Why the MAUS still ROCKS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. While the Maus has been in World of Tanks since the beginning it still ROCKS – here's why!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Merry Christmas! You are a river to your people! Thanks for all you do.

  2. Maus is a decent tank for sure the problem is it has a high skill cap and over 90 percent of the player base doesn’t have the skills needed to play it.

  3. Only pussies use the anonimizer because they dont want to let other people see their stats your name is no longer quickybaby it’s pussybaby. Know your fucking place trash!

  4. So how many games did you play before getting this replay?

    But yeah, Maus is a great tank. I got it for the memes two years ago, but I barely use it anymore these days. I just wish the devs add some sort of mantle shield like the super pershing has. It doesn’t have to be a good one- just enough to not get the cheeks penned by HEAT shells even when angled.

    Don’t get started on historical accuracy.

  5. More Maus videos!

  6. Lmao, it’s not the maus that is great, you got enemy full of muppets lol.

  7. Making my way downtown, walking fast…. da da da da

  8. 3 + maus = win

  9. Khang Nguyen Duong Bao

    Pls QuickyBaby, can u feature a replay with the AMX CDC?

  10. “THE MAUS” laughs in the face of the super conqueror!. “YOU CAN NOT HURT ME”!. hahaha! I will throw sauerkraut at you! WUNDERBAR!.

  11. Tiger P grind was fun though. It has armor and it ain’t that tall. It’s the tiger 2 and tier 8 vk 45 whatever that sucks.

  12. Just spam gold at the cheeks and you have an easy 3k damage

  13. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    I got close to getting the Maus, and then the tech trees changed (and i abandoned the lines), I’ll need to sell one of the other tier 9 German heavies to start and honestly both the other tech tree tier 10 heavies are kind of mediocre… but which is worse?

  14. Fuck it is annoying that maus gets buffs constantly and what buffs has the e100 ever had?

    A minor pen buff on its standard ammo and a nerf to its engine power? wow so cool

  15. Quang Đăng Phạm

    Why is the radio operator always die first ? This guy got bad train ? Or literally useless HP bar ?

  16. I use repair medic chocolate and to fight the fire issue just use the crew directives for firefighting. Problem solved

  17. QuickyBaby: You would call all those PLAYERS MORONS or WORSE if they where on YOUR TEAM: In your Stream you mostly INSULT such Players if you see that 3+ Tanks can not Kill a Maus or an E100…
    THE MAUS IS BULLSHIT, YOU GOT LUCKY… and there is nothing to DEBATE about this! You GOT LUCKY because the enemy is STUPID and does not know where to aim.
    That are the EXACT COMRADES you INSULT in your STREAM as DONKEYS and co REGULARY….

    To all others:
    Not if you are QuickyBaby.. but if you are an AVERAGE PLAYER, but then you will get called a DONKEY by him too….

    Just a HINT: If you wanna “ENLIGHT” a Maus: Aim at the RIGHT SIDE OF THE TURRET with HE (big Caliber of course)… you will Splash the Engine Deck and make the Maus Burn….
    But hey: QB wont give you those HINTS…..

    Also a HINT: Tiger P is “accaptable” (Tier 7) since it got BUFFED: So this clearly Shows QB has NO CLUE about the CURRENT GAME and the Ballancing at the Low-Tiers…

  18. Yaaay mighty mouse! Thank you QB, great coverage of an utterly glorious tank. This beast put the fear in me back when I first started playing and I always respected the dudes who could rock it, always wanted to try it myself but WG changed the tech tree when I was in the VK 45.02B so I have to re-grind the goddamn Tiger P again.

  19. When they finish with the dual barrel Soviets will they activate the “coax” 75/L36?

  20. I just got back into Wot after a few months of playing something else.
    Still watched every single one of his videos

  21. QB! this is why i love my maus

  22. To me the Maus is simply more freeWN8 for my tanks to shoot at. It’s literally a mobile WN8 farm. Pen the cheeks, pen the lower plate enjoy free WN8.

  23. love the game play, hate the camo you are using

  24. havent played maus in 6 months …thats how good it is

  25. Just because it isn’t a Russian tank or premium I keep watching

  26. How is the maus heavier than the type 5 heavy

  27. 4:19 there are plenty of positions the Maus can get to at the speed of light

  28. Maus has armor only against noobs.

  29. Why the MAUS still ROCKS in World of Tanks……No Words…THanks …if WG listen to Idiots like you…we never ever get a German Buff Good Job shitybaby

  30. Thanks QB – love your videos – have learn’t so much from you – daily dose enjoyed

  31. Maus the “dark knight ” ???

  32. Gold spammer.

  33. It looks so easy when you play with the Maus, BUT things are not getting that way when i play with it. Usually there are 2-3 arties who drain my HP verry fast. After that with 1-2 lucky gold shots i`m gone 😀

  34. Now I am on VK100.01(P) I will get Maus soon

  35. Patrick Medhurst-Cocksworth

    I gave a like for the 131 reference! Merry Christmas Eve!

  36. No…the MAUS doesnt ROCK !!!! This video is 1 of very rare good results and very misleading from the truth that nobody wants to play it since they introduced gold ammo, that can peb the turret nu matter how you angle. They should make the turret cheeks 300mm and Maus would be back.

  37. Mery Christmass QuickyBaby! Nice video.

  38. Maus aint neither biggest nor the heaviest tank in WoT QB 🙂

  39. Bought him yesterday, he really bounces hell even at short range

  40. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! It’s the time of year again, so ready to have the best time ever with friends and family in World of Tanks!

  41. That C9 position on Mines is only workable when you hold the hill as well

  42. try playing war thunder and the turet is not that fast on a maus

  43. its only possible if u are a very good player and the most of the enemys are noob and dont use prem ammo….i would use a bush and prem ammo and destroy you within 2 minutes!

  44. OOOHHH, try doing “the games you dont see”, but with the avoid and/or trash tanks from the teir list, would be a great vid ?

  45. Dear WG, please release Medcats for 2020!

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