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  1. phly, this thing DOES have armor.

    USE protection analysis.

    it’s upper plate has almost 100 mm of protection.

  2. I thought you expanded the resolution for the memes, but no, this thing is just too thicc

  3. Pretty sure that round is probably a German PzG 39 round. From my experience in the Italian tree so far some of the rounds and guns are shared. The early German rounds around this BR also have very effective rounds.

  4. Phly: depression? 10!

    Me too

  5. Challenge: build a fort towing dead tanks

  6. It looks like a Italian crusader

  7. I love war thunder and this guy is the reason why

  8. I’ll be honest I can’t fly a plane on war thunder 👍

  9. he protecc
    he attac
    but most important
    he is this as fucc

  10. I-16 type 10 with historical inphormation, UH-1C XM-30 using 30mm gun pods no ATGMs, Gladiator Mk II loving the unloved please Phly
    Thank you for receiving my suggestions.


  12. Aye it’s flat Toni phlyday, everyone one of ya’s

  13. For anyone wondering about the ammo those 2 big boxes down low have 52 shells (the 2 slightly longer looking rows have 11 instead of the 10 of the other 3) and then each group in the turret is 9 rounds so 52×2 = 104 + 9×2 = 122

  14. Mig 21 Bis video when? You will love it

  15. Fin Stabilized Carrot

    The shells have such terminal performance because the Italians have been perfecting (pasta) shells for many centuries 🙂

  16. Hey Phly, This is my first time requesting something
    Challenge: Bury a tank in 50kg bombs from the F. or F.222.3 by using the series mode and dropping all 52 simultaneously.
    Attempt #1

  17. Is it just me or is this looking kinda THICC

  18. Grill cheese ASMR when?

  19. 30 grams is almost 1 troy ounce brah its a magic weight indeed

  20. Chel-air-eh sah-har-ee-ah-no

  21. Lol in italy talking about m. is illegal

  22. Why always people use stupid music in background when use italians on war thunder?

  23. gooo phloppy gooo

  24. Yo when he said “we gonna disengage just for a little bit” if I saw the an a shirt I would buy that just saying

  25. Jeeeeez it looks like you are playing on stretched resolution.

  26. I play console, and the new update, makes it where R2/RT, no longer selects where to spawn, and also wont mark on the map, actually the only thing RT/R2 does now is shoot, it also does nothing in the menu, it still gives me the prompt to use RT/R2, but doent work, can ANYONE help me.

  27. What happened with the graphics man?

  28. Comrade Phly, our glorious leader Comrade Stalin has decended down from Heaven and spoke to me in my Sleep. He has said, that KV-220 MUST be taken out to crush the Fascisti scum under our red boots!

  29. Raad Khan Mohammed Ali

    22:54 That gave me a heart attack

  30. Phly, I add one attempt per video. This is attempt ( # 112 ). You can physically check the comment sections on ur past videos, I’ve tried for this long. We need a type 87 video! Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 cent) that would be awesome.

  31. human size in tanks are Not the same !
    look at the top and low br human sizes .. looks like in low br kids are operating you tank … lol

  32. 15:20 my name is Mario and i got a bit offended😂😂😂

  33. this video is a bit offensive for me and other Italians

  34. “I just saved you dude!”

    *Swedish tank dies 2 seconds later, burned out*

  35. I thought you said anyone with me? No ok just me and my Wong tong

  36. Phly I need your help. I play on Mac (I know that is not a gaming platform) but since the new war thunder update I can not play war thunder. I deleted and downloaded the game multiple times, I did a lot of “file checking” but no problem showed up. I also downloaded and installed the new version of MacOS but nothing changed, os I tried to download again war thunder with the new MacOS, I did file checking but, again, nothing. Can you please help me? I wasn’t able to find anything useful on internet.

  37. i think this one of the worst matches of Phly i have ever seen…

  38. Phly: I love saving somebody like that
    Mad Max truck: *dies to the T-28 Phly killed.

    You got close mate, one day, you’ll save someone

  39. when you gona play with skypimp

  40. Wait, why doesn’t this thing have arty? Or is there some nerf I’ve missed 🤔

  41. Squished PNG T34

  42. Phly, day 1 of asking you to play the new (pretty horrible) Q-5a in the chinese tech tree.

  43. Drop a really big bomb and watch it explode with new update

  44. Hi daily my friend KajteKko_ is in your War Thunder crew can i join it to???(PS my nick wegkuba)

  45. I crashed into the exact same hill whilst looking backwards as well…. they must have changed the hill haha

  46. Do you have a k binding set up vid

  47. finalmente un americano che usa carri e aerei italiani!
    English: finally an american that use italian tank and planes

  48. I’m interested in seeing phlop use the “Schrage Musik”, it’s been awhile. #2

  49. Phly, use the ab 43 in top tier, youll love it

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