Why Ranked is TOXIC in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m discussing why Ranked World of Tanks is toxic and what could possibly be done about it.



  1. also redistribution of rewards in qualification… yeah you needed to play 20 games and then get reward in past but you got 1 million that mostly covered those games if you didn’t shoot straight gold… now no chance to do that with 500k…

  2. You are so damn right, it would be so nice that WG promote teamplay instead of selfishness 🤞

  3. behold all tryhard selfish asshole streamers coming to shit on QB’s idea

  4. You’re just describing the World of Warships system of ranked XD. Everyone on the winning team gets one chevron and the losing team all, except for the top player, loses one. The top player neither loses nor gains one.

    • VioletStatPedder -

      That sounds also a quite bad system. That way you can just Yolo and hope your team wins and you’ll get a chevron.

    • @VioletStatPedder – Teams are only 7v7, so your input is more than necessary otherwise you’ll loose far more games then win and won’t progress through the ranks. It might not be perfect but does give incentive to work together more

    • VioletStatPedder -

      @Arnoud115 Ah okay that makes more sense. 7v7 in WoT Team Clash was nice. Quick games and big impact on personal performance.

  5. Because you play a bad game

  6. Finally, sound is in sync with video.

  7. I solo capped in my 60tp in a game of ranked, as my tank is rather slow i decided to go straight for their cap since they were all spotted on one of the flanks. I did 0 damage of course and got nothing lol.

  8. I hate ranked with a passion. All i wan’t is the brit tanks and ranked is so toxic I refuse to play.

  9. Damjan Tričković

    Yes I am toxic when I play with camping team, I play with Kranvagn and push front, all others camp, then enemy team push and they win, and then sheveron get the fastest tank who stay last alive, and that is what happens for me in 90% of battles in ranked… still cant move from third division because of those teams… and yeah if I camp with Kranvagn I still dont get sheveron because Im not playing my role….

  10. Your fix QB is just as toxic as the current one, look at League of Legends (you know that game and you know that it has the most toxic playerbase from all pvp games out there). Do you even realize how frustrating it must be for a player to do everything right but still go down in chevrons? There should be no bonus battles, no double chevrons, everyone on the winning team should get 1 chevron. The losing team pattern should stay as is, maybe make bottom one lose two chevrons to balance out the change on the winning team. Another big step to better ranked battles would be to prolong them and make actual ranks instead of divisions and leagues, for which you don’t even get anything, but camo and a badge.

  11. This is the worst game mode there is. Encourages players to literally not help their team mates so they get more damage

  12. This game is what happens when non npc s play game with u

  13. The entire game is total crap, i’m really sad to see it became a autoloaders race to kills. I was playing the game since 2012, and now it’s deleted.

  14. 22 Ζοντόβολο

    how to fix ranked simple…… remove the ability to use gold and food ,all winners get chevron and the first one get 3 chevron and second and third 2 the rest one and the loosing team stay as it is ……and why so much hate on loosing team if the loosing first place do it everything why to loose chevron because you are moral qb , and try play a hard tank without using food and gold at ranked and lets see how good you are ………….you and every gold and food looser at this shitty game

  15. Random game is not toxic enough for some people so they play ranked for more? their funeral…

  16. Man I was watching your stream from ranked battles and if someone is toxic, it is you.

  17. I think the shevrons for the levels should be increased and when you loose you loose no shevron you just stay…

  18. But you already got team vs team in random battles.
    The you vs your own team AND the other team is adding more variety to the game.

  19. I hate ranked as it is and I don’t wish to play that way, I’m not a good player but I would play a new chevron all team win idea of yours.

  20. Absolute truth. This is only mmo without any honor system i know. Even wows has one, thou it doesn’t do anything.

  21. i dont get why they dont copy the system form other games where it works, like league of legends, just 10v10 and an the winner gets MMR the loser loses MMR. Make an elo system like there with ranks on which you need a certain amount of MMR to climb up or drop down. Let ranked stay forever so you can try to climb to the top spots. Give people rewards based on the spot they ended so they see a carrot infront of their nose.

    Like some sort of millitary ranks, Private-Corporal-Sergent-Major-General

    And rewards could be some unique skins or premium varients of tanks, like a Golden Leopard 1 or a Golden IS-7 etc. Here an example:
    -and the usual Bonds
    -20 Boosters from each catagory
    -the above
    -2D Skin
    -1mio Credits
    -the above
    -crew member with 3 perks to choose
    -the above
    -3D skin
    -the above
    -2D Gold skin for a tech tree tank with the increased credit income
    Would be nice, you have a carrot and play vs equally skilled player. T10 would be really nice to play because no premium bs and no op tanks (besides obj 268 4). It would totally balance the game and on top of that draw credits like crazy because everyone is always shooting gold ther anyway so 😀

  22. This doesn’t just apply to the ranked battle system. Think about the personal missions. Light tank spotting 10 tanks in a battle…heavy tank ramming kills, medium tanks to kill only td’s. What good does that behavious do “for the team”. Match after match you see lights just yolo in spot the entire ebemy team in first 30 seconds die….then see heavies hold off shots so they get ram kills, mediums driving around trying to find the td’s just kill them and getting melted…how is that encouraging team play?

