Armored Warfare. Yes, the game has problems, especially for us here in AUS/NZ, it is still a great game for loading up and “BLOWING SHIT UP!!!!”. Given what a lot of us are dealing with in real life, being able to do this with people who also like playing the game is the main reason why I am still here, and be here for the foreseeable future. To this end, I have now cut my ties to World of Tanks and World of Warships, by uninstalling them both and if I will some days want a break from Armored Warfare, I will do just that and take a break from gaming in general and watch a video, go for walk or do something nice with my wife and families.

  9. AW has PvE. Its at least good for some low stress bot shooting after having a bad day

    • That is it’s *ONLY* saving grace. It’s PvE is refreshing and the story lines they’re working on are quite decent.
      It’s partnership with a gambling box company pretty much killed it in my opinion.

  10. I had same loot box problem with the type 90. I opened 50 crates and got 8 parts out of 100 and twenty bonus crates. I sent in tickets to show my displeasure as I got 12 rental vehicles all to use in 1 day before they expired, so i didnt open any more crates. Wasn’t happy at all on global chat slating the system etc.
    So played the rentals then opened the remaining boxes which now had over 130 parts in them. Go figure

  11. Hey Capt sorry to hear AW has treated you so badly. Gave up on the game myself – to difficult to get into a game from Canada, so went back to WoT. Look forward to seeing some of the competitions videos. Incidentally, WoT has the same thing going on with loot boxes over Xmas for the IS3A which is now an autoloader and can only be acquired by gambling on loot boxes. Check out QBs video on the subject – many players and creators are displeased with WGs new approach to marketing the game.

  12. I quit AW when it became clear they had no interest in “enjoyable” gameplay, when they NERFED Tank Speeds, Armor (improperly), Auto-Loaders, and Missles, which was also when they fired Obsidian, aka when 2.0 of the game came out. As well they wouldn’t further “improve” various things, like Arty which could have been further improved, instead, they removed it, they wouldn’t increase HP values (aka eliminating the “Quick Death”, which is the most hated aspect of these games), etc.
    I did check out AW recently and it’s still terrible in the above things I mentioned, and 3 things I don’t like at all is how you now implement the Addon Equipment, how they changed it, how they changed how the Crew Skills etc. work, and how Boosters work, all of this stuff is WAY more complicated, hard to work with and understand, or to use, etc. These things were way easier to work with before, though Boosters were never improved, even though I told them how they could to make them easy to use.
    I made detailed posts on how to fix every problem the game had…. from getting into games as the population stated going down to Arty, and many other things, but they didn’t listen.
    The original game had some of my fixes, Arty was almost perfect, UI was great, tank performance was great, and a few other things….  But they just STOPPED their almost entirely.

  13. battlefield bad company 2 costs 4 euros and still has strong community playing it im having a blast playing it

  14. Try to make video for War Thunder, is quite good.
    I can’t even do a thing on their forum for some reason, asked the team about it, no one reply, Armoured Warfare for you.
    On the other hand, I asked a question on War Thunder forum, got reply from the moderators and even had a chat with one of them. So there you go, a simple comparison in terms contacting the team.

  15. well the only new good thing are not offered in WT but again don’t misunderstand me it still try sneaky cheat you basically the extinguisher and the parts are still problem after the work applied to it, and the grind for me is now not a different from AW at this point.

    The only instance were I gambled on those loot-boxes it was the T-14 152mm cannon when they actually did say and note that it was the only chance ever to be obtained I spent around 70 USD (probably more) because I wanted it but then I saw the discord chat someone said that he got it after 270 chest!!!, and I saw first hand what gambling is in fact is.

  16. im happy that the netherlands have this anti gambling law so i wont even have to bother getting some crates cuz they are now allowed to sell them to me this game is dying and i hate it cuz i have spent 400 euro’s on this game and they are trying to get the last bit of money out of it before its dying gratz to the russians

  17. I bought 250 boxes and when I complained in the forum about it, someone posted ahead of me that he had bought 273 boxes and no BM Oplot. That’s almost $250 in loot boxes and no tank. I’ll refrain from casting aspersions on the people at AW, my.com and mail.ru, but you can probably guess what I think of them. I’m not buying another thing from my.com, I hope they are happy about killing a customer.

  18. Shame no developer can rock up and make a good game with a cosmetic premium shop if any at all. Unfortunately all the people shovelling money in to these games encourages it. It’s just a business to these companies at the end of the day.

