Why is this a thing? – ST. Emil – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

The ST EMIL on …. Why that spot a thing again?


  1. The best part was the two blind hits on the s tank. Love blind firing that bush when the last tank left is a TD normal they accuse me of hacking

  2. How To Defeat ISIS 101

    4:50 They’re actually selling the clanwars tanks on Console along with the obj 260. (Still haven’t got any new vehicles for months, not even the wheeled vehicles they’re giving up ig)

    • No one cares about peasants.

    • Console died for me a long time ago. I played WoT first on there but fully moved to PC when they started adding all that reskin nonsense. Nothing but a monetized garbage fire. Hell, they even do lootboxes (they call them “war chests”) year round.

    • How To Defeat ISIS 101

      @[Content Deleted] seriously, I stopped around that time too. I hate the cash whales that just bought everything they physically could. They let wargaming know their customers were retards who’d buy anything they shit out

  3. Everyone complains but I LOVED my St Emil back when I had it. Have the Grille 15 now and tbh, I had way more fun in the tier 9

  4. SubHype on screen, immortalized. Lets go.

  5. I have a Dick. Dick is good!!!

  6. Question: on some of your replays, you zoom out really far. How do you do this?

  7. 490 alpha is still really good. Especially since +2/-2 mm still exists. Ruining the tier V new player expirience one shotting every tier V’s except heavies and prem mediums. Nice meme WG. Btw cant wait for you to 3 mark the Leo if not done yet. My second favorite tier VII behind the KV-13

    • KV-13??
      Haven’t played it but the thing seems to be one of those painful pieces that succeed in just about nothing on paper compared to the competition. Has no quirks to it

    • @Christian Wertti Its a mini IS. Same armor basically but its smaller, faster, and more consistant

  8. Good content

  9. Helpful med sat at the back there. Why they get med then play like TDS, only they know!!?

    • They’re scared. If it was something like an obj 416 or a panther maybe I’d understand but I’ve seen people do it in everything

  10. “Unless they’re selling clan war tanks, then maybe.”


  11. I used free exp to skip it after playing a couple games with it…. disgusting tank.

  12. The dislike you got was surely from the S1 player

  13. Don’t think they will sell clan wars tank.

    You mean like the M60 because they are selling that one.

  14. FIRE195 got toasted do death 😀

  15. This thing is completely disgusting in the right hands. Yeah why not let’s put the Maus gun on a tank that can fight Tier V, could this result in anything but hilarity

  16. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Only tank I can see being worse than this POS is the ChurchGC. Even giving it a top speed of 35km/h would make it so much better.

    • amx ac 46 is pretty much the worst t7 TD, abysmal gun, massive paper platform and not even that great mobility. emil comes 2nd worst i would say

    • Namegoeshere Orhere

      @barü Other than the trolly guns the French TD’s are not hat bad and the 46 is WAY better than the Emil, it’s not even close.

    • @Namegoeshere Orhere ac46 gun is the worst of t7 td, mediocre alpha with extremely long aim time and horrid bloom stats. checking out hall of fame highest scores(recent 12 months, 50+ games) emil is usually around 1.7k avg dmg(1.5-1.9k variation) mark while ac46 doesnt even hit that, ac46 is around 1.3-1.4k avg (1.1-1.6k variation). only 3 people managed to pass 1.5k avg dmg on ac46 in an entire year, while for emil alot passed 1.5k avg dmg, even per month multiple ones. ac46 is pretty much the worst played t7

  17. I played the St.Emil with gas. That way you can move at its top speed most of the time. It was still a pain though.

  18. Circon i love the St.Emil this thing has a lot of petential, even in close quarters, because everybody is afraid of your big boy gun 490 alpha, i’ve 3 marked this tank a long time ago and i still love it

  19. i mean yeah the tanks not good but whatever you aim at you delete half or a third of their health

  20. I’ve had some seriously dank games in my mule,

  21. those retards T 20 and UDES 14 5 are everything that’s wrong with this game

  22. Hi circon, nice to see you back on youtube again. Personally though, I like your narrated content better. It provides, I think, better information sbout the game and hides the Twitch static

    • Yeah i get it, i’m doing both! : )

    • But you don’t get the classic’s like “Thank you RNGesus!” And “I wonder where the S1 is. It’s either a5, a5 , or possibly a5”.

      Not present in this video but i always enjoy a good “Suck my Dick!!!!”

      The jokes and reactions are possibly as good or better than the games, unlike most other streamers who seem to have salty uninteresting personalities.