  23. You nailed it again…

  24. well said qq

  25. I disagree if your point of view. I think base xp should decide who earns chevrons. For exemple all people with more than 1k earns 2, more than 600 1, less than below 400 loose 1

  26. I don’t actually remember the rules of beta seasons (was in the top ones btw 😎) but I can tell it was much more fun/teamplay centered and it started to decrease from season 1 to the actual season. I’m not even trying to rank myself, just enough to have all the rewards 🤷

  27. Hy QB.Let’s talk about something from Ranked who happened to me yesterday(11 jan.). I was play Progetto 65 , 500,dmg, 500 spot asist, and I captured the base while my team dying one by one. Finaly we win ONLY BECAUSE I WAS CAPTURED THE BASE. OK, nothing unusualy in random. But this was Ranked Battle.And gues what ???!!¡?!!??!!? Zero chevron !!!!!!!! We win ONLY FOR ME !!!!! This hapened 2 times yesterday , and same result for me : zero cheveron. This is corect ????

  28. Kranvagen is killing it

  29. Rating in world of tanks blitz is better

  30. I don’t think that voting system would work. I would never vote one of my teammates if that means I have a higher chance of receiveing 1 more chevron because someone else voted for me.
    I think the best thing WG could do is to change exp system, so that, for example, dmg done early gives more exp than when the game is lost. If you are 1v5 and you deal 3k extra dmg, that would count like 1k dmg at the beginning.

  31. Hi QB os not 1vs 29. Is 1vs 19

  32. Ludovico Barladeanu

    *all skill

  33. I once turned full broadside to pretty much the entire enemy team on lakeville in my Type 5 in ranked to shield my guys capping so that they could hide behind my gigantic wreck and it was one of the coolest moments ever. It didn’t quite succeed because RNG made me miss my kill shot on the E5 that was sitting on the corner keeping us all spotted and so my team had to awkwardly dig him out after my demise but those are the moments I’m looking for in ranked and that unfortunately aren’t being rewarded *even* if I had succeeded and had won the game with that because I would’ve likely ended up being one of the “worst” winners in the eyes of the system and thus not gained a chevron despite making a game winning play and that sucks big time!

  34. I have a question, how many season ranked we have to take the 114 ?

  35. Just get rid of chevrons as they are entirely.
    – Make each chevron awarded for cumulative xp.
    – Each current chevron is 750 base xp.
    – Winning team receive their xp, losing team gets nothing.
    It’s literally that simple. If anyone worries about it being too easy or too quick. Make it 500xp for 3rd division and increase by 250xp for each division higher so by gold league it’s 2000xp per chevron.
    To counteract anyone trying to scam the system, do this.
    – Anyone drowning/suiciding in anyway/quitting early LOSES DOUBLE the HIGHEST xp of the team.
    And on the reports, they really need to take the Warships system where you can leave positive feedback as well as negative. As it stands it’s naturally toxic in and of itself.

  36. The ranked system in wot blitz is much better for actually fighting together as a team

  37. Need a t28 prototype guide

  38. Most of what was spoken about in this has already been brought up my other community contributors. I don’t think wargaming cares about what its community says about ranked. They haven’t shown effort in trying to fix a lot of the issues with their game. But its easy for them to sell an E25 right after the Christmas even ended. If that doesn’t say money grab, what does.

  39. Good idea, I just see a flaw. when we die we often leave the battle before it’s over. in this case the vote for the MVP would not be fair or conscientious. There has to be another way to reward the best players

  40. Why there is no platoons?

  41. No to the voting system. That will just encourage more clan/friend votes to their own mates.

  42. In ranked i only play for the test division and as get the first level done gets a little bonus but avoid the stress of the further divisions levels.

  43. I played the season with the bond turbo but the current season just doesn’t have the incentive to get me playing it. None of the rewards are worth the suffering. It should definitely be whole team which gets or loses chevrons, only way to encourage team work.

  44. The justification for chevrons is that it brings out skill differences out way faster than pure win/lose system.

    Currently a very good player can get to gold league in ~100 games. If it was based purely on win/lose he could end up with 50% wr after 100 games and struggle to get even to Silver league.

    So while the Ranked certainly measures “skill” rather well, it’s not necessarily exactly the same skills you’d need in randoms or CW. Camping in the corner to avoid being last is not a good strategy even in the chevron system, so it’s just an annoying side effect of a system that lets us see how good we are without grinding 1000 games.

  45. agree qb well said ….. im proud to se That IS SOMEONE HO HAS THE BALLS To SAy THIS TRUE ABOUT TOXIC PLAY………CONGRATS MATE WELL

  46. Supreme Soviet Engineering

    The system QB proposed is similar to old WOWS ranked system. Losing a chevron (in wows case, a star) demoralizes players and instead make them not play for the win but play for effectiveness a.k.a. look at xvm, “oh shit team gg”, rush in and die to get to another game faster.

    It also doesnt reward those failed attempts of carrying, where your team is extremely shit and you almost carried but failed.

    So both systems have its downsudes and it ultimately comes to “which of both turds the least smelly”

  47. I think this improvement proposal completely misses the mark. Ranked is a competitive game mode so dishing out these feel good rewards for the team mascot is completely against what Ranked is all about.

  48. i remember that EBR game and felt the second hand wholesome

  49. Russian brain is toxic and dark place….

  50. 5:40 you forgot the overused gold
    the hostility even among your team
    And the amount of insult you get if you don’t play ”super compétitive” tank at the start of the game …

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