  19. So lootboxes weren’t bad before you had to use them to get a tank that you didn’t get. Had you gotten the tank for free from the program, everything would be dandy? Wtf man? I think they should treat you with respect and give you stuff they want you to cover, but ffs lootboxes isn’t just a problem when YOU have to pay for them.

    • Is that what you heard? What I heard was a) one of their largest community contributors can’t get anything to work with (those ‘freebies’ aren’t really free when you’re promoting their product) and b) the loot box/Arabian Knights fiasco is ridiculously bad. I agree on both points, although you’re free not to.
      This is the first CC video I’ve ever watched, btw, so I’m no fanboi. I am very disillusioned with AW at the mo’, though, which is why I clicked. Misery loves company, I guess…

  20. I still play AW I don’t buy much anymore as I have pretty much all the tanks I need. You shouldn’t have bought all those boxes that’s just a waste of money and the odds are against you. Good video but it appears that your more pissed at the fact you didn’t get what you wanted after buying boxes than anything else.

  21. Well Capt. I’m sorry to see you wash your hands of AW. You were pretty much the only tuber that was doing AW content. I gave up on AW a year ago. I got bored of the game play. I have tried WT same thing, got bored, I enjoy your videos, keep up the great content. Wish you the best! One Canadian to another.

  22. …because the games dead?

  23. Sorry to see both you and Terror leave.

  24. Who is suprised really, they are a Russian scam company afterall.

  25. Wait this game still exist? This was in my inbox for no reason lol

  26. post a video of the game uninstall

  27. also you could create content about coming back to wot ! new maps ! new tank lines ! new arty mechanic ! i just got back and :S my wn8 tanked lol i lost almost 30 points

  28. Sadness but understandable

  29. You are the first content creator that has addressed all of the games problems. I’ve begged other creators to talk about the games state right now and talk about the money grabbing shit My.com is doing. They all want to ignore it because they get free tanks or other goodies. The battle pass grind is ridiculous, and again, no one wants to talk about it. Thank you for addressing the problems sir 👍, I will be raising awareness of this video.

  30. The man is right, AW is rather quickly going down the crapper. When I saw that I had to pay my way into the new battle mode I just laughed. I played AW for ONLY the PVE but as soon as I started to notice MOST the vehicles using ATGM’s it gave me serious pause. Worst part is the massive DMG no matter ERA or not they did. I have video up on my youtube page of a Weasel TOW skipping all my ERA on my T-72 Blue and hitting me for almost 70% of my health with a single ATGM!


    The AI became master surgeons able to hit the weakest point of your armor no matter the distances on the map. The worst of the lot was the Swingfires. The AI also tracked you and timed their shots just as you came around corners for cheap high DMG shots. When I played I can vividly recall going WEEKS without taking a single hit from a conventional tank shell but take non-stop barrages from missiles. SO much so now I twitch every-time I hear a hiss thinking it’s an ATGM making it’s way too me! LOL! Joking aside the game has became nothing more then just a game for fast moving vehicles that have ATGM’s. The constant hissing of the the missiles is the most common sound in the game! There are vehicles in the game that have more then 1 weapons system but the AI strictly adheres to just ATGM’s!

    They also castrated the difficulty settings too. Before there was an easy, challenging and hardcore modes. Now it’s only challenging and hardcore modes. They changed how hard the AI now plays. I played a few matches and the AI now actively hunts for players in wolf packs and seems to know where you are all the time. The biggest issue though is the fact that there are NO BONUS’s for challenging mode. I myself am not the greatest player but I feel it’s complete bullshit that they messed the difficulty settings like this!!!! I have not played a single game since my last match where I was hunted down and killed in seconds by the AI. Nothing like being spotted and 4 ATGM’s hit you all at once and your armor negated NONE of the DMG!

    Yet Capt here is correct again the boxes chances of good stuff is super low. Also why are there so many reskins of the same vehicles over and over and over again, while other vehicles, such as the Starship, Bulldog, Swingfire, Cobra, LAV-300 or the 600 have either 1 or NO new skins at all? But the constant new skins for some vehicles, like the T-72 series has nearly 10 variants what gives? Another pain in the ass tactic that is being used are the boosters that require you to use GOLD to activate them. I literally have HUNDREDS of these boosters but I was saving up the gold to get a premium tracked TD on Feng’s line, not use gold to use boosters that last 12 hours long! I COULD NOT have the mental stability to handle playing AW for 12 hours! That and the fact I have a life outside of this game!

