Why I Still Play War Thunder

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Source: Spookston

A lot of the War Thunder players that watch my videos consider them to be overwhelmingly negative, so I'm often asked “If you hate playing War Thunder so much, why do you still play it?” I don't hate the game, and I don't think my criticisms are that negative all things considered, so I'll be explaining that a bit. I'm just giving my opinion on problems I perceive in the game, whether large or minor. I don't hate Gaijin either, in case that was unclear.

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Songs used (in order from to last):
Subnautica – Into the Unknown
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Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
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  1. If you play war thunder you truly hate yourself

  2. It takes so fucking long to unlock vehicles

  3. I still play becoz M1A2 repair cost is almost 8k while T80BVM is 2.5k

  4. It’s still possible to enjoy something even if it has flaws. Pointing out those faults and trying to work towards solutions doesn’t make you a hater.
    It’s just like having relationships with other people. It’s very rare that you will like and agree with every single thing about someone else, but you can still be friends with them.
    The world isn’t so black and white.

  5. I hate how the devs are so hostile to people requesting tanks that didn’t see service. The Italian’s have 3 great candidates to fill in their BR gaps but they completely shut it down because “muh paper tank” but then they have no issue adding bs Russian “Object 6969” rubbish which also never saw service. Not to mention how they REMOVED TANKS which ruined my interest, especially the Maus. The Tiger II 10.5 made sense, but the Panther II was finalised with all schematics available and the Coelian had all its parts built, it just wasn’t assembled.

    Also F*** Sweden. No reason to be in the game, no body wanted them i hate seeing these fence sitting losers in my ww2 game. Same goes for China mostly. Not to mention the J8A is absolutely bs in arcade aircraft.

  6. One of the biggest problem in War Thunder, especially Ground Forces (for me at least), is that it’s pretty much impossible to have fun if you’re not doing well.

    I’m mostly a pilot and I’ve had games when I get shot down in Air RB without a single kill but maybe because I got into a tense dogfight that I lost, I had fun anyway because the match itself was enjoyable.

    tanks though? If you don’t get kills you’re not having fun, unless you’re “forcing” the fun by playing gimmicky matches.

  7. The adiction this is reall 🙁

  8. I like the low BR air arcade. Ridiculous, cartoonish dogfights. Guns are crap and single short burst kills are rare so there’s a chance to recover from bad position. Bombing is also more fun because there are very few fighters that can take bomber down quick. Also you need to actually hit moving targets and not just dump tons of ordinance on static base.


    “Why I still play war thunder”
    Attack the D point!
    Attack the D point!
    Attack the D point!
    Defend the D point!
    Attack the D point!
    Defend the D point

  10. Focke wulf 190 d9

    Do I hear subnautica music in the background?

  11. The only reason people play this game is because
    What are you gonna play WOT? Pfft still both are shitty games with greedy devs


    The only reason I stopped playing war thunder about a year ago is because I bought a new laptop and I’m too lazy to download it again, but I gotta be honest… The love/hate relationship with that game is insane

  13. Spook I also have around 6k hours and I rarely play at this point unless my friends are playing. I take long breaks for my sanity now.

  14. lets talk again about ghost shells. Been way too long a problem

  15. Your graphics look way better than mine and mine are completely maxed aside from SSAA. What are your settings?

  16. I moved onto DCS world, where the devs actually care abiut the playerbas3.

  17. War Thunder have a lot of issues because its a complex game. Lets think about it. They have create a game with a lot of ammo types, armors and physics involved without a “health system”. Any shot have a probability of a lot of questions like ammo, speed, angle, armor, explosive damage (or not), distance, sizes of the projectile and even weight.
    This is so different than any other game.
    *Of course Gaijin needs to fix the game but we need to know how amazing War Thunder can be

  18. Guys I think that just taking a break from time to time helps to alleviate the frustration immensely… When I come back to War Thunder after a week or more of absence I genuinely find this game enjoyable again. Just a little tip I thought I’d share.

  19. The most obvious question is :

    “ArE yOu A fUrRy?”

  20. Is it just me or is the “Patreon producers” list getting longer with every vid?
    Thats great btw

  21. I wish i shared your mentality spookston sadly I don’t andi just don’t find the game worth my time anymore

  22. As someone who pretty much stopped playing War Thunder thankfully by Tier 1, I can agree with what you said, Spookston.

    It’s fun basically until it isn’t. There’s days where it’s awesome, and days where you’re just getting shoved against a brick wall and beat down like this is a Warner Brothers Mad Max game.

    The inconsistency as you would say, “personally” and/or “in my opinion” ruins itself overall with said issue.

  23. i only play war thunder because i can test fly jets lol

  24. spook i see you zeroing your scope in alot of videos. as a new player, is it something thats exclusively available for higher tier vehicles? or is there some key?
    forgive me for the stupid question but i cant find it

  25. Instead of complaining why dont we make our own game and make money out of it?

  26. Gunner Heat PC is the closest to war thunder

  27. Sir, your videos include facts and info I personally have not heard of or known. I find them interesting.

  28. Planes completely ruine tank battles

  29. Dang only beat me by 900 hours.

  30. Spook, I to this day still play WoT 🙂 Cause the game is entertaining to me. Cause I enjoy it. I think WT is better game, but I just dont enjoy and have that much fun as with WoT.
    So I really understand your point.

  31. Filip Jabłoński

    Thats what i love about your videos. Calm cold explenation of the issue and ways of fixing it. Or just pointing out the problem. Also your voice is so relaxing even though you talk about quite frustrating game lol. Cheers from Poland 😉

  32. You are a masochist like everyone else. Thank why we all play War Thunder.

  33. Spookston playing Le Char 25T !!

  34. for me, there is literally no alternative. WoT is extremely on the arcade side of things, but things like Steel Beasts are too hardcore in the simulation side. I have yet to play a game that fills the niche I have for tank games like WT does

  35. People who think he’s complaining, learn what “constructive criticism” is, because that’s what Spook is doing.
    P.S. This will be reoccurring subject because not everyone will start from this video nor from previous similar ones explaining the point of videos, and new people, or semi-old people never seeing videos of this sort, will comment about how someone is complaining, some will just see on recommended feed, will watch that one video, and will comment under it without checking channel for any recent ones.

  36. Mihir Gannavarapu

    6956 = 290 DAYS

  37. 6.9k likes and 69 dislikes

  38. 6.9k likes, 69 dislikes.


  39. Biggest problems is that there are so many little dumb kids in this game, every round except 1 out of 15 They do nothing. When I mark an enemy next to him 3 times and writing it in the chat they don’t care they just drive and get killed by the enemy who finishes me because i have to repair no matter what br you drive

  40. Only reason I could think of is gameplay is very unique and the only irritating part for me about this game are repair costs

  41. Բuɳky Բɑuรtãѳ Cɑt

    Because you like to suffer

  42. It’s actually not that hard of an argument to make. Especially to OG players. I more than understand. It is the most infuriating game that just I have to play.

  43. I love the way this video is put, I think despite all of the bad things about war thunder, it’s core gameplay is still the reason I play this over a variety of other games.

  44. dude lmao, 90% of your upload are you crying about the game or you abusing game breaking mechanics/powercreeping and complaining about “balance” with a consistent push to have more us overpowered IFV, OP is a joke anyway

  45. Around 9K hours clocked here … i agree with you. There still isn’t a game that i would consider replacing WT with and tbh i love the gameplay, found a ton of new friends and made a lot of memories. The game has it’s flaws and some of them are infuriating but in the end… this is the game i’ve loved since 2013 and i can’t go back! probably cos i need therapy for addiction.

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