Will it derp? 30k Subscriber contest!

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Source: TheFochYou

1. upload you to www.wotreplays.com.
2. send an email with the link + of the shot to willitderp@gmail.com
Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used:
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Congratz!!! Keep it up!!!

  2. Will you accept xbox wot replays?

  3. Noticed a typo in description where it says “www.wotrplays.com” instead of ”
    http://www.wotreplays.com.” Keep up the good videos though Foch, always a pleasure

  4. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    Congatz Foch , the only downside is that i don’t play derp tanks 🙁 But
    still keep up the good work as always , and i hope one day you’ll be one of
    the biggest YT-ers , caouse you definietly should ;)

  5. does it need to be a penetrating shot? i have a shot where i do about 400
    damage to a tiger P with my KV2, and it sets him on fire and eventually i
    do over 700 damage with that one shot. Is that worth sending?

  6. Congratulation
    And its a nice Idea i like it even thiug i dont habe that much of derp
    action in wot

  7. Once I hit an at8 in my SU 152, He was like 700m away, well out of my
    render range and I used that laser on my minimap and hit him and killed
    him. To bad it was some time ago and I forgot to save that replay.

  8. Good i just bought my t49, now i need to grind with that fucking shitty
    small derp that does like 20 damage a shot

  9. fck this google sht

    this reminds me of a time in my kv2 where I was going downhil fullspeed
    while turning my turret, and then one shotting a full health cromwell going
    70 kph around 400 meters away. Sadly i wasnt recording :(

  10. Congrats

  11. Would ammo racking an IS3 from full health with the 155mm cannon on the T30

  12. Once killed a M4 Sherman 15 seconds into a game with my Grille…. too bad
    arty isn’t eligible 🙁

    If there is a good chokepoint I will chans my first round at it, pans out
    occasionally :P

  13. so does an AP e-100 shell count? or just HE?

  14. Foch, i mainly play on the SEA server, and i have some tanks that derp, but
    i also have another acount on NA, so can i send replays from SEA, but get
    the prize (if i win) on NA? My NA acount does not have any derps. Yet. 

  15. dammit i once shot someone in my SU-152 with HE for the max possible damage
    (around 1038dmg) but i don’t have the replay anymore

  16. What sort of lame derp competition doesn’t allow arty? Arty make the best
    derpers, 155mm at tier 5 and 203mm at tier 7 – kv-2 and su-152 eat your
    heart out. noone wants to see t49 “derp” some t10 for 180 damage in the
    tracks. We want to see t92 do 1800 damage, set fire and ammo rack a tank. 

  17. DAMN! I’m on SEA but I have some insane derp shots lying around… Why!?
    Can I still submit even though I can’t win anything. Does the SU-100y

  18. Can we send in a replay with arty if we do a funny derp shot while driving
    TD mode?? Cuz I dont have any derp tanks (Obj 416,E-25,JP2,Tog 2,M53/M55)

  19. SmallShooter/CinderCrisp

    dammit, why no arty? i had a really derpy shot a while back with the
    Grille: me undefended, 2 tigers in a platoon roll around the corner, me
    thinking well fuck, might as well try to do some damage. shotgun fire,
    shell landed between them (i presume) blew the ammo-rack of the first
    tiger, de-tracked the 2nd tiger and the turret of the first tiger landed on
    his de-tracked platoon mate. that’s around 3000 damage in 1 shot. sure i
    didn’t survive, one of the tigers blew me up with HE, but both me and them
    were laughing our asses of at what had just happened. also replay of 9.2 or
    9.3 not exactly sure… about that. my derpiest shot ever

  20. LegendaryBro_LFProphet

    does ammo racking an is6 with a kv-4 count?

  21. damn it i dont have derp tank :/

  22. HE only :c sad

  23. does the carpet match the derps

  24. Does an E100 slamming a WT auf PzIV with HE doing 1.2k damage as a snap
    shot on the move count?

  25. Foch, you can gift other servers stuff, just simply make a an account on
    that server, go into gift shop and ta-daa. The ASIA community is waiting on
    your response.

  26. Thx, Foch, I feel like this contest is made for me and my KV-2, which I got
    last week or so and within the first few matches got an amazing hit on a
    fast moving scout. Rest of the replay isn’t worth mentioning however, since
    I was to concerned with grinning like a Cheshire cat… What’s a Cheshire
    cat btw? There were no Honigkuchenpferde in the english language…

  27. Damn, didn’t play the heavy derps for a while and did have replay off when
    a funny derp happened to me lately. Probably someone gets really lucky and
    gets a Maus to blow up.

