Why Top Tier Is Broken

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Source: Spookston

In War Thunder, top tier of the game’s tank realistic battles mode is always the center of a lot of debate. Recently, that debate has escalated. teams now sit at an average win rate of around 70 percent or so, making the game less fun for pretty much everyone who doesn’t get paired with them. But why are things like this? Many will say that Russian main battle tanks aren’t good, they simply have a lot of them. I don’t entirely agree.

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  1. I would say the problem I end up encountering with Russian MBTs is the amount of ERA. Even with my IPM1’s M900 I still find it difficult to pen any Russian MBT outside of 100m from the front.

  2. everyone playing russia on top tier match cuz its cheap to do you will pay same sl for m1 or one t72and t80

  3. As a US main, I hate this. But, in real life, RUS’s land army is the best, NATO’s land is weak.

  4. how do i adjust the vertical range scale in-game / what is it named in the controls menu?, so that i can rebind them…

  5. just deleted wt because of top tier. cant believe my life quality increased this much in this much short time

  6. Top tier is the reason I stay in mid tier Germany, it’s just more fun in general

  7. Somehow you missed the considerably repair cost discrepancy. No point playing top tier of nations (almost all of them) where you lose credits if you die, even if you played well. And if you die once, you are better off just leaving instead of respawning and potentially losing even more credits.

  8. They should just make the Current US M1A2 into the M1A2-SEP this way the US can finally have an Abrams with Gen 2 thermals but they don’t want to do this because of the improve armor protection my argument for this is everyone knows how beat the Abrams at top tier so this would not matter. The other would be M829A3 which would be powerful but not OP round.

  9. I’ve been playing WT for about 5+ years now without any premium or gold. It’s tough but the challenge keeps me going. It’s not that other nations don’t have the right line ups or tanks. In fact top tier Russia is somewhat easy to beat. The only thing I see that is lacking is skills and brains lol.

  10. I have top tier USA, Germany, Russia, and Japan lol so whatever nation has that “flavor of the month effect” like Russia for example I can just switch over and enjoy. Fuck being stressed and having to deal with bs teams…sick of that shit!! However Russian teams not only have good tanks, but the fucking CAS is amazing as well. There’s been games where I play with Germany against Russia and USA and HOLLLLY SHIT…we would win the ground battle, but as soon as those players spawn in jets and KA-50/52’s the game is over!

  11. i dont know if i misheard you but it sounded like you said Camov or something at 3:40 whats thats?

  12. i still hate top tier cuz of High repair cost…and i think it the most complain i keep hearing from players. sure i can die alot and i dont mind that if the repair cost doesn’t required me to kill 4-6 enemies just to make up for 1 lost tank

  13. It’s just a simulation game.

  14. I think the lack of game mode varieties and battle varieties is more detrimental to the longevity of the game than maps or compression or etc.

  15. Or just stop playing this dated, busted-ass IL-2 Sturmovik mod

    Never been happier since I uninstalled

  16. So, in a real conflict russians would work around their shortcomings!? OMG ! 11

  17. I certainly did join Russia, as it stands, top tier russian tanks are about as good as german ones.
    And as already commented, AAA is useful as a support ground vehicle.

  18. Juss Herman Niilis

    russian bias

  19. Juss Herman Niilis

    devs are russian soo russia gets most vehicles

  20. Top tier battle last max 7-8 mins

  21. My gripe is that France has a ton of cool wheeled and tracked AFV like other variants or the amx-10 or amx-10p or VBL or the ERC 90. But they only really seem to like giving Germany all their little ifv’s. So france has very limited support vehicles.

  22. “Russian tanks aren’t very good but there is a lot of them” – russia

  23. You forgot there is no equivalent for vikhrs in other helicopters, and the ATGMs’ mobility on helicopters are incredibly agile.

    Also, many people do forget that US also has an incredible lineup on 11.0; but I’ve only seen few actually using a full-fitted lineup.

