Why This Year’s Operation Summer is the Best Yet! | War Thunder Summer Landings Event

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Source: theScottishKoala

After some deliberation, Gaijin have released the “Summer Landings” event, which will begin in a few days’ time. In it, players can unlock unique and interesting vehicles like the BMD-4, VL Myrsky II, or Albatross class FAC Bussard. But that’s not all, because Gaijin have done something extremely positive with this year’s event; listened player feedback, and fixed several pressing issues, making this potentially one of the best operations in recent years!


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  1. why no AT ship missiles

  2. of all of the events, it is certainly the most recent

  3. Meanwhile I’m just tryna have a match where my team actually pays attention to the map

  4. intro fucking hilarious

  5. I want to get the british plane and the Russian air dropped boi why well I like these little guys , still can’t wait for the british light tank line ! Woop Woop

  6. ones i will go for are the Italian Destroyer and the first plane, but the #1 thing is…. yep the willies jeep ship decoration, if they add the jeep as a derivable some day with a 50 cal on the back aka the rat patrol i will buy in a heartbeat https://youtu.be/RNZX2dtDsdA

  7. “As for the two naval rewards for the two of you who care”

    Dang, why u gotta do us naval mains like that?

  8. Wtf do you mean most people don’t think the vehicles are worth it, everyone should want the land ship

  9. I feel like the people who would be salty about these vehicles not being super amazing would also be the same people to just pay their way thru the entire event just because nEw ToNk

  10. stop praising the change of task ffs. for one thing the change has made the event harder to complete, capping points is pretty fast. for another, why do you not expect that instead of people exploiting the capping points task they won’t now just it at some pointless cap point waiting for someone to lumber past to shoot, or just sit there in an aa? if many people do that the game will be a lot more boring

    • You think R3 spam is better? Pepaga brain right here

    • @theScottishKoala Yes yes I do think R3 spam is better. I don’t really care one way or the other about the R3 spam tbh, its super anoying when people do it but its also quite fun to use the thing. One obvious way to exploit the new task is to sit at the safest friendly cap point in aa, so if you have half a team doing that its going to first off be really hard for anyone to complete and for the other the team will be useless. But more importantly the events take absolutely ages to grind everything for anyone who wants to do that, and the new task is going to take longer. Don’t know why you chose to insult me for disagreeing but whatever

  11. yeah i just want the buccaneer out of all this.

  12. I hear positive change from gaijin and war thunder…
    Welll done, i give them props for doing that

  13. No R3 T20 spam? We’ll see about that, cause I already saw people planning to spam the R3, cap a point and kill people from there.

    • yeah but it shouldn’t be higher than normal, and it won’t rob other players of caps for the event (because there is no cap for the event)

  14. Love how when you talk about the buccaneers advanced weaponry you show a picture of it with rp-3s deadly extreamly yes but i wouldn’t say advanced 🙂

  15. Can someone tell me what kind of tasks and how many of them do you have to do per star?

  16. Does the albatross get missiles like the real thing?

  17. you really stretched the word best

  18. Drew, 'The Irrevocably Rotund'

    I *really* want a BMD-4, but I don’t have the time for grinding anything. ;n;
    250 assists, 110 battles with 70% activity and 120 kills on a capped objective in 26 days is impossible for meh. ;n;
    Edit: Am also on console, so buying a coupon is out the window too. ;Д;

  19. It’s a fair point to say that the events are non-obligatory, but I do think the rewards should be worth the grind you put in. Spending hours a day over 2 weeks completing tasks for a copy-paste vehicle, even if you want it, isn’t really worth it imo.

    • I don’t see these rewards as any less worthwhile than the Leopard C2 or MiG-21PFM

    • ​@theScottishKoala What a vehicle is worth is always going to be subjective. If the vehicle is in or coming to the tech tree, it feels to me like grinding for basically the same vehicle, but now on a schedule. It gets even worse when the vehicle performs poorly or requires an arduous stock grind. Even the bad uninteresting vehicles would be so much more worth it if you didn’t have limits on your progress each day, or you would pretty much be guaranteed the vehicle if you played a decent amount in a month. I’ve always thought they should reduce the grind on events. If they’re going to make the vehicles you grind more missable/less worthwhile, the amount of effort you need to put in should also decrease.

      On another note, if they go ahead and stop having vehicles that are unique or meta/good, the crafting events become even worse in terms of the reward to time spent. I hate the dynamic of play an absurd amount of hours each day or pay $70 for a vehicle on the market. Like you said, making vehicles more missable will only really make events less negative to the game as a whole. I’d rather Gaijin just make positive changes to events like doing reruns or making the grind less restrictive and hard before saying “let’s make all event vehicles be less worthwhile for the same grind”.

  20. Mediocre Aim Horizon Main

    13:50 cmon koala you know you would’ve killed him with a simple M1

  21. summary of what he is saying : if war thunder had modern planes f15 f16s etc then an event plane should be the f16 xl or the mirage 4000 so unique interesting aircraft that are not necessarily iconic and dont have a place in the tech tree

  22. The S1 was grounded due to its unreliable and underpowered engines. It will fail in game, but I can’t wait to test fly it like a glorified flight sim.
    I really want top tier to be reworked to be more friendly to non fighters, the British V Bombers could make a really nice mini tree within the British tech tree.
    Valiant B1 -> Vulcan B1 (AND NOT A STRAIGHT WING PROTOTYPE…. Maybe that’s for a Premium?), Victor B1, Valiant B2, Victor B.Mk.2, Vulcan B.Mk.2, Victor B.Mk.2R (the blue steel variant), Vulcan B.Mk.2 w/ Blue steel, Vulcan B.Mk.2 with sky bolt (half paper plane, flew with inert dummies).
    Remove the blue steel and sky bolt ones if they never fit, which is likely considering their role). ECM and engine upgrades should be researched.
    For example, with the standard freefall bomb equipped Vulcan B2:
    Start with narrow intakes, the first iteration of standard ECM gear for the Vulcan B2, Olympus 201 engines. Research for engines should go: wide intakes -> Olympus 202 -> Olympus 301 (requires wide intakes option). ECM upgrades should equip a second ECM plate, X Band Jammer in the tail, later tailcone tip (upgraded radar iirc) and include the RWR in the same upgrade line.
    Weapons progression is a little harder since the conventional loadout was mainly just 21 1000lb unguided bombs throughout its service life (although the Victor could carry a grand slam or TWO tall boy ww2 era bombs), you could add the Shrike Missiles from black buck as an upgrade I guess….

