Why I Stopped Playing War Thunder…

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Here's the explanation of where I've been and what . Thanks all for sticking around 🙂

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  1. Virus link, do NOT click, seems like a bot pretending to be him

  2. R6 content wthat would be fun to watch lol

  3. War Thunder players are like gamblers, some are ashamed, others are just a sunk cost fallacy

    I knew a guy who was the sunk cost fallacy who was cringe, said people who lag are responsible because they have a bad pc, claimed that he was discriminated against for playing the XP-50, presented a paper on War Thunder in front of people, and other cringe

    Usually other War Thunder players are ashamed or have friend so they can feel better about this, but there are some who show why we need to ban playing War thunder past an hour a day

  4. No one cares 🙂

  5. R6 is even worse

  6. The Real Superhavoc

    8:26 The single best change to air rb in the last 4 years… and the community hates it. I’d almost feel sorry for the devs if they weren’t scum of the earth.

  7. You should try DCS to improve your mental health ( If you’re okay with learning the cockpit stuff ) and jokes aside, I played WT for 8 years and moving to someting more.. “chilling” like DCS helps me getting rid of that “grinding” habit, like if you want some popular module like F-14 or others you just one-time buy it and everything is yours. The sense of accomplishment for me is no longer from the grind but from able to fly a plane that I love instead, no offense about WT tho, I do play it sometimes nowadays but the spirit to grind isn’t there for me anymore, I’ll just play what I have.

    P.S. At least I can say that Fox 2 and Rifle, Magnum thing without feeling cringe when moving there too lol

  8. I stopped playing after I got f14 at like 1950 hours. Grinding for aim 54s was cancer and not fun in the slightest, going back to 9.7 jets filled with premiums is better than grinding at the top

  9. been enjoying dcs

  10. Bro i also got sucked into r6 shit is too real

  11. *Gets head pats*

    *Leaks sekrit documents*

  12. you did well buddy hope the best for you to succes with what you doing 😉 o7 mate

  13. i’am ground attack player, wich made millions of sl and got briish top tier (on phantom patch) by half a mounth. i’am bombing at top tiers. i’am using nato callouts in wt and dcs.
    you are putting silly mobile game ad at “serious video”. u are using phrase “super cringy”. you are shaming players cause they are trying to make fun in grind game.
    maybe it’s time to think about self-development and being simple or something? maybe you are part of toxic community?

  14. Switch to DCS

  15. Air RB EC would solve all the issues that Gaijin keeps trying to include in normal Air RB.

    Ground is just fucked with the early cold war to modern transition because of drones.

  16. Drones in grb are a good example of gaijin not giving a fuck. Literally no one had asked for them. Actually, a lot of people have for a long time been asking for a grb game mode that has no cas. But instead of listening to what a lot of people actually wanted, gaijin invented a way to give the people who bought one top tier premium tank the ability to play cas without having to grind anything.

  17. I honestly enjoy naval and help pve primarily cause air and ground are becomkng less fun. I’ll play them still but not as much anymore

  18. The Fish Pilot 835

    You are now SEEKing happiness I see

  19. This video is the justification for the vaccine. The soulless gatcha game shilling is just the gravy.

  20. Patrick Torregrossa

    Same dude same

  21. literally the first VERY honest youtuber i have ever seen that talks about literally any game

  22. You are awesome, helped me with my depression on this depressing game(no premium-no premium toys ever bought)… you helped me finaly get rid of this rubish out of my pc. <3 keep it up my guy!

  23. Upload a siege video

  24. Imma let you finnish but we all know WoT has the worst community in the …World.

  25. Martin steenbeeke

    Sounds like a lot of your problems are either you sre a person who chases people back to airfields and whinges when you get AA’d, and the rest sound like skill issues. But you do you Bud.

  26. 100% agree. I quit several months back but I still enjoy your content… crap game crap game

  27. Also , 16 v 16 is a bad game mode, the need a 6 v 6 or something

  28. I think World of tanks is sponsoring you

  29. Some of the maps like the vietnam winter map always end in bomber fleeing. Why haven’t they fixed this yet; Idk.

  30. Tbh this feels like rant when you ragequit

  31. Well than it’s not pay to win but Its pay to ease grind. Because getting more lions and faster reaserche doesn’t affect winrate

  32. jokes on you i like tanks more

  33. what a cringe ad

  34. It gets harder to enjoy this game. There’s so much nonsense when I play a match. It’s like everyone does more damage than I do. Me getting robbed of what would be certain death for the enemy. Me spending minutes in armor protection analysis to realize “Yep, that guy should’ve died.” I play tanks I get wrecked. One match a day I get 4-5 kills and stomped on the rest of the night. I play planes. My bullets are like spitwads where I’m dumping on one plane and they live. They hit me once with tailgunner and im dead. They brush me and my engines stop working. I brush them and get a couple pings. War thunder is stupid.

  35. While Gajin exists to make money, I don’t think the game is that bad. We’re just suceptible to negativity bias, even if things are slowly improving overall. You don’t need to play fighters all the time. Light bombers and attacker aircraft can be plenty of fun in their own right, not to mention the other modes available. We have more ways to play than ever, and very few are “wrong”. Some stuff is annoying (so much teamkilling at the start of the match), but saying “anything cringe is bad” neglects the reality that so much of the time, just by aging, the things we do now will be “cringe” in retrospect. May as well have some fun in the moment by leaning into it if it’ll be cringe either way.

  36. 100% !

  37. noobkilla progamer

    I’m at a point where me and my friends are gonna stop playing due to the constant uptiers to 3.0 and 4.0 and the cheating bitch boys who point and click without any further movement to get the kill is rather annoying too I got killed yesterday by something that only has 25millimetres of armour and yet I put ten shells in him and it still didn’t kill a single crew member and no I was not using anything that is explosive I was using solid shot in a t34 bear in mind I barely play Russia as fxck Russian tanks they are bs to even come across if your in a different nation I got giijined so hard yesterday I quit for the the day and so did my mate as it was only the two of us as the other has school and I play as a bomber as its easier to grind the nations planes without the pressure of bs enemies one shotting you out the sky

  38. RealShatter made me quit playing props. Spits and zeros feel terrible to play. Legit, 30mm are the only usable cannons right now. Battle Pass is shit. Top tier is shit. This game has become just constant update cicles where there is hype around modern vehicles. And the new update cycle begins right at the time when people realize that the game itself ins’t even fun anymore. Only unlocking new shit feels rewarding. Pretty exhausting.

  39. hhahah i actaully guessed raid

  40. Bakunin Cervantes

    Do some poll’s about it, wouldn’t you?

  41. Valid things to leave for, if you would like to give it a try you could maybe upload r6 content. I’d love to see those too.

  42. worst part about this video is the way you pronounce schizo

    jokes aside, always enjoyed your content because you’re not a (for lack of a better term) fucking nerd when it comes to cool planes. if i hear one more neckbeard go “fox 3” accompanied by a bucketload of spit flying out of their mouth i think im going to pick a fight with a grizzly bear

  43. I completely disagree with the large map take, BVR is a fun way to play the game and guess what, ITS REALISTIC, I agree with you on realshatter, its awful.

    But a large majority of this video has been is you insulting the player base and your own fucking viewers, you were genuinely mad that people use correct brevity codes when firing ordnance or describing target information, this video just seemed like a real negativity drop without even highlighting positives of the game, you sound really arrogant basically making it sound like “if its not what I want then I don’t like it’ so fucking immature it’s crazy

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