  24. High FOV … vignette doesnt exist

    aren’t these the same things?

  25. “Stop adding top tier Russian vehicles”
    Gaijin: “Nyet!”

  26. ABRAMS SUPREMACY that’s all I have to say

  27. Whats with “70 percent winrate”? This is simply not true image of toptier, your US server experience and statistics cannot be applied to whole game and main playerbase(EU and RU servers).
    Im playing these 2 servers and my T-80BVM with 193 battles has average winrate of 51%.
    If you would’ve nerfed soviet toptier rn, it would be equal to balancing vehicles to players skill level…

  28. Air vehicles continue to be cancerous in ground battles. Not only do they detract from solid strategies among people who want a solid tank game, but they are often a detriment to the actual objective of the matches.

  29. I mean, Bottom Tier isn’t exactly balanced either. The problem is when something is so easy to use, its always going to do well.
    > Spawn a BT5/7, rush cap, get a load of spawn points for free: Very easy to do.
    > Spawn PE8, get 2-3 kills for free by bombing vaguely in the right area: Very easy to do.
    > Spawn IS2, enjoy trolly Volumetric Armour, point and click one shot kill any tank from any angle. Very easy to do.

  30. LOL I can’t even break out of tier 6 it financially cripples me so bad that it’s impossible to progress forward and the game still be fun for me to play research and silver lion repair are lacking in balance Lions earned is down while research cost is up it’s impossible

  31. “Stop adding stuff to top tier russia”
    I mean it doesn’t help that they made a shit ton of tanks with lots of variants (waiting for T-90M or MS

  32. here is a fact war thunder will never be balanced cause nations don’t pair up with some other nations and who ever has the better top tier will always be the better nation and will win more times then not

  33. from my opservation USA have the most dumb players after them german other nations don’t really exist

  34. “Gaijin” we are going to add in the nest update T90Ms and T14 armada I hope you will enjoy that 🙂

  35. Sreekalavally Balasubramaniyan

    As they always say..
    You no choose Mother Russia,
    Mother Russia choose YOU.

  36. Russian bias. Germany suffers.

  37. I got to top tier in 6 months

  38. ground players really are the rentcels of war thunder

  39. in short, russian bias

  40. EMORTAL ELITE Gaming

    the thermals arnt problems for the m1s really atleast for me

  41. War thunder unbalanced? Who would have thought

  42. US tech tree could defiantly use HMMWV avengers, LAV 25s, LAV ADs, and Paladins to name a few Humvee’s with TOWs could make great scouting vehicles as they have almost no armor but are fast and have ATGMs. I know they dont want to do some of this for balancing but giving US tanks realistic reload rates and depleted uranium rounds could help reign Russia’s tree in.

  43. I recently got to top-tier in my Americans and almost every single match I get spawn pushed by Russians

  44. I agree. Warthunder is broken.. So. I un installed warthunder and un subscribed from your channel and others. Glad I saw your vid.

  45. lol when im with russia i always lose but when im against russia i always win. im USA

  46. And their Ground Forces repair cost is very damn low compared to other nation lineup XD
    T72 TURMS T55AM da best choice ground forces money maker……
    and then PT 76 57……. Cancer at Every BR
    IT-1 <<< Hidden Gem for every br Ka-52<<< Bring Precise Death from 10 km away MIG-27M / K, SU-23, SU 22M3<<< kinda hard to kill with non-Proximity fuse SPAAG BMPT Terminator 1&2<<< Will make everyone lose their mind if it ever released in the future Russian Bias doesnt exist<<< best Joke I've Ever Heard

  47. Gaijin still hasn’t added MANY MANY nato tanks and armoured vehicles and even aircraft. *russian bias confirmed*

  48. gaijin said they will make the tech tree longer forevery nation in order of how they was added

  49. I just want to play my STB-1 without the 8k repair cost.

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