Why You Heff To Be Mad?

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Pretty sure I used do these types of video once upon a time…

All music licensed from www.epidemicsound.com and www.machinimasound.com



  1. Great stuff!! Love the music and editing particularly

  2. Putin laughing was perfect – but how in the hell did that 4H have FIVE kills?

  3. O Mighty J. ……. bring us, your loyal salt miners, a video devoted solely to torpedo beats … LETS DANCE !!!

  4. It has been to long jingles.

  5. Hmm.. Stalin has shaved his moustache?

  6. How long has it been since the last Why you heff to be mad? Too long.
    still sad the episode that had my clip, where I got tank sniper in my KV 2, was taken down.

  7. blazinasian180 ps4 live

    Best video ever made my mornin

  8. Its only a game.???

  9. This videos are from the olden jingles glory days

  10. Get two battleships for the price of one a once in a lifetime offer.

  11. It’s back! It’s finally back!

    So much laughter.

    Shame we have to work so hard in the mines for it.

  12. I can smell copyright issues…

  13. That first part. Hillarious.

  14. stygianwraithdancer

    “taaadaaaaa” lol lol awesome!

  15. The prodigal son’s come home

  16. Christmas comes early. Oh I’ve missed you.

  17. Snacks?… check
    Drink?… check
    “Why You Heff To Be Mad”?… check

  18. I loved this

  19. that last clip with the chinese TD was such a great clip kuase its brings it home for almost all of us WoT players xD

  20. 5:20 Yogscast TTT anyone?

  21. Jingles: *posts a why you heff to be mad video*

    Me: here comes the copyright claims bois!

  22. Well… that KV2 must have been commanded by John Cleese… teaching the other team lesson #2 in “The Art Of Not Beeing Seen” 😉


  23. OMG! Please make more of this series! Hope it’s back to stay!

  24. Sir your editing is on point ? love this series

  25. Jingles got man flu? Don’t worry, me too.

  26. PLEASE! Bring back Epic Fail!

  27. Watching this during my breakfast

  28. Like Return of the Living Dead. “Send more planes!”

  29. That intro…getting a wee bit full of our self are we?

  30. It’s been so long…

  31. Isn’t the universal studios intro copyrighted? And the Soviet anthem for that matter (Alexandrov Choir)

  32. A_Certain_Russian_Heavy_Tank

    C-could it be!? The ol’ series! It’s back! What a christmas bloody miracle!

  33. LOL epic KV-2s

  34. When Richie Everett starts to blow his horn then I am glued to youtube

  35. best soviet sniper KV2 😛

  36. Conservatives be like: “why you mad, is only game??”


  37. Best… Intro>>> Ever!!!

  38. that shot is good yes but the question is: what is that camo on the KV-2

  39. God dang it allmighty gnome overlord wy are u showing Flamu’s uncle Vladi on screen again!

  40. cant believe he made another episode of this!

  41. Jingle doing a why you heff to be mad video? What year is it? 2014?

  42. Is it legal to have this much fun? Is it true that Valium is going to be a currency on world of warships?

  43. Puffy-Pants Wallace

    it’s 5 AM and you had to go and upload a new yuheff2bmad

    gnomish magic controls my sleep schedule confirmed

  44. Oh my god
    Is this series back?

  45. Simply hilarious, i kept laughing throughout the whole video 😀

  46. Not going to lie, I was genuinely confused about what I was watching from the intro

  47. Good thing about insomnia. I can watch your videos as soon as you upload (I’m in the USA so its 5am here)

  48. I needed this today, thank you oh great and powerful gnome

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