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  1. Phly, I love your video edits, the little things you add in just really make my day… I laughed out loud when the little Italian IFV drove in front of you and you added in that music… so good.

  2. Phly, please play the Semovente 90/53 M41M “Stretch Marder” ?

  3. Check out the explosive mass on the 90mm Italian tractor’s base shell. Vaporizes American tanks. That tractor should be arrested for being a rapist.

  4. In war thunder I was a m4a1 and I obliterated the tank you where playing

  5. Every kill he gets pizza time gets louder and louder

  6. I’ve really fell behind on your content! Good thing I have videos to binge!

  7. GottheFreeAbrams is on the banned accounts list.


  8. Port Novo is hands down worlds better than Volomisk or whatever it is called.

  9. What was the music for the R3 passing you at 13:04?

  10. AC7 just released.

    You know what to do.

  11. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    Isk about the aphe obliterating a Sherman. Regular Sherman’s have thickest front armorin that be of any medium tank

  12. 13:00 made me lose it, keep up the good work Phly!

  13. Did you at one point say “tabernack” in your video? I swear I heard you say a French Canadian swear word….

  14. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    Jesus what happened to the Sherman gun mantlet

  15. Phly,
    Pick any tank of your choosing, but when you die you must play the tank who killed you.
    Attempt #1

  16. Day 6? panther hunt with a russian t26! german 5.3 is no match for stalinium reserve

  17. The Lasagna™ camo pattern adds 75% to Sneak

  18. Lovin the unloved Amx-13 FL11

  19. 13:00 your welcome. i played that bit like 12 times


  21. Lmao the stupid music and that dang truck going by in front of you made me rewind it a few times


    What have you dobe Komrade Phly

  23. Is the is-7 still available?

  24. 13:01 GOD DAMMIT Phly, it’s 1am in my family’s home, and i just about woke everyone up from laughing at this! memed my ass

  25. Attempt #1 plz can we have an event ASU-57 vs L3/33

  26. They aren’t rivets, they are bolts. Very different.

  27. I seem to always take 5+ hits in this beast before dying. I’ll often get surrounded by 2 tanks at close range, eat 5 shots, repair my gun, and have enough time to kill one before I die from the 10th or so shot. Idk what it is, this thing just won’t die for me, but my friend uses it and gets 1 hit every time he uses it.

  28. play some simulator maybe?

  29. Somebody touch my spaghet!!!

  30. Italia made some weird ass tanks…

  31. Luv u phly i cant wait to see the next video

  32. The meme in the beginning is hella dead but it’s still fun

  33. I need to get my ass into war thunder again cuz I need that Little speed demon and this one…it looks fun

  34. Play the ue57. I think?

  35. 13:03 almost choked to death on some ritz

  36. Country roads but Italian

    Almost heaven, Italy
    Alpi Cusiane, Apennines river
    Life is old there, older than the trees
    Younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze
    Stelvio roads, take me home
    To the place I belong
    Italy, Sergio Mattarella
    Take me home, Stelvio roads
    All my memories gather round her
    Miner’s lady, stranger to glowing water
    Green and Glowing, painted on the sky
    Squash taste of spaghetti, teardrop in my eye
    Stelvio roads, take me home
    To the place I belong
    Italy, Sergio Mattarella
    Take me home, Stelvio roads
    I hear her voice, in the morning hour she calls me
    The Spaghetti reminds me of my home far away
    And driving down the road I get a feeling
    That I should have been home yesterday, yesterday
    Stelvio roads, take me home
    To the place I belong
    Italy, Sergio Mattarella
    Take me home, Stelvio roads
    Stelvio roads, take me home
    To the place I belong
    Italy, Sergio Mattarella
    Take me home, Stelvio roads
    Take me home, down Stelvio roads
    Take me home, down Stelvio roads

  37. Daniel J. Heinebal

    Hello Phly, I have a quick question. What is your sensitivity while playing the tanks?

  38. Usa: just slope lit like sherman and you win
    Brtitain: no we don’t need slopes, all we need is tea
    Germany: 88mil in ze ass
    Ussr: krupp steel < stalinium China: does anyone actucally care about china? France: baguette launcher hon hon hon Italy: dunno, just put a gun on it, no, i don't care its a car just put a gun on it

  39. You should do a vid with the SB2U-3, at br 1.7 with it’s 4x .50 cal death cannons

  40. I like Port Novo…

  41. * B i T cH L a S aNa*

  42. 17:41 girls und panzer

  43. 3:16 Just Do Make Your Dreams Come true
    Palpatin: Do it

  44. Hi Phly, you appear to be talking shit about the Sherman, so I have a challenge for you. Use the M4A1 or M4A1 (76) and show those schnitzel and spaghetti and sushi loving Axis fools that Hamburgers are superior.

    Attempt #1

  45. Mom’s spaghetti

  46. U toucha man speggit.

  47. phly are you ever gonna take up il 2 great battles? including tank crew?

  48. Italian tanks forever striving to be above average

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