Why is this map still here? – M4 45 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Beginning to think this map just here to annoy me… haha.


  1. Hellou You Flexible man! Yes I feel you and one option could be that WG would make a bigger maps and not just for the Grand Battles.

  2. Are you dutch?!

  3. CF Are you from Norway? Heard you talked about Norway in some videos ago

  4. Watching Circon, whilst swigging my Tooheys Extra Dry.. how bout you?

  5. Mines is ok map

  6. another turtle has made it to the garage

  7. You are so patient! Half of the battle driving ,,there and back again” 🙂 and then kill all. That´s why you are so good and I´m so bad.

  8. While I won’t argue it’s not suitable for high tiers… there is otherwise nothing wrong with Mines. You are just getting overly burnt out on the game. Which is not surprising really. How many matches have you played now? 35k?

  9. Why ? Because WG is run by a stubborn asshole. Same reason they brought back Province only in an even worse way. Studsyankee ? Empires’ shitty wall ? Why don’t they let us ban 5 or 6 maps ? Because then every one (repeat everyone) would ban the same 5 or 6 maps and point out their totally ass wipe map design department.

  10. Is seal clubbing on this map called strip mining ?

  11. So what’s the issue with mines everyone does have? I could think of 5 maps that should be reworked/removed before mines gets touched…

    • Let’s see, one spawn has advantage getting to the hill, the hill can only be approached from one side, the hill can get vision over almost everything that isn’t the west island, the map is so small there’s not much room to maneuver, three artillery per side make it a festival of shell shock. Also, the map is small.

      Did I mention the map is small? The map is small.

    • @Stark Raven When spawning in the south C-9 (shoots), F-8 (shoots), G-6 (proxy spot), H-1 (spotter/shooter) and 1 tank at the heavy corner (bait). If you have tanks in those positions, then the hill kinda becomes useless/a deathtrap for the enemy.

      As it goes for the north-spawn C-8 is the position to counter the hill & C-9.

      I don’t see the issue with hill, there are some positions and ways to counter hill loss.

      All of those listed positions are pretty arty safe.
      Yeah, the map is quite small, tanks with not so accurate guns need some of those.
      It’s good that not all maps are designed only to cater to light & medium tanks..

  12. The SU-130PM is not for everyone. I only have 5 heat, 5 HE the rest AP. It works well even tier 10.

  13. I have this map blocked but you still get it in encounter had this out with eekeeboo on the forum and the reply is block encounter. So not enough maps crap Mm arty issues WV issues and wargamming solution rather than actually use one single functioning brain cell and either fix this pile of crap map which is 1000 times worse when south spawn encounter is “oh disable even more choices and ruin the game plY even more”.
    Wargamming has serious issues and are incapable of fixing a single one of them. S.spawn on this map in high tier encounter is practically un winnable. You have part of your team start on an island so have to cross water at start slowing them down they also start further away from the cap than anyone else in fact they can not realistically start any further away. N.spawn team start way closer than any of S.spawn team in fact the furthest part of N.spawn team start about the same distance as the closest part of the S.spawn team. A two year old could see the stupidity of this map but maybe we give wargamming too much credit expecting them to at least have the intelligence level of a two year old.

  14. 2:10 dutch guy kills turtles with french straws (colourized) kappa

  15. War Gaming…. Please either limit “Mines” to either just lower tiers (1 – 4), or rework the map and make it larger. Or just remove the damn thing.

  16. I think it is a rule that you type ” you all suck ” into the game chat at mid tiers or even lower.

  17. Tortolans failed.

  18. totally handsome papsti!

  19. actually not that bad

  20. I want Stalingrad back.

  21. Such a good map!

  22. Good map just not for high tiers

  23. Nothing wrong with mines when played is just standard mode.. but the other two should not be available for tier 6 and higher. Enisk and Wide Park should also be restricted to 5 and down.

  24. I love this map!!! But its not suitable for tier above 6..

  25. The length of the video covers the Turtle person you put in the thumbnail 🙁

  26. I’m sorry I missed the Tortolla in the thumbnail, Circon, but my memories of BfA have been suppressed due to trauma from it sucking so bad.

  27. As a console player I miss the chaos of mines

  28. Yeah, mines is one of the thing that made me kinda quit WoT, constantly being bottom tier on it is just not worth the effort

  29. Wargamming has made about half a billion dollars in profit, you’d think with those resources there would be a new map every month and all the crap maps would be retired. Get rid of Province and Fiords as well.

  30. Why is this map still here? Just to make Circon suffer? Every night, he can feel his tank’s tracks… and turret… even its gun. The hull he’s lost… the teammates he’s lost… won’t stop hurting… It’s like they’re all still here. You feel it, too, don’t you?

  31. “YOU ALL SUCK!” – Circonflexes, 2019… Yeah that’s tier 8 premium buyers for ya…

  32. Map size issues only get worse with things like power creep and wheeled tanks.

  33. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    A) In the bottom right Corner of Thumbnails my youtube shows the Vid-duration…all i see is something that looks like horns maybe…put stuff bottom left next time pls 😛
    B) winning Mines from south spawn? i thought that was illegal?


    We really need bigger maps, just one lane of frontline sized, it would fix many problems on its own

  35. on console, its only teirs 5 and below….

  36. Agree with the comment below. The map is so small it should be limited to tiers 1 thru 5 OR made larger for the higher tiers.

  37. Cool job Circon !

  38. Don’t mind a drop or 50 of the Kirin. Great jap beer. And it doesn’t turn you into a super heavy after drinking a few slabs.
    Cheers Circ.

  39. How much more dpm does that gun have over the top gun?

  40. I bet you can zoom out to the next map with that skill 🙂

  41. 2:20 I remember when I bought my 1st premium tank and thought I was indestructable

  42. Circon, the reason no one noticed is because when you look at the thumbnail in your video list the time covers the turtle.

  43. Circon please make a video about the AMX Turdy B

  44. that turtle daily quest…..

  45. Let me guess… RNG says every shot you fir is dead center?

  46. Why the fuck was I unsubscribed from you?

  47. HI man plz do video about FUCkING NATION SHIT…I WAS GRINDING LIke uBER haRD..no.3 on uk and all i got is YOUR naTion lost…tnx

  48. How in hell 330 gun do more dmg than my 390 guns?

  49. Impeach the orange Clown

    omg you are so fat. play less computer and move your ass.

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