    The last gripe I have is that lately the game itself is refusing to recognize that I am actually playing it., yet at the same time acknowledges it. This is what is going on. We all know the sign on bonus well 2 fays before getting the gold the game more then once REFUSED to recognize I signed on. In fact I actually play tested a few tanks and then tried to get the bonus. The game then shoots me back to day one’s bonus!!! Other times I make it too the gold and I get a gold insignia that activates by using gold! WTF!??!

    Other times when I played the game, it REFUSED to realize I completed contracts. Deal 5K DMG is the contract. I dealt 15K. No acknowledgement and no chests. This would continue on and on. The dev’s also claimed they fixed the problem patches ago yet here we are again. It VERY strange to be honest. The problem gets fixed by a patch and is good until there is a massive new update and BAM the problem comes back again. It’s almost like they went back to an older patch that had the issue to add new stuff and then give us the new stuff with the bad stuff mixed in. I am really starting to feel convinced this company wants Armored Warfare to die.

    Lastly I understood if I got a crate that had a premium vehicle in it I own I would be reimbursed the cost of the vehicle’s value in gold. This has happened MANY times now and not once was I given ANY compensation for the chest. So basically the high end chest gave me nothing. This game is just rife with errors and bugs. No wonder this game is dying so quick. But I think the worst part of all is that I belong to a facebook page that is partially managed by a my.com employee(?) and whenever I mention a game issue on the page all hell erupts making me look like a POS for having these actual issues that NO ONE ELSE HAS. Example: Lets say an enemy AI’s turret turns 300 degrees in less then half a second and blasts me. I take the hit and take cover. I wait a good 20 seconds poke out and bam dead. AI is still pointed at me. I would mention something on the page and other players would jump on my shit and say I should have stayed there an not moved. For how long? For the other players to show and kill steal the tank I worked on killing?

    That is another thing that is bullshit. Players that wait for a target to get low enough HP so they can but in and steal the kill. Players insist that there is NO SUCH THING AS KILL STEALING. “You get more points for doing DMG then just kills”, is the same automated response for players. Really? If that is the case then why is there a medal in the game called Destroyer? Kill more then 16 vehicles and the the medal. But the biggest asses are the platoons of Merkava players. Having those tanks in the game KILLS any form of fun. My Abrams has a 8 second reload time. The Merks can fire almost 3 shells for just the 1 fire. That is messed up. Now get 3 or 4 of these tanks on your team, you might as well not do a damned thing except for let them play. I have had players mention this many times to me, yet still ride out in them.

  31. I see, that is unfortunate but we have to respect the man’s decision, Now there is only one logical thing left to do, by you 🤔..Let me play the game, your account instead of you, sounds good 🙂…

  32. terror nuts is back doing AW

  33. Not really news. It’s been run by people that don’t give a crap about anyone outside of RU for at least two years now. The lootboxes have been a total scam from day one, just like the super secret AGDS campaign for a super exclusive vehicle available nowhere else (except lootboxes). Good luck with new endeavors. AW is rotting like a 19th century leper, with chunks dropping off day by day.

    • Gotta look at where they’re focusing:
      In the West loot boxes are 100% NO GO. In the east and RU, they’re eagerly gobbled up. Pay2Win and robogrinding is the expected norm.
      Clearly, it’s more profitable for them to cater to the larger income stream that comes from gambling boxes.

  34. Capt, I actually ran the numbers on the battle pass. You need to play for 12 hours straight every day from the release of battle pass, AND complete every single one of the missions to get all of the battle coins needed to get to level 100. Of course, at the time of running the numbers I didn’t know that the amount of BC required took another hike after lvl 50. So according to my chart (yes I made a chart) it is LITERALLY impossible to complete the battle path without spending any money. I have since started playing war thunder.

  35. Staniszewski Wojciech

    You could try applying for War Thunder community contributor program. The terms are pretty lenient from what I saw.

  36. So uhh
    Man i love this game
    More than WoT
    Why ?

    Because it had modern tanks line
    That’s all
    And honestly
    I too been playing since BETA

    *This game changed so much*
    I never spend any real money on this game
    Hell no
    Why would i
    They just gonna use my money to make a freaking trailer with a random youtube soundtrack

    I just dont want this game to be dead
    They’re slowly killing it

  37. yea i play and me for begin…but 2 year e go mardel 2 apear and some op prem tanks….and some greedy packs…serisle now….and ofc eu servers empty….its war gaming again(i stop ther game too ofc)nice video dude

  38. it seems AW competing with WoT, even in the gambling system without a brain of their own. that’s terrible

  39. Console was doing wonderfully at first, then they made inane changes and lost their playerbase.

    GG, devs.

