Why They Always Make The Gun S***? | World of Tanks New BZ-75, Tier 10 Jet Booster Tank

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World of Tanks BZ-75 Nerfed, Chinese Rocket Booster Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Update 1.19.1 Test Server – New Chinese Jet Booster Heavy Tank Tech Tree – Tier 10 BZ-75, Tier 9 BZ-68, Tier 8 BZ-166, Tier 7 BZ-58.

Let's take another at BZ-75, new tier 10 jet booster, rocket tank. Second version of the test server is out and BZ-75 was rebalanced a bit with some .

What do you think?


  1. Trying to keep you in the loop with what is happening with the new tech tree line, to see if it will be worth it or not.
    Did it need the nerfs? What would you have done or would do?
    Have a good one and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

    • I think the nerfs are unnecessary. Before it was just a pretty average tank with some bursts of mobility (but has to suffer from slow speeds outside of bursts and a really bad 150+mm gun), now with the gun and mobility nerfs, why not just play the 705A, it will be better in almost every situation with the exception of like 2 maps

    • @Mr. Niceguy wdym with that, I am pretty sure a lot of people want to try out the rockets if not for being competitive then to have fun with ramming and whatever else

    • I believe that to set this tank apart, we need the high alpha deep gun. model similarly to the T8 prem bz (but not as broken). High alpha derps are fun and I want to test it ffs

    • It didn’t need a nerf cuz it only have 4x rocket boost :/

  2. wg is once again putting too much weight on the gimmick of a new tank line. The rocket booster mechanic is strong, but it’s not strong enough to bury these tanks with nerfs before they’re even released imo.

  3. Man WHO cares about techtree, my t8shs got ruined to 110% bc WG is retarded to bring this t8 Premium Like it is rn. This Shit needs the nerf!!!!!!!!

  4. Personally I don’t play Steel hunter as it’s not for myself. Saying that for the first time ever I only played 2 battles in Frontlines last time it came out. Apart from being a complete buggy mess, I’ve lost interest because WG will just not fix the many issues like spawn camping and another issue I started to notice was the main turrets blowing up with no enemy anywhere near them, blowing up from full health where it would normally take a few people some time or a lot of enemy fairly quickly but this is like one hit and boom!. A team search of scout planes shows up no enemy anywhere near the turret.

    Anyway I ground the tank line you recommend to be ready for this new line but this could be a waste of time. I’ve noticed WG makes these new tank lines underwhelming to only make peeps grind to the only good tank at tier X. Wish they would make lower tier tanks more interesting to play as I hardly play tier Xs and give them some love with 3d camouflage.

  5. The fact BZ-179 at tier 8 has better HE gun than Type 5 heavy.. Sums what Kind of Logic WG has.. Money comes first

  6. I figured how you can turn multiple times faster when in rocket mode.. press space bar and let off the gas for a second, this should be enough to turn you where you need.

  7. It really wasnt op in the first place i dont understand the nerf, it doesnt really have armor, now it doesnt have gun or mobility most of the time. what is the point of this

  8. Why can’t these WG arsewipes do the same with premiums…. why so much greed shit.

  9. Don’t neft

  10. They are gonna make it shit like stii

  11. i will be short, FU>>>>K YOU WG

  12. its Easy, BZ-75 isn’t premium tank, only tech tree.

  13. Dez, as always you talk to much but you say nothing…. your way of playing need buff not the tank.

  14. Dude, stats dont mean sjit if RNG dictates whether you hit something or not.

  15. Why 8 tier premium Has better armor and better gun than X tier?

  16. it was nerfed because the T8 prem is already broken as fuck but they refuse to nerf it as is

  17. While I know WG does not nerf premium vehicles, since the BZ has not been sold yet (only in loot boxes), I hope they are brave enough to reduce it’s capabilities.

  18. Epic thumbnail:D

  19. Thought they dont nerf Premium tanks

  20. BZ-75 with these stats has, bad gun handling, low speed when no boosters, bad armor, below average penetration and bad module durability. No reason to buy it if WG does not give it something good besides the booster. It’s rather hilarious that counterpart T8 premium can shoot this tank and do +-800 and when you shoot back you do +-650. Honestly you shooting back and penetrating your counterpart is hard when your gun has such bad stats and BZ-176 having such good armor lol.

  21. Tier 8 need a nerf for HE shells… that thing is crazy. Hits like a tier 10 foch…

  22. How about testing new premiums on the test server as well? The way it’s done now is ridiculous, IMHO.

  23. it’s a good thing. t8 is broken cuz they put the premium shit ig.

  24. I didn’t play WOT for 3 years..becouse of the nerfs and added dream tanks..never on the blue prints,just a kid drawing something..

  25. in my humble opinion they give crap guns so they boost the other stats so well that unicums cant use it to dominate the no so good players, its easier to have great armor and a bad gun than having a great gun and crap armor.

  26. And here I was hoping it was about the Tier 8 Premium.

  27. I had a fully aimed shot miss from 50m last time I played the tanks was literally 90% of the aiming circle

  28. Thank god!1

  29. This is GOOD news. Better nerf now, compared with nerfing later when most players finish grinding!!! Just remember Progetto 65, Leo Prot, etc…

  30. the fact that this tank doesnt have the HE derp gun like the tier 8 premium, is rather disappointing. not really interested in grinding that tech tree line purely because of that.

  31. Overal all tanks are now fked, like is6 and the rest of old era tanks can’t compare to newer tanks

  32. I would call it balance adjustments

  33. Where vk 168.01 p buff ?

  34. It’s like making guns shit is the only way they know how to debuff tanks which is just dumb, I thought this tank was rather balanced the way it was, atleast better than the hulldown tanks without weakspots

  35. “This tank is a fast heavy with HUGE weakspots and a half decent gun.
    Let us make it slower to make it a mediocre heavy, and give it the gun handling of the FV4005!
    That’ll make SURE the chieftan still gets to places faster than it, and make sure it can’t hit the chieftan’s cupola!”

  36. I already had a good laugh when the tanks came nerfed to the testserver with all derp guns removed. Now again a nerf. Its a New noname tech tree now which has nothing special anymore. These will go down like the Yoh-Tanks, a pure disaster noone cares about

  37. Steel hunter content for sure our masked friend!

  38. some steel hunter coverage would be good dez, I never really got into it and i might try this time.

  39. Another fake Chinese tank

  40. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Love how the shitters still drown themselves on the test server. Will never understand why these clowns even play the game.

  41. Once the chance to get the premium BZ ends they will start bringing in the soft stats to nerf it and bring it closer to the tech tree tanks.

    Also does anyone else feel that the frequency of engine fires especially but also to a lesser degree ammo racks and other rmodule damage has increase of the last year?

    I often take a break for a month or so after new year and again after Easter till end of the summer, this year after the Xmas ops etc really needed a break and did not play for about 7-8 months and when I came back it real.y did feel as though engine fires where a lot more common place than they used to be. To me this if it is so is either down to WG altering stuff in game or one of the mods/cheats that allows players to target specific modules. Maybe a combined of the two?

  42. t95 need 25 travel speed by default

  43. The premium BZ is stupid, not the planned tech tree ones. I don’t get WG. What is wrong with those people? I smell that Russian arrogance again. When does it stop if ever?

  44. this fucker need nerf so bad , do not forget this meets T6 tanks …

  45. why do they always nerf the gun and not mobility or armour?

  46. Finally they did something good that tank was stupid not op stupid op ….

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