Why I’ve been gone & IS-7 Super Heavy Tank Fiasco (War Thunder)

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Why I’ve been gone & IS-7 Super Heavy Tank Fiasco (War Thunder)


  1. Let’s see this doggo

  2. do the vlog plz 😛

  3. Hey Phly. Consider challenge 22. Love all animals, not just dogs.

  4. This is so sad

    Can we nerf the horten?

  5. MatthewTheREALPieEater

    I only have up to tier III tanks so my opinion is pretty much invalid but imma say it anyways, I figured out about this event on the 25th and due to only having tier III tanks I can only complete 2 out of the 4 tasks daily. I did the math, however and figured out I could still easily get both blueprints in about 6 days, (I had already completed a few event tasks unknowingly.) Today it took me about 2hrs to complete both tasks, and I’m gonna be brutally honest with ya it wasn’t my best day. (I played about 12 matches before I was able to win just 4 (most of which I dropped out of early.)) considering that on one of my *worst* days it took 2hrs it should only take [On an extremely bad day] about 4hrs to complete all 4 tasks daily. (My best guess is 3hrs on a normal day.) Anyone who cares enough can spend 3hrs in a day to get both blueprints after a mere 4-5 days of the well over 5 day event. Knowing that it will take 4hrs a day *maximum* for only 4-5 days, (which don’t have to be back to back,)and knowing that it could easily be split into 1-2hrs a day if your in it for the long haul. I just genuinely cannot see why people are complaining even if they do happen to have full time jobs, and yes, I know that they recently lowered the requirements for the tasks completed and most of the hate was before that but I think Gaijin is doing the best they can here. At this point anyone who still complains is basically asking why Gaijin doesn’t want to go bankrupt, a quite stupid question if you ask me :/
    And furthermore we still haven’t gotten to actually using the blueprints by getting stuff randomly from battles to craft which tends to take the most time, but we have a nice amount of time to complete that once it starts, and we still don’t know how Gaijin is going to take hold of that. With what Gaijin has done to make this event simpler already I wouldn’t assume it’s going to be the same as previous events here. We are making Gaijin tread a thin line between keeping the public happy and bankruptcy and honestly it’s childish, (this coming from a 14 year old.) I’m almost rooting with Gaijin to just give up and make literally everything just a big paywall at this point in order to shoo off all the people who can’t seem to find anything better to do than to complain all day, (and that would ruin it for ME as well, but it’s well worth it.) To sum it up; I’m an edgy 14 year old weeaboo/WWII junkie with way too much time on my hands, and this will likely just get disregarded and thrown away like many have in the past but I still felt like writing this anyways, good night to all.

  6. Dogo Vlogo

  7. William Brighton

    I’m super annoyed because my friends and I won’t be able to get this vehicle while having lives at the same time.

  8. Phly brings all the good boys

  9. Vlog please!!!

  10. Oh my God, you truly are the best, Phle.

  11. Moe van der togt

    He so cute, poor lil guy. Good work buddy!

  12. I’m not playing because I have life and had to go for 1 week

  13. Megacorporation AI

    It’s so fluffy I’m going to die!

  14. dont forget the vlog

  15. In short, this event is just gaijined trash in its finest, even if they made it into a tournament tank I will be more happy about it.

    And here’s my reason,
    they said they are rewarding the most dedicated and hardcore warthunder players with this tank… but the fact is a lot of us playing this game for a very long time and had spent a lot of money to support it are being ignored and treated like “non-dedicated players” just because we don’t have the time now for grinding the tasks… and I am not so happy about this.

    But fine, I understand that it might be just me getting busy and unable to grind for the tasks, if the event is just the tasks I am ok with it. BUT NO, after the tasks comes the complete RNG part collection, which is totally BULLSHIT, just knowing that I will be spending all my free time in this game for an uncertain outcome makes me instantly quitting this event. And the fact that they are even more money-greedy now and trying to “hard sell” their shitty market system makes me more angry about this event. It makes players like me, who need to work or study in this period, almost impossible to get this tank, I am not spending 400usd buying this tank from the market…

  16. How This happen? productions

    I am not interested in the event for a few reasons. First of all in contrast to last year’s one that atleast had some variety, the new one only has tanks from the same nation. So anyone not playing the russian techtree will find them a bit useless. Also gaijin is trying to get you to play for way too long every day because you MIGHT get the vehicles on time. To me that’s unacceptable

  17. Whenever i see phly’s face I remember Tom Hanks in the Movie Saving Private Ryan

  18. Take NZ’s highest accolade, for rescuing the dog you are now a good cunt. Well done.

  19. Vlog pls

  20. Im not disappointed, Im neutral because I know I dont care that much of the game that I would invest so much of my time on it anyway so I just take it easy.

