Win More, Avoid These Tanks! | Worst Tier 10 Tanks in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

Bad and The Worst Tanks in World of Tanks You Should Avoid. World of Tanks FV215b, Tier British Heavy Tank. Gameplay, Tier 10 Chinese Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Rhm Panzerwagen, Tier 10 German TankThe Worst Tier 10 Tank Destroyer in The Game.

Today let’s play with some of the tanks statistics say you should avoid, as those tanks have some of the worst win ratings in World of Tanks… Are these The Worst Tier Tanks?

What do you think?


  1. Win rate alone DEFINITELY do not show full potential of any tank, but it gives you some kind of an idea at least how the overall playerbase is doing in those tanks… Such as most OP tanks usually have the best WR and not so good tanks low WR. At the end of the day, it comes down to the players skill level as well. 😉
    Which tanks do you think should be in the list as well, which NEVER perform for you for example? And which ones you love, but are bad/not very popular?
    Have a good one fam and stay safe!

    • So, I recently got the FV215b myself (mostly thanks to you, Dez lol), and I love the tank, but my win rate is really poor. I think I’m starting to fix it after getting preventative maintenance so I can stay alive for longer lol. A lot of people seem to do terrible in the K-91, but I have a 55% win rate in mine and I love the thing. If I had to start the game over again, and could only pick a single tank to main, it would be my K-91. Same with my Grille 15, I have a 55% WR in it, but everyone just seems to do terrible in it.

    • The Pz VII, while the frontal armour is funny sometimes (especially in ranked, 277s and Krans absolutely panic when they bounce gold off the 355mm UFP), the DPM, mobility, and terrible module HP make it such a bad tank for random battles. You get penned and the engine or ammo is broken, usually both. It’s a tank that could be good with a few minor changes, buffing the DPM would make the tank significantly better for brawling, 560 alpha can really throw some opponents off guard.

      Overall, it’s not a good tank for new players since you can’t sidescrape, you’re slow, and you have a terrible gun mantlet.

    • i see SKORPION G, bounce HEAT

    • As far as the WZ-113G FT is concerned, I think it may not be liked by the playerbase because it’s not exceptional in any way. It’s good at most things, but not a standout overachiever in any one of them. Whereas people love the overpowered or really strong tanks, and the bad tanks have that loyal fan-base that will love them no matter what, if a tank is only sort-of-good or average, people will walk away from it. Even if it isn’t especially bad, it’s worst characteristic is its lack of a strong selling point to make the player want it.

    • Dez all my tier 10 tanks are colecting dust in my garage lol so that dont means they are not good LOL only that the game Economics dont favor them!

  2. HazMatt Container

    “I lied…” LOLOLOLOL

  3. Kantemirovskaya1 Lightning Armor

    Dez-hope you and your family are doing okay with all the stress. take care, have an emergency plan and keep that family safe!

  4. Yup, that’s a fountain. 🙂

  5. Play the FV215b like a TD.

  6. Great video. It was very informative.

  7. Put the memes in the bag Nii-chan

    I regret getting IS 7 when theres that OBJ 277, yes I was mesmerized by the looks of the IS 7 thought it was cool. Should’ve went 277 or just went masochist with S Conq.

    • i agree with other tanks now is 7 is now not up to the standard which is shame…i hate it now 🙂

    • Put the memes in the bag Nii-chan

      @paul h piked nose hull doesnt work now, people loading HEAT and going above you because you have poor gun depression, yeah I am depressed cuz of it. Now im having fun with FV4005

  8. In the current meta, stupid to play anything than mediums or amx light in t9 or t10.

    Obj 268.4 = more bounce than pen. Speed good, armor is great on paper, but just on paper.

    Is-7 = slower than in should be, shitty gun, always against trillgun sheats.

    Is-4 = do not buy it. Utter garbage.

    Obj430u = do not buy it. Only decent in fights against t8. (A kpz easily counter it)

    T62a = cool and funny tank, great gun, mobility, weak armor, alpha dmg, absolute silver consumer, but great to play.

    Prog65 = great burst, usually 1x shot bounce, 1x miss, 2 pen. Rince and repeat.

    Maus = nobody plays, garbage.

    T110e4 = bad, slow, paper.