    PS: You could PayPal money worth the award to other regions…

  28. So no time limit?

  29. theSwedishTankDriver

    Awesome gmail account ;)

  30. Sure, i can pen an E-100 with HE no sweat, ill keep playing till i get one.
    *plays WOT into the grave”

  31. i love you foch, and i also want your babys

  32. Foch, can I do a cliff dive shot with the ISU’s BL-10, it counts as a derp.
    0.41 acc

  33. does it matter if it’s an older version replay?

  34. Im looking forward, i have a good one from today! Keep up the good work

  35. Does an HE shell in an IS-3 count?

  36. Foch, I’m pretty sure you would be able to send gifts on the SEA server as
    it is run like the other main servers and isn’t country restricted afaik.
    Makes me sad as I have some great Stug B derps in my collection :(

  37. Time to re-buy the su-152 :D

  38. I know its not exatly a derp gun, but will you accept a t37 two shotting an

  39. damn dont play derps anymore >_< ...then again was just thinking of starting grind for RU tommorow and that t6 VK on RU tree has it.....well if anything fun happens gonna send

  40. Can it be a full hp ammorack on T-57? Not with a derp gun though

  41. Foch why!? You’re leaving us Australian’s out of this competition! D: —
    Also, wouldn’t you be able to simply create an account on the X/Y/Z server
    and send the prize that way?

  42. I have a replay where I oneshot 3 enemy tanks with my kv-2. Is it ok to
    send it in and give the time of each of the three derpshots?

  43. Damn, I have 2 Hetzer games in 9.3 where I get 9 kills full of 1-shots
    because Hetzers gonna Hetz. Bad thing is the good part is the whole game,
    not individual shots, and it’s older than 9.4 so it won’t count, right?

  44. Oh man. I have a 9.3 replay where I one shot a T-150 with my KV-2 through a
    narrow gap in a window on Kharkov.

  45. +SirCircon We have a contest for your Waffle 150mm 4k clip — send it in
    and you get a free premium from Foch as you won already hands down

  46. Rip us dirty sea scrubs 

  47. Foch — congrats on the 30k subs!

  48. Why not for SEA server == To gift on any server just requires an account
    created nothing more 

  49. Too bad arty doesn’t count… I one shot a M103 in the M53/55 by almost
    killing him, then a small fire killed him.
    Must try hard to derp then.
    Do the: Borsig, T18, & IS-3 count?

  50. check out my replay at 9 min 40 sec into the game or 5 min 40 sec left till
    time runs out

  51. dam arty not allowed

  52. Wow looks like I’m going to have to Work the Derp LOL


  53. Does a SU-100Y with HE ammo count?

  54. Can i send a replay of Bert (FV304) in the TD mode?

  55. Aw dang, my 1050 KV-2 shot to a Tiger II doesnt count as its an older

  56. inb4 autolader ammo-racking 5 tanks in 1 clip

  57. +TheFochYou Will ISU 152 BL10 gun count??

  58. Well huge congrats to you sir thanks for teaching me how to play the Tiger
    1 and conqueror really do enjoy and appreciate your channel keep up the
    good work!

  59. Congrats on the 30k subs, Foch! Let’s hope they keep coming!

    Question about the contest: does it really have to be just that ONE, great
    derp shot? Or will a (relative) chain of colossal derps also count? (like
    2-3-4 derp one-shots in a row)

  60. It really sucks that is has to be 9.4 only because my best and luckiest
    derp round ever happened in 8.1 where I penned with 5 kv2 HE shots. I even
    saved the bastard because I will never get a replay like that again. See
    for yourself if you can play 8.1 battles …

  61. Just had an epic derp shot in the SU-152 but the replay file is corrupted
    and won’t work right on WotReplays :(

  62. Does Sau 40 counts? 

  63. Thank you Foch! You’re channel is one of my favorites! I JUST started a
    Twitch account two days ago, I’ve been to you’re stream once, but so far
    Circon is never streaming when I check, and I’m too lazy to try to convert
    time zones from his schedule. But you, Foch, seem to always be streaming at
    the perfect time for me, shortly after I wake up, while I am too tired/busy
    with morning stuff to play myself!

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