    • If you want effective bombers, Id play sim… air RB should just become a straight fighter v fighter team death match. Bombers don’t work in a PvP game, and PvE in realistic mode is dull as shit. Ground attack and combined operations is great for sim EC because it actually takes some skill

  23. is it possible to get all of the vechicles or you have to choose which one you want(exchange the starts?), i just dont remember how those events work nowadays…

  24. The flight performance was no longer satisfied with the military Rofl!!

  25. Not only the summer event, the special tasks for this season’s BP are way, way, way easier than the previous one’s.

  26. I strongly agree, for vehicles that fill noticeable gaps in the tech tree, they should not be given as one time event rewards, instead given straight to the tech tree. Perhaps Gaijin could do this with the event vehicles already in game? Such as the AEC mk 2 you mention and I have spent a lot of time being astonished over the market price of, why can’t that go and fill a gap of small, 6 pounder armed armoured car? (As much as I like the Sarc 6 pounder for its mobility, it is long, tall and desert camouflaged which doesn’t work well in most green maps. Plus it has an open turret which makes it more susceptible to bombs and other explosives.) Presumably they could (should) put vehicles like it in the tech tree, perhaps giving them premium bonuses and unique skins if the person already owned them beforehand.

  27. *R3 sad face*

  28. Seeing all the comments as a guy that left shit thunder i can just laugh, but still i’m with the youtuber’s side
    everyone knows war thunder sucks so him getting money to say it doesn’t won’t change anything
    It’s just a tactic to get money. You sacrifice some of your “pride” (on youtube, which doesn’t really count at least for me) to get money in real life, which is, indeed, convenient.

  29. Battle Pass season 4 just starting + Summer event + Squadron battles, the game requires too much time to do anything. Got to sacrifice one or the other.

  30. Can u make a video on when you think the F-14 will be introduced

  31. Ali Hasan Abdullah

    I’m sad I won’t be able to sell my time for gaijin monies to westerners who’ll gladly pay 100 bucks for a tank.
    No premium packs for me this year 🙁

  32. Fypod The Nubie Artist

    Everyone will remember winter operation when there was a war between french and Italians
    EBR vs R3

  33. tbh the vehicles look kind of boring and i will skip this event.

  34. This is the worst summer event

  35. BMD4 MIGHT make me come back to the game

  36. And on this note I will sleep with a smile on my face. Good points Koala!

  37. Panzerkampfwagen Ausführung VI tiger h1

    HOW DARE YOU CALL THE KA_CHI UGLY!!!!1!!11! u hurt his feelings 🙁

  38. i hate more naval tasks than base capture

  39. They need to add ww1 tanks it will open up more for new players and give new adrenaline filled gun fights

  40. https://youtu.be/F3V3vozAgwQ
    WAR THUNDER “Kill a Helli in the heipad(spawn point) With T80U” by ma_ad

  41. Not that hard to be the best one yet, since the bar was set pretty low… like, left on the floor low

  42. The problem with naval reward ships is that the soldati class isn’t that great in game and the German coastal vessel isn’t premium, comes stock, it may have high repair costs and it will be stomped by ships that can be unlocked in few games

  43. Why would you even go for the banana?

  44. if i was a plane serving tin the finish army i would also be disatisfied

  45. Bmd4 really belongs into the regulat texh tree and also a t1 as an Premium rewars is terrible.

  46. how much did you get payed to so this??

  47. I have wanted the tog 2 since tanks came out i know it will be trash but at a br like 4.0 or 4.3 it would be fun taking a massive barge thru the streets of berlin

  48. I’m always confused about the Operation summer and Winter events I never play them even though I play a lot. How do I get stars? Do I have to purchase them then grind because the stars and the tasks are always grey so I think they are blocked unless I buy them. Can someone clarify it for me. I would like to get a vehicle but I’ve never understood and I’m a little lazy.

    • Hiya lad. You don’t have to buy anything for these events. Have a look at the page I’ve linked below and scroll down to “tasks”, you’ll see the requirements. You have to compete at least three tasks out of the five listed to get one star, and every two days, they reset, allowing you to get another star.

      These tasks are separate for aircraft, tanks and ships, so you can JUST complete the ground tasks if you want the tank rewards (keep in mind you MUST finish the battle in a tank, if you’re in a plane when the game ends then they will count towards the air tasks and not the tank tasks), or you can try and go for tanks and aircraft for example, or all three, whatever you want.

      Personally for tanks, I would try to go for the “destroy 50 enemies”, “win 11 battles with 70% activity or higher”, and the “destroy 6 enemies in a single battle”. You can do all three tasks at the same time and boom, there’s an easy star with probably only twenty matches played (ten per day).


    • @theScottishKoala thanks it for this it was always so confusing because I could see the stars but they looked greyed out so I thought I was locked away from them. And for your Repair cost video maybe the B-29 would be a good thumbnail or the F-82 those things are insanely expensive.

  49. I’m mad that I have to get 50 kills every day or ma score resets

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