Why Players Suck in This BEAST?! | World of Tanks Grille 15

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World of Tanks 15 Bounty Aiming Best Accuracy Setup. World of Tanks Best Tank Destroyer Equipment 2.0. World of Tanks , One of The Best Tank Destroyers.

Let's bring out Grille 15, which doesn't seem be performing the best overall in World of Tanks, being 6th lowest ratio tanks in WoT… Why is that? Let's try to figure it out!

What next?


  1. Stay tuned for tomorrow – I have somethings completely different for you, NEW GAME, but main part of it are still tanks. Any guesses?!

  2. fuck rusia fuck putin

  3. play like scorpion G

  4. I have 1.4k battles with Grille and I have 55.56 win rate. I just love this tank. Only few know what this tank is capable of.

  5. František Babuljak

    I tried Grille on the common test. I added bond equipment and crew skills upgrading the accuracy and gun handling. AND I COULDNT HIT ANYTHING IT WAS SO DERPY!!!

    • Feel like with how unbelievably poor the penetration is, it should have like an 850 average damage to TRY and compensate. Or just give it better accuracy

  6. i really loved thee tier 9 WT so I actually haven’t bought the tier X, and the main reason is because I don’t know what equipment to use in that, but now I have to try this, thanks so much Dez

  7. because people get greedy and stupid

  8. It all comes down to the RNG. Games are not won because of your skill, it is determined by the RNG.
    I can make the exact same set up as you have and take the same shots and more often RNG screws me as far as a hit or miss, it will give me a miss. Then there is the pen or no pen, it will give me a no pen more often than a pen. I see the snap shots and aimed shots you take and get a hit more often than I would. RNG is just stupid any way. It has no true reflection on the real tankers of WWII.

    • Games are won because of your skill, sure sometimes you will lose if you get bad rng or you will win if you get good rng but in long term, your skill is all that matters

  9. I don’t know why you would use the bounty equipment over the bond equipment. The bond equipment is better.

  10. I prefer the RHM (tier 8) and the tier 9 is my second choice for that line. The tier 10 feels like a downgrade from both of these.

  11. I’m pretty sure the main reason people don’t do well in Grille is the terrible camo. Everything else could be workable otherwise ….the lack of armour, the bad DPM, the mediocre penetration, and the unpredictable derpiness of the gun (accurate on paper but often just whiffs the shot far away from the target thanks to hidden stats) …all of that wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t get spotted so easily from so far away by virtually everyone.

  12. My tier 9 waffentreiger shoots in the ground all the time

  13. Very nice Dez, I think I will try it on my 4005 as well.

  14. The Grille 15 is so map dependant, a lot of maps are city maps with limited lines of fire, limits the tank being able to flex it’s long range ability.

  15. 8.35 , that why this tank sucks, can’t fucking pen a light tank.

  16. This game is givng me very little enjoyment recently.. for like a week I’ve had like half my usual winr8… I can do like 5k dmg in tier 8, kill half enemy team and still lose..
    Talking of grille.. its my kind of tank. No armor but accurate. Glass cannon.. but.. I hate it.. It never hits anything, and when it does… its no dmg hits. Proof that the gun stats lie.

  17. The wonderful gun only hits the dirt. So, nobody ends up playing it.

  18. Idk I never played grille. But all I know I bounce Grille 15’s shells in my Batchat. So that might have to do with something.

  19. I have not own a grille, but its surely gonna be the opposite play of a jagdpanzer

  20. RNG is crap despite the apparently good stats.
    The reticle opens at the slightest movement.
    Cammo is non existent.
    It’s just annoying, disappointed of this tank.

  21. Every game fire in engine because you have to peak frontally, gun can not hit anything, felt soo good when I sold it

  22. its a massive piece of shit.the gun feels like shooting with a t5 derp gun…completely innacurate and shitty penetration for t10. now if you are accurate with this tank then praise WG for the rng that “gifted” you.

  23. That richochey

  24. I don`t the Grille and more. My SU152 Hits mutch more targets..
    It is a total troll Tank.
    WT IV is mutch better.

  25. By getting Grille15, you lose ALMOST ALL the tech tree line has to offer in exchange for a gun that doesn’t work most of the time and forward acceleration that you wouldn’t use in most maps. To add, you will of course get into the most toxic MM, tier 10.

    Seriously, they should return its camo at least. It’s funny that they nerfed its sniping and camo capability to sht then released the STRV line.

  26. Dez what mod do you use for MoE?

  27. Tier 9 Waffentrager is superior in every aspect, wanted to get Grille 15 so bad but it turned out to be a huge dissapoinment. Might even sell it and buy WT Pz4 back.

  28. Are we not going to talk about the ridiculous shot from the madlad Jg. Pz E100 at 4:03 ???

  29. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    If I play passively i do 3000 damage but finish 10 th place in my team i can’t placed in top 5 or above.but, In most of match in my wt. auf. panzer 4 I can take 3 place frequently

  30. Good tank but after the update it sucks on accuracy and penetration, even cant pen an EBR.I got 800+ battle with this beast but now I sold it.

  31. my highest damage is 8k ish and it’s with grille 15 … but i camped behind bushes not tryieng to be agressive not because im paper td but because didn’t trust the fake 0.28 accrucy of the gun … Man half the shots hit the dirt or go in weird place i didn’t aim at !!

  32. you had a team killer in your team on the last match

  33. Lets make something clear dispersion is NOT the accuracy its the size of the aiming circle accuracy is unknown so far and its how many times the tank hits the center of the aiming circle stop saying the dispersion is the accuracy they are 2 completely different things

    • yeah, also it so annoying when people think just because grille has 0.2 or whatever dispersion, it has to hit everything, no 0.2 dispersion means it has 0.2 dispersion and not that it will hit all shots

  34. Where did he get all those rolls of 800+ damage? In my Grille 15 I call anything over 700 a high roill.

  35. It simple, because grille is garbage tank, imo its one of the most overrated tanks in this game

  36. Because it’s german in a russian game.

  37. ebr’s always bounce my grille shots

  38. its a TD, heavy medium and wheels are top meta now

  39. Because it is literraly the worst tier X TD? From all TDs that have 750 alpha it has lowest DPM, pen, camo and it’s paper. Also it’s unaccurate despite good values on paper. So, you can’t play aggresive bacause you are paper, you can’t snipe because accuracy RNG. Also you can be spotted from half distance of the map because shit camo.

  40. Lack of full turret so you can’t peek corners and stuff (Waffle IV can play peek a boom in city maps), awful bloom on the gun so aim time is a lie, so you have to be ready to shoot either pre-aimed or shooting at someone who is making a big mistake, no armour, poor camo and below average pen. It just doesn’t fit the meta, you can’t be at all aggressive with it, because of the lack of turret, the paper armour and the meh camo, if you get spotted everyone wants to shoot you and if you peek, move and shoot someone it takes ages to aim thus exposing you for a long time (as a big paper target).

    I 3 marked the Waffle IV and it was really fun, it might be slow, have less alpha, but it has a full turret and much better gun handling, so you can play closer range support, peek corners and smack people for 560 with very nice pen for tier 9 (Waffle IV with 560 alpha gun has better premium rounds than the Grille does on 10, 352mm ACPR with 1.5k m/s velocity, so you can smack even heavily armoured stuff with that reliably, not needing to be super accurate). Grille can’t do any of that, it basically has to sit somewhere and hope people make mistakes in its arc of fire.

  41. Grille blows. Typical WG move – Russian tanks getting obliterated, can’t have that.

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