  40. this game is nearly dead and My.com don’t care its so stupid of them what whas a nice ore good game become a pile of crap,
    the day they pussed Obsidian away that whas the deadly nail on there coffin shame on them and a shame they pussed a great contributer away from there game
    they don’t deserve our time anymore, wish you luck in al the other games you show on your youtube channel.

  41. T-72 series vehicles and the like Eastern Bloc tanks have worse hull armor than IRL. Does the ERA like Kontakt 5 or Relikt even work in game to interfere with APFSDS?

  42. What i learned from this video, warface is still alive, thought it died years ago.
    Now i can happily forget about it again.

  43. Really sorry you had this shitty experience. It’s sad to see AW slowly whither away because of how incompetant it’s being handled without any care anymore. I played WoT and really enjoyed it for two years. However, I eventually became utterly disgusted with it because it slowly became an excessively play to win miserable experience. I don’t mind paying if it elevates the base experience, but the standard base experience should be good enough by itself that I’d want to pay for the extras when I have the funds. So I’d be playing tier 8 and 9 tanks, and unless I got enough kills, I would be struggling to break even on credits. Playing WoT matches was no longer about enjoying my favorite tanks anymore, it became being about trying to not lose money. When I had to uninstall it temporarily over year ago for more storage room, I realized that I just hated the game since I didn’t have an ounce of desire to reinstall it once I was finally able to. When I switched to AW , it felt like an overwhelming breath of fresh air. The grinds weren’t too bad and even if I lost with a high tier tank, I still made enough credits to break even and make a good profit if I performed well enough. I really enjoyed the gameplay for the most part, I switched to PvE exclusively eventually because I’d rather relax in its more chill environment with whatever limited time I have to play. I really enjoy the missions, the objectives, and the Magnus campaign. However, I’ve sadly come to accept that AW will eventually pass into oblivion because of how it’s being handled by My.Com. It’s my favorite armored vehicle simulator MMO. I’m hesitant to even consider War Thunder as an alternative because there’s no good PvE (I’m done with competative PvP gameplay as I simply don’t enjoy stressing over constantly maintaining a good level of “getting good” anymore) and I hear the grinds are just the same as WoT. Guess it’s time to switch back to single player games. I’m going to keep playing AW until it’s demise but, I’m not going to financially support it when it’s being handled like it is currently. Thought I’d share my personal experience with both WoT and AW, and I totally understand why you’d be leaving it after how horribly you were treated as a person who was generating Yotube content for it. Wish you the best!

  44. Its not that my.com and mail.ru are greedy (though they certainly are), it’s that they are incompetent to boot. They dont understand their own game and introduce fun-murdering stuff every patch, killing whole tiers. Newest incarnation: High caliber HE mechanic = easy mode for bot-level players. Then they dont listen and change it back two patches later while, as sure as the sun rising in the east, introduce the next population killer.

  45. THIS game is so bad ,have play the sen start i think 2011 and WILL NOT PLAY MORE FORE THE GAME IS SHIT ,CRAP

  46. 3 weeks ago I tried to download the game, it said I was already registered, I don’t remember ever signing up, really wanted to play it…such is life

  47. I used to play World of Tanks but I lost interest. I played Armored Warfare for a bit but I quickly lost interest also. War Thunder is the only game that keeps my interest anymore. If I get tired of tanks I can just switch to aircraft or ships or helicopters.

  48. The writing was on the wall back in end 2017, when they announced their console release instead of focussing on what mattered most; nurturing an unhealthy community to a strong one so I decided enough was enough. And I invested A LOT of time in this game, not from a gameplay standpoint, but from a community aspect aswel. Developing community events, youtube channel, all that in the hopes of trying to fix something My.com couldn’t or were unwilling to do.

    I never really announced things the way you did like this video, because I didn’t want to sound like the negative asshole who’s only wishing for misfortune on others so I quietly left the game behind and moved on. But as I said before, the writings were on the fookin wall and after Obsidian got the kicker, I knew it was too late.

  49. So you’re leaving AW ? Well bye. I personally am thrilled to see the global server and the return of PVP games on AW. Apparently you haven’t played WoT recently to see the cluster it has become. I would much rather spend my time and money on AW, no question.

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