  23. Canadian Knucklehead

    I’ve run out of ammo in that tank with the big gun a few times. Got a Fadin’s because of it too. I switched to the small gun and load more gold. My win rate is 57% in it. Still hated it though and was happy to get to the Rhm.

  24. Oh wow man, cool game !

  25. Are we absolutely sure that MoE is Marks of Excellence and not Memes of Excellence?

  26. You killed FIRE with fire basically

  27. I couldn’t help but notice the Medium tanks helping by hiding behind the TDs, at the beginning of the game, just in case the Enemy managed to climb the cliff behind them ?.
    Peace, Schitzen_Giggelz ??

  28. I just can’t get past the fact that a T20 and a UDES 14 S spent the first part of the game hiding with the TDs. I’d ask what they were thinking, but I’m not sure they were thinking at all.

  29. Krystian Olszański

    st emil is balanced 500 alpha does it job very good, it doesnt need changes other than more ammo its all what it needs i had 2 moe when i played it ,sold it after getting rhm right away, i dont have free spots but i liked playing this tank

  30. I like the sturer emil so much i bought and finished a model kit of it

  31. When I played that tank I ran out of ammo almost every third game.
    You just cant take any shots that arent 100% safe to hit.

  32. If this was only as good as the Vacumer Max video…now that would be a thing 🙂

  33. That spot on the edge of K5 is “a thing” because it gives you an effective field of fire from the outer edge of the 2 line all the way to the inner edge of the 9 line, from J to E.

  34. I swear when the HD graphics update came in the maps were more colourful, now they just seem dull looking.

  35. I honestly dont think this tank needs more shells, you hit 3 shots with this tank and its a decent game, the damage potential is not that far of other tier VII TDs and it has a good gun. It just needs a bit of mobility.

  36. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    World of tanks console is selling clan wars tanks

    Not directly. Technically bought with free exp but only once you convert it. so um. Either grind for 10 years or pay 60$ to convert 450k free exp. it’s actually quite cheap. Compared to free exping a TT tier X. So far they have sold M60 (they also buffed it’s lower plate to disgusting levels)
    Panzer 7 (with the 150mm gun)
    object 260
    Object 907 (massively nerfed, they neutered its DPM to the point tier 9 light tanks can outplay you. It’s sad)

    Side note. K-91 also got massively nerfed down to 8 second base reload.

    Bobject got it’s too speed limited to 26kph. (Some people say it’s Ballanced this way but it’s not. Its not only the tank with the lowest win rate on console but also the least played. it’s complete Garbage. Because your so slow people can easily track you or hit your cupola, it’s speed is what makes the armor work if I’m being honest.)

    Oh and we have something called the machine

    50B hull, Chieftain turret, and TVP 100mm autoloader. (yes it’s completely broken, it accelerates faster than light tanks. And can outrun nearly all medium tanks. it Rams better than the 50m, with the disgusting autoloader.

    Basically if its not British it sucks ass. They added the super conquerer in. No nerfs. Straight pc port.

    This is important because almost every tank added in is nerfed

    Oh we still have 850 alpha TDs. We still have 275mm pen hesh bullshit. Yet we also have wz-113-gft with only 750 alpha. (Like what even is the point when 268 can do 850) our devs are brain dead stupid.

  37. You are not the first person to climb that hill in that tank, 4 or 5 years ago i had a battle where the enemy Sturer Emil climbed the hill right in the middle of it, i laughed while watching it with my arta (was for a mission!). I also two-shot an SU-130 PM with my Borsig’s 15cm, first was HE the second i’m not sure.

  38. With the 105 mm gun on the St Emil the cammo after firing is 3.19, The Dickermax with the same gun has a cammo value of 6.2.

  39. In real life this td destroyed a KV1 from over a mile, it’s gun was lethal.

  40. Load the Skill rounds

    It’s just not a flexible vehicle but in wot you need to be able to be flexible in your play style. If camping in bushes for the whole game every game was practical then it would be fine

  41. I don’t miss this game.

  42. “Unless they start selling Clan Wars tanks”

    Bond shop’s selling the M60 and 121B.

  43. How do they manage to put that little ammunition in such a large piece is shit?

  44. I love the way the gun sounds on this thing. I played through this tech tree line, and yes this vehicle is shit. But these guns feel and sound so good when you get a hit.

  45. fun fact they sold clanwar tanks m60 and 121b for bonds ROFL

  46. ‘Unless they start selling CW tanks then maybe’… Yeah about that… At least I got the CW Veteran Camo for my M60 to weed myself out from the bond plebs…

  47. Great. One sniping hill and two mediums on it……….

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