    Jage100 = weak, slow, bad accuracy, bad elevation, more bounce than pen, only streamer accounts using it.

    So normal meta : tvp, kranvgn, obj140, stb1, vz55, t95, 279e. Case clised, everthing else bad.

  9. The FV215B can be very, very good in the right situations. It’s one of the vehicles I play knowing there are ‘better’ vehicles, but I enjoy playing. The problem is that, like the T95, the situations where you can have great games in it are growing fewer and fewer with every speedy, high accuracy, high pen high ROF vehicle they put in.

  10. 16:37 i will always be sad that we never got the proper M551 Sheridan. no idea why WG went with the ugly, boxy prototype version.

  11. Fv215b, the rear turret heavy with sides too thin to side scape. Gets overmatched by so many tanks in the game.

    I think they may have buffed it a bit but that was the problem when it first came out.

  12. Strangely mine is the STB-1.

    I have the worst team luck in that thing. No really, I have had many many Top Gun losses. Many many battles with thousands in damage but still lost. So many battles ended in less than 5 minutes with me as top damage and like eight 0 damage players on my team. So many times only 2 of us cover one flank and the entire team goes the other flank and they lose their flank vs 7 enemies while the 2 of us win our flank vs 8 enemies. Like the worst team luck ever, where I need to carry every game and I am not that good.

    52% win rate most of the time, except 41% on my STB-1.

    I like the thing, played a few hundred games in it so not a statistical anomaly. Just always get the worst teams whenever I load in with that thing and it takes several games per day to get a win.

  13. i have wg td it sucks

  14. 1) BatChat 25t. TRASH GUN, TRASH ARMOR. Speed? Obj says hi.
    2) WZ light, fun but always over-traverse, weird maneuverability (Game engine problem, tank has NO WEIGHT…).
    3) UDES. Just play STB instead.

  15. Scatterbrain Brain

    Those are 3 of the best tanks ive seen in a while

  16. Just want to say, Dez you are still my favorite contributor. Love your style and your reviews.

  17. Dez: Today we’re talking about the worst 10’s in the game, don’t play them

    Tanks: Nah fam we aint gonna let you make us look bad

  18. Fv is a great tank, i got 3 marks on it, not the hardest 3 mark but still. I was rarely ammoracked and never set on fire in my 120 games playing the tank using improved config. Just used rammer and v-stab as other equipment. The gun on fv is beassttllyyy.

  19. all tanks are good, it depends on you enemies if they are noobs or not.

  20. The WZ has a low win rate because people play it a couple of times and quit before they get good with it because it sucks.

  21. I regret grinding teh Type 5 H line… I used to like O-I and O-Ni but O-Ho onwards are frustrating to play already even back before 2018 when they had really good armor. It closes the deal since the HE nerf and Gold Ammo for Credits. so I sold all of the Japanese HT line tanks I have, including the O-I (KV-2 is a lot better if i want to have derpy fun session) and start grinding the MT instead. A lot better line nowadays.

  22. German Top Tier LT should be 120mm of penetration, not Alpha Damage…..

  23. My fv on 58% roll 😂

  24. Put bond configuration in fv215b and its fire and ammo rack problems completely disappear. The godlike track repair speed is also great for a tank that you need to use lots of tank traverse to maximize armor usage

  25. I regret getting the grille 15. I thought the accuracy was good, which in fact it is. some games I actually hit the targets. but most of the games my shots don’t even land on the target

  26. i think i can make the FV215B work! i have Super ConQ but still want the FV. great video info! won’t get the other 2..

  27. You could make a shoe box work with a 17 skill crew. Holy crap.

  28. Fv was my first t10 on console. I just love playing super aggressive and shredding people

  29. completely speechless at 8:22

  30. I love my Chinese TDs and I will die on that hill.

  31. EBRs should roll over at least twice as much as the Rhm with the turns they make but hey, what do you do?

  32. I actually love my chinese TD 😀 only TD with bigger average dmg is my badger lol for some reason this tank is just working for me

  33. I recent brought then fv215b from the bond shop. I like it, gun handling is very good. I basically play it as a HT sniper. I’ve got a 50% win rate in it.

