Why I Turned Down “Team Clash” in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m explaining why I turned down Wargaming’s invitation to participate in Team Clash 2020.


of Tanks is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Asian server is dying from negligence from wargaming………..quickly baby

  2. Fantastic, upright and full of integrity, QuickyBaby the legend!

  3. Will the reward tanks be also usable in this 7vs7 mode? If so, this event for all the player base will turn into a ranked game. And this will alienate the community a lot more, than any op tech tree/prem or reward tank ever could. I hope, this will not be a over competitive game mode, be it with reward tanks or not. It is somewhat fine for ranked, but the CC part of the game should be for everyone. This event could backfire so hard for the wot in general, that all that has been before will look like a green grassy knoll and a sweet memory. This has to be an easy and doable for all players – good or bad players, timewise stressed or not. The CC part of the game is actually more essential to the WG as a company, than i think they could ever imagine.
    QB +1!

  4. Destroyer_2027 Wot

    Dude that was beautiful!!!! Well done!!!!

  5. 10/10. Well done QB <3

  6. That’s the man who i believe in❤ you are the commander inside my head QB✌

  7. Some of us have school – not sure how I’d sweat 3 hours a day when I should be doing my Alevels

  8. Hats off to you QuickyBaby

  9. Maybe all of us should take a step back and see what WoT have become. Today they are only focused on earning money, and it’s so obvious when they release one premium tank after the other and all of them are better than all other tanks.
    In the good old days, premium tanks was used for earning credits and train crews, but they where not over powered. That is not the reality today.

  10. The game is basically dead and they’re desperate. In 2020 game with no competitive mode and esports scene is as dead as it gets. But a pay to win game can never be that. So they’re milking us much as they can.

  11. Thats what wargaming is these days. Like in WOWS.. where the big boss of the mafia said about this unbeateable ship event where you had to play for month every hour od the day; We have people with disabillitys playing our game lol. So … if someone is so stupid to play theire fuckin game for 18 hours every day then its fine to force him to.
    This company totaly lost its mind. IS3- A Scorpion G , Chieftain etc etc. Double barreled Tanks and so on. That happens when a big company feels the playerbase gets smaller slightly.. then they always react with shit like this. Because at this point they allready have lost the connection to the playerbase and only think how they can make more money.

    BTW,, respect for you to turn this offer down.

  12. I was anxious about getting skil4ltu commander but wondered why QB is not here? There has to be some catch right? i know now … no skill4ltu for me. To much time consuming for my here and there play time.

  13. Appreciate your consideration on this one QB, they shouldn’t have made things different between the servers and without forced dumb game modes and rules. There’s a bunch of contributors that could have done things for the NA and Asia servers, and WG could have paid for it by selling some skins or something.

  14. Too sad that u didnt participate in this event, but ur points are totally right. Grinding hours and hours for a premium tank ang now favorite content creators ??? I mean…what’s wrong with WG right now ?

  15. How To Play 60TP ? Brother

  16. No offence btw, but do you think if you participated, you would’ve been able to intervene?

  17. hanikrummi hundursvin

    Hey, I get & understand your reasons mentioned in video, I agree with your logic & I really hope (sadly doubtful) WG will take your points into consideration for future escapades.

  18. Nothing to be concerned about

    I salute your integrity. I cannot sink 40 hours into a game, while working full time. They should offer the possibility to earn the commander in other ways, or offer a discount based on the amount of points earned. Or even add him in the bonds shop.

  19. Wargaming…….here’s an offer for you………….GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

    Maybe you could release a mod with your voice lines and a commander if possible, i’ve seen some mods that do it so maybe you could too :p i know for sure people would like it and i would download it.

  21. So you turned down the chance to be in your ‘favourite’ game, that not only you’ve played for 10 years, but turned it into a (let’s face it) large source of income, for the reasons you’ve stated? Ego? That takes some principles! To quote Squire, I tip my hat to you good sir!

  22. The best line ” for all servers and all tiers and also not force to play too many hours”
    Thanks Qb

  23. Good decision, QB!!

  24. Make a voice modpack 🙂

  25. I wish events in Blitz version of the game is as easy as PC versions. Blitz events constantly requires at least 5 hours a day to complete for an average player.

  26. Thanks QB for the NA shoutout, yeah i’m beyond disappointed with what we’re getting, sure this makes up for the missed Ranked battles episode but i would’ve been MUCH more happy at the chance to get a CC Commander! no idea what they’re thinking with this generic Dragon v Tiger thing….just seems like a pathetic excuse for what the other server is getting.

  27. I play about 12 hours a day so Im good?

  28. You are by far my favorate content creator of WoT. Would love you have you in my garage!

  29. Personally I would like to have QB as a commander in one of my tanks (even more with special voice over). Anyway you chose to stand up for your fanbase and I guess everyone here should appreciate and support your decision. Have a good day!

  30. Tq QB???

  31. U did the RIght thing ?

  32. just another fleecing by WG, glad u said no QB as they would have been using u and however else takes part in the TC.

  33. *So they are given FREE tanks to use, and its limited per day so ppl dont burn out on it….. and the chance to play a mode that is less casuals-only….* and that’s an issue?

    Suuuuuure, ok. Guess we all need our hobbies………

  34. We all know the real reason is because Cloneguy72 as a commander would kick your ass like he did on a posted YouTube video !! Ha Ha !!

  35. ive been playing since 2013, i do not like playing tier 10, i only have 1 tier 10 tank and im not rushing to get any others.

  36. QB, why u not propose to WG for them to just sell your self as commander to premium shop ?? ^^

  37. i litraly thought they would sell you content creators as a crew memeber and create a not pay to win deal but no

  38. In short, 10 minutes of empty excuses and in less than a minute you explained the real reason. You just didn’t like the revanew percentage!
    Of course you have the right to reject and there is nothing wrong with it, but spare me the fake excuses part…

  39. short answer: QB wanted more money from WG

  40. “the great North American content creators” who?
    (totally ignores Claus and Lemmingrush)

  41. I wonder,after all those videos against wargaming stupidity,would QB be banned? 😀

  42. Now I remember why I respect QB so much. I think I will stay away from WoT in that periode, just for the statement that I don’t support this kind og thing.

  43. Good job not being a sell out

  44. Missed an opportunity to call the video No Thanks, World of Tanks.

  45. When you have to green screen ur self in ur own room

  46. respect

  47. Thankyu for warning us from wasting time, GJ QB !

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