Will it derp Winners!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. finaly it s done 

  2. Hmmm… My shot was much better… I oneshot an unspotted T-25 while i’m
    aiming for a KV-85

  3. Good idea foch:)

  4. Good new year and happy streams! :)

  5. and i tought u said damage wont matter -_- just a nice derb shot

  6. Well done for giving away a T8 prem Foch, you’re a dude :D

  7. Congrats to JNA_soldier

  8. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    Guys could you plz help me out?

  9. That last shot-Live by the Derp, die by the Derp.

  10. Svaka cast brate
    Jugoslavenska Narodna Armija FTW :)

  11. Yes I got was a runner up!!

  12. damn i thought i had a chance. 900+fire on a tiger then another shot right
    after with a 1200 into a proto in kv2

  13. awwwww…. I sent in a covenanter replay where I hit like 6 shots in a row
    with the small derp gun going full speed down the hill on prokhorovka and
    some of them penetrating, others not really but I think it deserves a
    special place!!!!!

  14. Nice one! For your 40k, I suggest you do a series, ”Will I derp?”…
    Which would be people doing stupid stuff but ending up getting great

  15. Wasnt a derp gun, but a few days ago i ammoracked a full health Bulldog
    with my IS2 while driving fullspeed downhill, like 0,5s after i spotted
    him… his rage was just delicious, even though the game ended 15:2 against
    my team :D

  16. Васил Василев

    1shoted wt e100 with borsig and still not in? Anyway happy new year

  17. dat T49 shot 😀 

  18. happy new years!

  19. I hope this is NO moan for once

  20. new year guys

  21. good ones and gratz to winners ^^

    sent replay too but was way weaker than these…… i mostly prefer to play
    those lazer accuracy guns only so very rarely play any derp and happy new
    year all

  22. Fun video, thanks for taking the time to have a contest and for viewing so
    many replays to find these.

    Happy New Year!

  23. Congrats winners!

  24. Thanks for this brief moment in spotlight. :D

  25. So it looks like I should have submitted my 1 hit of a batchat in my t49.
    Full damage then a fire for full hp.

  26. nice, wish i knew you were running this, not sure how i missed it!

  27. I had a replay from 9.3 at El halluf that was next to the 1st place and I
    wish I could show it, because it was unbelievable lucky. A shot at tier 5,
    105 derp, around the max render distance, 40-50 km/h. Little was shown of
    the enemy tank, but took it anyway. My mind was blown so much that i
    thought: okay thats enough wot for today.

    Still nice rng replays :)

  28. Auww just pent da copola of a t34 in my kv2 :/ 

  29. Wish I could watch my old Pershing derp gun game xD I guess that’s why
    people record and upload them to youtube. I think that’s why Jingles
    started. I should do the M46 or M48 Patton now.

  30. aaaaah i just experienced orgasm watching these

  31. Happy new year foch! its been a good one 

  32. The Behind Feline

    Great way to end the year Foch congrats on 30k

  33. Just my luck, I got a shot on a E 75 yesterday in my Jaegeru, hit him for
    1k+ damage then set him alight for the entirety of his HP — 1920. Why does
    this shit not happen during the contest period?!

    Edit: Just uploaded it to WoT Replays incase anyone wants to see it:
    http://wotreplays.com/site/1477581#team It’s at 3:40 time remaining. The
    whole game was pretty sweet though with 6.6k damage dealt and 0 damage
    taken throughout the entire game — loads of shots hit me though.

  34. nuclearsharkattack

    That shot by Little Viking on the move was just ridiculous! Congrats to the
    winners, well done Foch!

  35. If anybody wants to see a good replay that didn’t make the cut, here’s
    (it is a T18 game, so it’s not VERY lucky, but it’s still a good derp game)
    First notable shot taken at 11:23
    2nd: 7:10
    3rd: 5:58
    4th: 4:42

  36. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    ooh…i get in now why this video came out now 😀
    so foch could buy those tanks on discount…

  37. Wot in a nutshell 

  38. Alexander Yordanov

    Nice one PsychoBG
    Добър :)

  39. ns ns Foch ns xD

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