WHY YOU BULLY ME? | VICKERS MK.7 Massive Turret (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. The ammo in the turret shouldn’t explode, as there is literally nothing in that part of the ammo that can explode

  2. *How dare you?*

    You should use the Greta Thornburg right there. Double the meme. 😉

  3. Weird – This Thing is basicaly a Leo2 Chassis with a Challenger 2 Turret?

  4. Funny how you never use your artillery when you need it most or even try to use it,it’s there so might as well use it right?

  5. Oh boy whos ready for that juicy M1A2 Abrams 🙂

  6. I don’t understand why you don’t put out the fire immediately. Why let it burn more than it has to?

  7. World of warships gameplay please

  8. larger turret is needed for more gun depression, to give the breach more room to move up

    tanks that are designed for offensive doctrines (looking at you russia) can be flatter, since they cant post up on the back of a slope while attacking anyway

  9. phly updates ur display card driver. 441.08 is causing stuttering

  10. Robert-Jan van Loon

    why do you compare it to a tank from BR 8.7?
    wouldn’t it be fair to compare the shots from a tank from the same BR?

  11. Thanks Phly guy

  12. Colonial Gutentägen

    Yo the vickers do got a big head. But ngl he kinda Vibin tho

  13. Star of the show is clearly that King Tiger LMAO


  15. I saw Phly in a match playing this, he rushed died and left. I love you man you brought me back into war thunder 🙂

  16. Bootleg Abrams turret

  17. Phly: VICKERS MK.7 Massive Turret

    MBT 70: am I a joke to you?

  18. Ugliest tank in the game

  19. does anyone else hear a difference in sound quality later on in the video?

  20. Is Phly on DSL for internet or what? He always gets such bad packet loss spikes, meanwhile it never happens to me in rural old Oregon.

  21. If i have anything to say about the vickers mk7, if the leopard 2a5 was a hairy scrotum, then the vickers is shaved

  22. 5:01 – The famous question we all ask ourselves in War Thunder or any team game lmao

  23. Saustrich The ostiche

    Bigger is better

  24. My brother loves finding you and killing you ingame. Apparently, he’s done it a lot.

  25. 13:27 It hurts to watch

  26. a 7 second reload…..with 2 stage ammo…..are you fucking kidding me gaijin?

  27. You can Turner engines off?

  28. Britts just should get a New Challenger 2 or the existing one fixed

  29. Problems with The Challenger 2 ingame:
    -turret is unhistorical with an unrealistic gun breach Amor
    -turret has Amor gaps you can be killed by a MG 3 through the turret Front
    -lacks in firepower: should have the L27 or the L27A1 shell and not the L26 as Research shell, they would ad something good to the Challenger 2
    – should get a combat protection packedge either as a New Tank like the Ariete PSO or as an Modifikation
    -thermal imaging is even worse than on the Challenger 1 s wich is not realistic should have thermal in binoculars too
    -also the turret Rotation speed is not right:Challenger 2 can do a 360 turret Rotation in 9s

  30. Paul&Patricia Walker

    that tank looks like it has a body of a leo with abig ass turret lol

  31. Hey uhm. I know i requested the Swift F7. And uhm you did so uhhh. Can you Play it again with the firestreaks! Its kinda very good so uhhh Yeah do it

  32. **Brenton Tarrant intsensifies**

  33. Phly, you still taking challenge requests? kill a chopper with a swordfish!

  34. ShieldBuddy WoT MCPE Memes

    Gonna tell my story
    Newbie me:Cant even shoot down plane with SPAA
    Also Newbie me:Can even shot down healthy fighter with Medium Tanks MG

  35. KV-2: excuse me?

  36. That last kill was great lol

  37. Attempt #1

    Revisit the BTD-1
    With all the new planes and changes its time you check out a old pal

  38. make a video about the Saab 29 Tunnan

  39. Thumbnail reminds me of the good ol’ days when the Chaffee had the T37 turret. Looked like an adorable little bobblehead having a turret as big as the chassis. Broadsiding looked like you’d tip over.

  40. Some have turret, some have turd(et). 😀

  41. is that song gonna be a problem?

  42. Bailey Donaldson-Fitt

    0.52 “why is it so big”?
    That’s what she said

  43. 0:19 I don’t know what that’s from but don’t you already have 2 strikes on the channel?

  44. “No bullying!”
    *routinely plays low br with tanks that should be a war crime*

  45. That Tiger II will be on Reddit now complaining how WW2 vehicles fight CW vehicles.e

  46. F 82E havent seen it in a while

  47. How dare you offend trackball mice

  48. Fine I’ll go make fun of the KV – 2 then

  49. The kv-1 would be proud

  50. Please phly out the F8F-1B Bearcat ❤️
    You haven’t flown it in over a couple years :/ bring some love to the Cat family.
    Attempt #1

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