  34. Dez you know that in Blitz we have the Mk6 Chieftain but it’s not so op like the WoT pc Chief

  35. After seeing this video I dug out my old 215b.
    Only top tier heavy on my team…. Against…. A….. chieftain.
    Nice balance there then!

  36. I play all of my Tier 10 tanks, and all of my elites. I have a little game i like to play, i asign a random number or “plays” between 15 and 35 to my elite tanks (including my T10s) adn every 20k damage+spotting and every 5k vehicle XP i play a game in my elite tanks, and that way i play them all.
    And i have to say, fv215 and unfortunately fv215 183 have left me dissapointed. I mean it isn’t necesarilly the tanks, but i have abismal win rates in them, and even if i try to enjoy them, i just get my ass kicked. Unfortunately those aren’t the only ones. Played relatively recently with the Chinese (113, wz 1-5 and 121) and was expecting so much more, and yet lost so many battles that it makes me sad. And considering that i play a t10 for a few dozen battles then move on to the next one, and with the current meta and not having the Field Mods, it seems that most normal tech tree vehicles are less and less viable, and there is only a narrow selection of tanks that you can play to be “successful” and that saddens me because there are so many tanks in this game that are being left behind

  37. Hmmm.. I like the Rheinmetall Panzerwagen, it is very good all-around light. It is not the best light on any area, but it doesnt suck either in any area like many other do. Manticore gun elevation anyone? Or tbh, Manticore gun overall anyone? My win ratio with RHP is close to 60% so it seems to fit to my playstyle.

  38. Why cant i play FV215b in ranked?

    • Cause reward tanks and changed tech tree vehicles are not allowed to play in ranked, as 279e, chieftain, fv’s, Foch, obj907, t22 med

  39. I pay little attention to win rate. If I enjoy playing a particular tank, I play it and accept whatever the outcome is. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been if not the top player, at least in the top three – and we’ve lost the battle. So, played well and lost. What’s the point in getting upset about that outcome for the sake of win rate?

  40. Obj 268 4. Because everyone wants it in clanwars, everyone says it’s OP. But somehow I keep losing with this tank so hard. I have 6% winrate (with overall wn 8 cca 1850). Everyone pens me, I miss half of the shots. I am not confident with this tank, I play like shit with it, I genuenly hate it. Because it is not OP. Not for me.
    I had the similar problem with E3, but at least I got used to it somehow…

  41. I remember having this tank going up against a top clan in a random battle. They had a platoon of two of the fv215b and they rolled over us in an instant. Good tank back in the day but power creep hasn’t been kind.

    I don’t really play tier X to be honest, the most unfun tier in the game. No matter what tier X I play I’m normally in the losing team. Sometimes I do good, sometimes I dont but I find it an unpleasant experience. To be honest I find the tank 3d skins the best part of tier X, wish we could get them for lower tiers.

  42. Statistics are true, but don’t really show the full picture – Even when statistics are technically accurate, particular statistical facts can be very misleading. It all depends on the assumptions, if they are wrong nubers are fine, but tell nothing…..when I read the equations used in the game and wn8 it made me laugh how simplistic they are and misleading, but I use stats everyday in my activity. By the way I love all of them tanks 🏴‍☠

  43. This video proved once again, that it is not about the tank — it is about RNG. I lost so many games in a day in FV215b because I kept trying. And if WG sees, that you are trying, RNG will screw you. Then I put FV aside for w ahile and when I tried it again, it worked like magic …. like in this video. We all have to understand, that its the WG / RNG that decides if you live or die — you can aim and shoot, but after that its all “random”. We should start uploading screenshots of pens / no-pens that does not match the official game mechanic — like pens at 80 degree angle (no overmatch). The mod “Battle hits” is very useful here.

  44. muppet mania!

  45. Rhm is only ther worst cause people is worst ..

  46. Stupid Azz Drivers (SAD)

    Centurion AX was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT

  47. Stupid Azz Drivers (SAD)

    WZ gets hit hard with the RNG

  48. Kristoffer Johansson

    The finish of the FV215b was hilarious! Good content!

  49. With 100% crew you win with rsg why not try with your own crew skills of only 3 levels you lose not with 14 levels as you had

  50. Hry Dez, can u plz play a group of armorless vehicles? U know like Leopard and such and compare them?

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