Win a Type 59 | World of Tanks 5th Birthday Competition

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. hey max!
    first comment?;)

  2. Maxwell you are the best

  3. Keep it up Maxwell!

  4. Potatoes.

  5. Random comment XD

  6. random

  7. C’mon RNG’sus!

  8. type 59 :)

  9. Good work Maxwell, enjoy your streaming!

  10. Nice, congratz wg I guess ;)

  11. Cake or Death!

  12. !type 59
    Also keep up the good work Maxwell.

  13. Random comment

  14. would be nice

  15. well might as well try :)

  16. SparklingAsmodeus

    I’m enjoying my tier 7 tanks too much to play tier 5s, even though I like
    my Chi-Nu Kai

  17. I should comment 5 times.

  18. Artmaster Studio TV

    yes please to type 59

  19. I like the youtuber called “banana” and my favourite food is Maxwell… oh

  20. Just hopin’

  21. IS-3A is still the best tire 8 premium tank in thw game

  22. So, this is a comment.

  23. I LOVE PHO!!!

  24. Yeah, you suck Max 😛
    Btw Did you make a second account or is it the same as in the Dream Team
    from like 2 years ago?

  25. so, is everything EU only, or just the types? :(

  26. Denes Sentmartoni

    Maxwell keep up the good work

  27. Always enjoy your content Max. Keep up the great work.

  28. How I play World of Tanks


  29. Type 59 is AwsomE!! And Max as Well!!

  30. random comment inc
    keep the vids coming and have fun stat-padding

  31. I like to do butt stuff

  32. If I don’t win in gonna kill myself with a spoon

  33. .

  34. Maxwell gaming for the win. (Give type Kappa)

  35. Lol well time to buy a tier 5 tank

  36. I just got 12 kills, 3800 dmg and 2100 base xp yesterday. Can I enter that
    or does it have to be from today?

  37. I hope this comment brings me Type 59… and yes, you are great Maxwell :)

  38. omg Maxwell, Asia server applicable?

  39. Hey maxwell, I know it’s World of Tanks birthday but also want to
    congratulate you on getting this far on YouTube (almost 6,000 subscribers
    now)! 😀
    Never stop making content here cause it’s always great stuff that brightens
    my day.
    ~ Legotank007

  40. Keep up the great work Maxwell!

  41. ThePrussianPrince

    I’m saying something not meaningful. :P

  42. Devin “whiteeagle” read

    Rollin for Type 59 haha

  43. Steffen Aggerholm Kristensen

    Type-59 me up you magnificent bastard :)

  44. Random comment. You are great and this match sucked :P

  45. “why you guys still here?”, nice one Maxwell and good luck to everybody.

  46. … pasta…..

  47. A comment from me

  48. love u maxwell

  49. Bad for you, but Donner Kebab :)

  50. 05er's Spielstube

    Nice shit – I’m in it! ?

  51. !type-59

  52. I liek pies

  53. Nah, I’m not winning but … you deserve a comment! :)

  54. That part about “if you want to ‘Max’imise your chances” was a nice bit of
    subliminal messaging. 😉 You should do it more often… SH*T… Maybe you
    already are doing more of it, and I just noticed?!?!


  55. Liam Dawson (VCG)

    HMS Togginten

  56. oi oi my in game name is djomla2

  57. Bogdan Serbanescu

    T71 is as OP as Type59 man.. Good game!

  58. love your videos, you awesome you loyal.

  59. There is bigger chance of KV-2 derping someone on the move then wining that
    type but hey HELLO RNG :)

  60. lets get a type :D

  61. u like how u talk, i want type 59

  62. Meaningful comment. WoTExpat. :)

  63. What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh

  64. awesome videos, maxwell :)

  65. I like pie59

  66. I will win

  67. DrunkSpooneh “Simon” -

    good luck everyone!

  68. i wish i will win 1 type59

  69. gimeee

  70. Make me random winner!

  71. A comment! :ooh

  72. im not lurker, gimme type59 Kappa

  73. gimme that famous tank :)

  74. keep up doing these great videos for us!

  75. Can I haz a second Type 59?

  76. Александър Атанасов (Alexander)

    random type59 comment!

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