Why the MAUS is the ULTIMATE tank

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I love the Maus in of Tanks so much that it's a bit of an obsession… Here's why it's the ULTIMATE tank!



  1. Thr mighty maus

  2. Nice, AEG collab when ?

  3. I love when QB posts a lot of videos

  4. Panzerchocolate bro (meth)


  6. No its 100% NOT

  7. Average Maus enjoyer

  8. It’s turret armor is cheese against pay to win ammunition!

  9. Danger Maus!

  10. that view when Maus leading a way with another Maus and Type 5 heavy

  11. Aleksandar Rangelov

    Remember when i used the is 7 in my opinion once a beast to defeat anybody

  12. i will try to work on getting the maus tank in world of tanks blitz

  13. Yes i like the maus too. Just on the enemy team. Its my favourite tank on the enemy team.

  14. Imagine if it finally got access to its 75mm. Wonder if it will ever happen at this point.

  15. Maus is incredibly underrated

  16. Maus is infuriating for me to play. Everyone automatically loads gold when you play it and 90+ percent of the shots that hit you are gold. There are some days when it makes it very difficult to play. It ought to be hilarious fun when playing against more typical odds, but I find that a lot more tanks these days shoot heat rounds with 340 or more pen.

  17. My dog is named “Maximus”, and he was sitting in front of the screen wagging his tail everytime you said his name 😛

  18. Maus is not healthy. It is just obese. Stop the body positivity of Maus. 🤣

  19. To be honest, that skin is quite ugly. The AA on top feels so out of place.

  20. Maus is best tanks because Mause never gets old.

  21. How about “Maximaus Decimus Meridius”?

  22. In yesterday’s video the best tank was the 60TP. pls make up your mind. (making fun off you a bit)

  23. It was double McMAUS!

  24. I’m a simple man, I see Maus I click.

  25. a no name mouse

  26. btw how you get that maus skin?

  27. have to disagree here. the maus is only powerful for idiots who really dont know how to aim, the turret is huge and flat. 260mm effective armour is a curse. any tank with greater pen is always almost guaranteed to do damage, angle you say, but even with a clean 45 degree angle on the turret, its still 320 give or take. and every tank at tier X has more than 300 pen guaranteed, still even with that “impressive” armour, if your opponent has bad aim and misses your cheeks and hit your mantlet, the mantlet remains 260 effective for ap/apcr REGARDLESS of angle. not many people actually know this. tier X tds with gold pretty much auto aim and your’re done for.

    the only reason qb did well was because the sconq’s team were muppets, if the centurion AX and 277 drove up with the sconq instead of hiding like pussies, qb would be out DPMed and stats after that would not have mattered.

    TLDR: maus is only the ultimate tank if your opposition has half a brain or none. dont be baited.

  28. Wot Maus: ah yes I’m an unstoppable juggernaught
    Warthunder Maus: *gets spam bombed by 180 planes*

  29. too slow for its thin armor.

  30. I have a replay of a scout maus play on prokhorovka from my console playing days. Drove straight at some of the scariest tanks in the game and it shows how powerful being able to choose who you bounce can be. Unfortunately a console replay so it wouldn’t work on the tube

  31. First minute of the game -800 hp the ultimate meat shield 😀

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