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Source: QuickyBaby

Best in class camo and DpM yet no one is playing it in Tanks!



  1. When I ground through this one, it played more like a TD. The total lack of gun depression made it very tough to play consistently. One of the few tanks I sold when I finished grinding it.

  2. Throttle, throttle.

    The co-driver of Samir is a legend. Samir is a great rally driver. A lot of that video is manipulated, but it’s still good fun.

  3. Cheeky…Loved the gameplay. Typical QB fashion. Talk about Cheeky…The Slow crawl up The Lexington ship deck on Glacier during your Twitch Stream in a Type-5 Heavy only to Blind Dive to kill a Obj 704A. Beautiful sir!

  4. I can tell you why this thing isn’t played. The A-43 and A-44 are better in every fucking way. Maybe not statistically. But from a gameplay perspective if yo know what you are doing the 43 and 44 just work. The 416 needs a specialized skillset to offset the amount of handicaps it has that the previous two vehicles DONT. and lets not forget the lines split at tier 5 which is the T-34 which is absolutely fantastic if you arent a total muppet.

    Then it goes to the OBJ 430 II which is easily one of the worst stock grinds I have ever seen.

  5. Jesus wins / birdofmichigan


  6. I quit playing world of tanks when they made artillery no longer relevant. I played this weekend to see what changed were made and how different it has become but I found it is mostly the same and Artie is still not relevant. If artillery is not going to do any damage they should probably reduce the cost of ammo for artillery to almost nothing.

  7. I’ve had so many great games in this tank. It’s basically an extremely mobile and flexible tank destroyer. It’s dpm is amazing and the heat rounds make even tier 10’s take cover.

  8. no one plays a certain tank if they cant win almost every single battle in it and thats the reality

  9. Butter Apple Pie

    Regardless of the performance, I thought this tank was ugly the first time I saw it.

  10. This tank is way better than the nightmare TVP VTU..

  11. 6:50 YOU’RE BREAKING THE CAR SAMIR!! hahaha, that was a rally navigator frustrated with the carelessness of his driver

  12. Day 3: Hello Quickybaby. Amazing video. I have a suggestion for your next Master class video. The Obj. 705a. It’s not meta with its bad gun depression and it’s not so great accuracy however it does have great frontal armor, no cupola and a hard hitting gun. I think if given the right equipment and the right player the 705a can do great. And isn’t that what the Master class is all about? Anyway, have a great day Quickybaby😊!

  13. 12:45 The fact that 45.83% is a “mid” WR for tech tree Tier 8 mediums is a perfect illustration of how dominated that tier is by premiums.

  14. its a “tin can” that ignites always. ,🤣

  15. I feel there must be a drinking game for every time Quacky says, “For all intents & purposes” & any who play that game need new livers.

  16. I liked the obj 416 so much that I kept it, when I was grinding that Russian medium line. It’s also good for Frontline

  17. Gun is great and camo and mobility but armor ain’t great plus no gun depression so that equals a iffy tank

  18. I’ve always called this tank “The Can-opener” due to the limited turret traverse and shape.

  19. i love this tank. stealth is amazing and pen is quite nice

  20. It’s Pikachu!

  21. when u change ur ugly chair??? are u poor????

  22. Konrad Henrykowicz

    A fry pan tank 🙂

  23. Марио Петров

    “You are wrecking the car!”
    “Shut up.”
    “Sami, what are you doing my friend…”
    “Shut up. Don’t tell me how to drive!”

  24. Exactly my point. Funnily enough I had that talk with my clan yesterday. Honestly my favorite Tank in T8. Real underdog.
    Crazy DPM, crazy camo, not that good view range and no gun depression. But you can make that work anyways.

    Personally I play with Optics, Vents and an Exhaust

  25. Obj 416 is one of my favourite tanks, played like a scout. Cammo is ridicoulus.

  26. That bloom is simply horrifying. I have no idea how QB can live with it.
    V.Stab must be his biggest enemy ever.

  27. That’s a flat boi

  28. T28 Prototype? Please do a video on it

  29. For me its a funny vehicle cuz i played it for a while and when i checked the leaderboards for this tank i was jumber 3 for dmg 2 for assistance and 3 for winrate .

  30. I am sold.. Thank You QB

  31. We used this tank in clan wars against T32 because it’s the only tank who can penetrate the T32’s turret back then

  32. This is one of my favourite tech tree tanks, Guard nor the K-91 can capture what makes this one so good

  33. Sarrinir = Samir?

  34. This tank was awkward to play even 7-8 years ago, before the field modifications, equipment 2.0, bounty, bond, experimental equipment.
    With the current map designs, hull down meta and excessive view range that almost anyone has, it would need to camp where the poor depression wouldn’t hinder it and also shoot HEAT only.

    It’s a clear example of the poor state of the vehicle balancing in WoT.

  35. I really liked the 416 when I was on that grind! But sort of forgot about it! good to be reminded of it!

  36. Γιάννης Κουρουμίδης


  37. Christian Höhne

    I love this tank! Thank you for the video!

  38. Tricky tank to play with its rear turret and lack of gun depression. Still working mine up from stock so will persevere.

  39. Call me when the game is playable again and I’ll come back and play my 416.
    One way to play 416 is to sit back and snipe and after the game opens up a bit you go and assist you HTs by flanking. GL HF and fuck WG.

  40. udes 03 has same pen qb

  41. Much like A-44, engine fire is the bane of its existence.

  42. Samir lmao

  43. I quit because of MM

  44. Miltiadhs Mporas

    5:35 QB what was that ? why didnt you w8 for the enemy to come out and shoot, you lost 3 shots there and a Ally wtf

  45. Used to love this tank back in the day with amazing camo and DPM.

  46. Clap clap clap

  47. Even the regular rounds on this thing are disgustingly expensive for some reason

  48. Tomasz Kowalczyk

    This tank has one hidden advantage.
    Side hug a VK 100 or other tall heavy tank and laugh at their attempts to shoot you

  49. Its my fav medium tank of russia tree

  50. So QB is copying all of skills videos now. Quite sus that a 416 video comes out right after Skills.

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