Why You Need the Cavalier Tier 5 British Medium World of Tanks

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Source: Sir Havoc

It doesn’t matter if you are a new or an old player this is more fun than a bag of Badgers!!!


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  1. First!

  2. Showing up for me but can’t watch it till tomorrow

  3. Wopper W Cheeze

    GL SH

  4. Loving the new vids Pete, glad your back 🙂

  5. stephen scheldt

    just been watching your training shows on youtube got 13 still got to get 59 boy you can talk heheheheheh

  6. wanna be friends?

  7. That gun is so troll, the arc is so high I have it used as artillery. Lock on drive back behind a hill and shoot so weird and handy on like canyon

  8. If I would be tempted to fire up WoT again to play some games (currently I’m not yet temped), I’d go for the QF 6 pounder on the Cavalier. Although the UK derp has mucho’s memes going for it and although historically correct I cannot stand the ultra slow shell velocity of it.
    Seems like a fun tank on tier 5 though, but I’d personally stick to the machine gun 6 pounder.

  9. Sir !!! Good to hear and see you again 🙂

  10. These low velocity derps are always a lot of fun.
    One tip for them though. When you have a very arcing gun like this aiming and shooting through 3rd person works really well. It will let you arc shells over hills since you can get an outline in third that you wouldn’t be able to in 1st person.

    If you get an autoaim lock at someone that stops behind a hill you can also still hit them 🙂
    So the enemy can sit behind a hill thinking he is safe, and then you lob a shell on top of his turret 🙂

  11. my new go to youtuber!! great stufff

  12. Do you think the game rewards bad players with all the F-Tanks and Stupid fast autoloading tanks that can still make the shot at 90KPH or even 100kph?
    (Well actually the computer makes the shot with the legal Autolock cheat).
    When a Game becomes More FRUSTRATION than FUN well maybe time for something else.
    And, I Don’t say that lightly since I’m leaving almost a couple hundred tanks behind.

    • I think it will get sorted, to be honest, they are not as easy as they seem, but they change the game considerably. my attitude at the moment is if you can not beat them join them. But i can not deny the effect they have when I am not in one and i see one

    • @Sir Havoc Sorry, I left the game for quite awhile…came back when they finally limited Arty, and am on my way out with the latest FU from Wargaming.
      Git into a nice exchange with my Pershing against a Tiger having a good time and along come Zoomy the Cocroach tank with his super accurate at 100kph overpowered gun for a LIGHT tank BOOM! And, Wargaming thinks this is F U N??
      Do you know why big tanks had Big guns and Little tanks had little guns?
      Because it would flip over the tank.
      Be honest, playing -2 in a Heavy or a Turretless TD SUCKS even worse these days.
      I started playing this game years ago as a casual player and still am BECAUSE it wasn’t a Zoomy run around. There are hundreds of those.
      This game required some thought (knowledgeofyour enemy, skill at placing your shots, etc…
      I don’t get what sense of accomplishment you get from a computer making your shots? Or, a type of Ammo either? Or, a “Special” tank that you don’t have to play well because the tank will?

  13. Taking the derp gun away from the tier 6 VK 28 01 was criminal. Its a tier 4 gun (Hetzer) that sees tier 8 games. Shame on you WG.

  14. Love this tank, love it, love it love it!!! New players head this way, bad player use this as a training tank, if you can aim and get shots with this you can get shots with anything. so rewarding too!!!

  15. Glad your back mate great vid again for noobs like me would like to see a T67 vid i love mine great fun

  16. Sir Havoc: “If u know any bad players point them my way”
    Me: *looks at the mirror, nods head towards the screen*

  17. The Cavalier plays a bit like the Cruiser II (A10) which has sadly lost it’s derp gun since WOT update 2.0, which was a shame. Thanks for the great video, inspired me as I was planning to buy the Cavalier later this afternoon. looking forward to the derpy fun that which was lost on the Cruiser 2. Will follow you videos as have stagnated at mo’ with progression in WOT, great to see you back!

  18. I think Wg is Buffing the speed on this tank

  19. Good to see you back. I just sold the Cavalier as I thought it was a bit meh – I used the higher pen, lower alpha gun which was ok, but nothing special. I thought the British derp wasn’t up to scratch, as the gun arc is so high and shell so slow that unless something is staying still, you have to be super close to hit very often. I agree with you on the T6 med though, that is super fun, with a derp that doesn’t act like some sort of mortar…

  20. I will always be a real fan of your passion for history – isn’t that how you got into WoT? Its how I did…

  21. *sidenote* you had a German ad for the Xdrone HD – and I kept wondering what I would use one for; for me, it would be the joy of pretending to be Inside One just flying around stunt flying [barnstorming]

  22. Low tier derps are my go to for comic relief if the high tier grind is getting too much. Will add the cavalier to the list 😄

  23. Gerrit Igle Jansma

    chonky cromwell

  24. Tehy were / are suppose to give all commanders sixth sense at some point.

  25. good to see your still instilling Learning “Your Tank” in game play

  26. have a go with the T40 with a derp gun!! now that’s fun!

  27. Hey buddy, good vid on the Cav, never knew it existed! Love the work you’re doing with the kids! Looks a really worthwhile and rewarding project, great stuff, keep up the good work and if you ever find yourself in the Orkney islands on your historical travels feel free to look me up. All the very best 👍🏻

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