  21. Phly I’m happy what you did and your are an awesome person for doing that to the dog your a cool person

  22. Vlog pls

  23. You’re both good persons and it’s a small but so awesome thing you did. This world would be a better place if we all would do like you.

    About the event, I will simply play my game. If I will get IS-7 I will be happy and poor, if not I will be unhappy and rich. You can’t have always everything.

  24. IS-7? I don’t give a flying fuck.
    Still I want to see you play it.

  25. If i was in like middle school or so and had time to play like over 100h a month i might have been able to grind
    Well sad that i lack time and didnt even know this event

  26. Do the dog vlog plez… The cuteness is real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. In 4 month your dog will have his fur back 😀

  28. I love is transition in the beginning

  29. jordi SANTAMARIA

    The problem is that ganjing is compensating hardcore player, wen the ones that really put money in the game and finance the game is people with work that cant be 24/7.

    • jordi SANTAMARIA

      If u needed 1-2 h a day it will be fine but u need fuckin 8-6. I dont know what the hardcore players make to support the game, but as i said main supporters are people with job and we never get compensated

  30. I wanna see a vlog

  31. I want to see the big old doggo !!!!

  32. My dogs are the same, with the barking. But for different reason, though. I have 2 pit bulls, and they constantly bark when in the back yard. But they do that because they are nanny dogs, and they try to scare away the “menacing” cars that go by, to keep me safe.

  33. i’m disapointed in the IS-7 event because it means that everyone can get T-34E shielded and it will be spammed, everyone will learn how to kill it and it won’t be as fun anymore, the fact that they are also making the pak puma available to all is very much the same only there are going to be full teams of pak pumas just plaguing 2.0-4.0 and as they will do well it will be given a BR increase and eventually it will become useless

  34. You caught the dog just in time. Dogs (and other animals, too) tend to walk, and walk, and walk when they feel that they are going to pass. They basically give up. That is why it was walking alone, and didn’t snarl or bark at you guys.

  35. you are best 🙂 I wish to you and doggy the best!

  36. Upload a Phly doggie vlog.

  37. Now change you’re emblem to dogo with the Phlydaily flight helmet and logo (basically change the person to dogo)

  38. From what I’ve seen, stage 1 of IS7 grind wasn’t bad. I finished my 16th mission tonight. It took some practice figuring out that playing Germans at 4.0br max in RB is basically a garunteed win every time with a hunch of kills (pz4gs stomp everything when top tiered) 2000 points is easy if you spawn a plane and shoot down other planes, and I even managed to do some supporting fire missions just by finding a random guy in WT and squading up. I work full time, was able to do it outside of work.
    HOWEVER. stage2 is what will make or break this event for me. I am going to be pissed off beyond belief if I get RNG screwed and have to fork out anything more than 50 bucks for parts out of the marketplace. What with the amount of time I’ve spent on this event plus stage 2, I’m going to be mad if I get screwed out of this tank by RNG drops and gaijins marketplace. There should have been an exact thing for stage 2, do this and you’ll get it garunteed. Maybe it would be alot of work but at least I would know. That’s what I’m worried about, that I spent all that time on stage 1 and that it may have all been for waste. I just got my VR headset for DCS last weekend and I haven’t even touched it because I spent it all playing WT. Gonna be maaaaaaad if that turns out to be a waste of time.

  39. The SquattingSlav

    Yes pls. Gib video.

  40. I would play the tournament for the IS-7 but I do not have a computer ?
    Btw the pup is in safe hands now!

  41. IS-dogdaily

  42. Vlog with the dog plez

  43. Gaijen pulled a Wargaming on us with that IS-7 event…

  44. Yes definitely looking for the doggy vlog!

  45. Did you keep el doggo?

  46. It’s so cute!! ??

  47. Totally agree with you Phly about the event. It’s hard because its meant to be. This is not a reward for the average joe. This is a way for gaijin to give back to their most dedicated players for how much time they put in. Does it suck for the casual or average player? Yeah it does. But that’s not the target audience here. It’s gonna be a powerful vehicle there’s no doubt, but it’s one that should be limited and not common on the battlefield.

  48. This “event” isn’t an “event”, this a an unique sale for whales and a way to force/overhype people about the market.

    But hey, just remember, “we’re not the greedy bastard here”.

  49. FlyingFordAnglia

    Please make dog vlog!

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