Why the WTF E 100 is FEARED in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today Death_centraL will show you why the WT E 100 is the most feared tank in !



  1. Can’t blame the man for spamming the request fire button. What else is there to do during the reload? Might as well get some fun out of spamming a key on your keyboard.

  2. I got this Waffle-tractor rental 6 times so far in those portal-thingies. And it comes without crew. So you need to spend gold and stuff to make it playable just for the 35 games that I have with it.

  3. Needs removed forever, from console also.

  4. The other WT E100 put up 6110 DMG and 3 kills too!

  5. hull is not really that strong with only 80mm of armor

  6. I don’t care how good it is, I just like how wierd it looks

  7. A JPE lower glacis and 60TP lower glacis bounced my full clip between them today – we only won because the WTE next to me penned every shot of the 15 he fired.

  8. People moaning about this tank go on console it still has the big gun but console does have the m1 challenger leopard and merkava

  9. pikkenlikker anuseter

    hold up aint this chems?

  10. dgeneratio1 [Dialga88]

    On Console the 128 mm got reduced from 6 -> 4 Shots and has a 48 second base reload and the 150 mm has 3 shots with a 40 second base reload

    • Yup was about to coment the same thing it went from useable to useless this tank as no cammo so it will pretty much get detected across the map and get one shot in early game and the only fun thing it had was the 6 shots now if u see anyone using it is because he was trying to convince himself that isnt still trash

  11. the wt e 100 got took out because its not an op russian tank and we cant have that

  12. English isn’t my mother language, does wtf e100 mean really “what the fuc*?”

  13. WG removed WTE-100 because it was toxic for the game and impossible to balance…now we have 279e, which people pay to have and Chief. T95 which they pay for it anyway. So what’s more toxic? A 279e (or T95) played by 45% donkey or the WT? And about toxicity i’m not mentioning Minotauro or arties…..

  14. Cost of setting up crew and demounting equipment is too much to bother with for 5 games. Just going to do the event for crew and bonds.

  15. PanzerBrony Metallicom

    Let the old duel’s begin. FV4005 & FV215B 183 with their HE canons taking a lot of health out of WT auf E-100’s, sometimes even 1 shotting them.

  16. I dont see anything wrong with the WTF E 100 vehicle.

  17. Another 10k dmg game. Can u do the same quickybaby? I hope so!

  18. I managed a 7K game my first day, took a few games to get used to its unique play style, but it a rewarding tank to play correctly.

  19. I still say this is Just the Beginning of the WT E100’s Return…. WG’s been Churning Out Bait Tanks to Feed this thing and Acclimate the Game for the Reintroduction…. It may be a Crew Retraining Nuisance now, but it’ll be a Reward or Premium before Long….

    I’ve been saying this for a While now, since these Events Started if not Before that…. Give WG Time, and EVERYTHING comes Back, the Leafblower did, the E25 did, the Deathstar and Foch 155 did, this’ll be no Different…

  20. You keep mispronouncing the name..
    It’s “What The Fuck!? E 100”
    glad to could help

  21. Chems posted the same video but shorted it

  22. the good thing about wTF E 100 is , it can make game probably back to the full 15 minutes ( camping coz scared ) / but will see if its gonna make less 15-0 simulator or not

  23. basicly this version is not the monster it used to be, this version of WT E 100 could be in the game as a preimum tank and i would not mind it to be fair

  24. Pretty surprising that WG would put this thing back into the matchmaker, despite you can’t play it permanently, the tank is in a before all of the nerfs state so you can play it at the height of it’s power

  25. Who ever was playing this was not really a good player, which shows how op this tank really is, even noob can make it work

  26. The tank is toxic AF. I ate a 780 in seconds last night. My first battle I had 8k and I’m a completely average player.

  27. I expect this to be “sold” as part of one of the 100 different black market/auction events they have now sometime in the next 6-12 months.

    Probably for like a billion credits or million bonds.

  28. this guy is a proper horrible player and demonstrates why this tank is removed. he has no clue where to aim how to behave or read the map, i dont know whats his wr but replay is total garbage

  29. Chems gameplay

  30. It is I who Nuts to That

    Imma be real, id rather get absolutely demolished in the arse by this thing instead of watching a minotauro doing the same amount of damage, while he is on a ridgeline, shooting me for 10 minutes. Fightng a wtf e100, i at least have a chance of dealing some damage back.

  31. This is the same match chems uploaded today

  32. WT E 100: Who has awaken my slumber

    Minotaur: Finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary

  33. Rental only works for a few weeks wtf. You should be able to keep it if you pay sp mucth to get it

  34. Yeah but also it is. If it’s on a big map behind a chieftain itself hulldown and you can’t spot it….it can deadstop your progression just by existing on a flank

  35. This is chems

  36. THis was the reason why I started palying WoT and with the German TD line and WG F*CKED us over by removing it, then they added all the shitty autoloaders in the recent year/s.
    It’s about time the WT E 100 was reinstated in it’s original form.
    Until then I won’t spend a penny on it.
    the China server, you can buy the tank as a premium 24/7 365…

  37. This tank just does not have the impact that it used to. While the damage in this replay looks like a lot, this tank didn’t even make it into the first 20 pages of the replay website for this patch alone. If we are judging by damage, then sorting by damage, the AMX M4 54 has three of the top five damage games for this patch and six total entries on the first page, and nobody is calling the AMX OP.

  38. Not a good time to play WoT… I mean worse than usual

  39. 6:37 tbf the E3 is sitting in the open and no one is shooting him

  40. I’m starting to join the conspiracy guys , this is just a cash grab for nostalgia folks

  41. Wow…. So toxic….

  42. i want my WTF back in my garage, i have having the Grille, i didnt do this lane so they take it away and give some stupid Grille

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