“Winged Lions” UPDATE PREVIEW | War Thunder Official Stream

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Source: Thunder. Official channel.

“Winged Lions” is the upcoming Major Update for Thunder, bringing you new mechanics, new vehicles, and a whole new tech tree to discover!
Read all about “Winged Lions” here: https://warthunder.com/en/news/?tags=Development
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00:00 – Countdown
04:43 – Stream start
06:04 – USA
12:51 – Germany
18:50 –
25:15 – UK
27:06 – Japan
31:57 – China
33:32 – Italy
37:02 – France
39:49 – Sweden
43:33 – Israel
57:25 – QoL Updates & Q&A

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  1. War Thunder. Official channel.

    This is my Bandkanon. It Bands Kanons

  2. Este juego se fue a la mierda, el que quiere jugar con tank de la segunda guerra ya no podrá hacerlo, esta todo mezclado y los tank mas valiosos lo han subido de rango, te obliga a que juegues con maquinaria de la guerra fría, caso mas notable es el MAUS, puma, chinut, etc…. pronto lo borrare me tiene por las bolas y a gaijin no le calienta su clientes que llevan años llenándole sus bolsillos, se pasa por los huevos los requerimientos y somos un simple jugador que estamos al alcance de sus caprichos… a partir del 2021 este juego esta perdiendo mucho adeptos y que se pierdan por el Qlo los misiles, helicópteros, jet etc… se ha vuelto un juego enfermizo y me aburre en la actualidad, ya no es para nada serio o realista esta compañia…

  3. Swedish tank kill the game

  4. Be cool to have this job with Gaijin

  5. When can poland into war thunder

  6. moral of the story…. Israel tree= copy paste

  7. Los Santos Downtown cab Co.

    Why don’t you make a custom button to switch ammo type in ground battles

  8. Lets delete game

  9. Vj 101 would be cool, it’s a German vtol jet (so Germany would have an actual domestic jet in higher tiers) and another vtol.

  10. Lector-Dogmatix Sicarii

    Fresh idea: fix the game
    Baby steps, right? Actually playing the game is a start. And no, press account and pay mode don’t count.

    I know, impossible with a Russian IQ, right? No amount of bans and social media stooge can cover up the stench of bourgeoisie and prole that comes with the YEARS of CAS being flaming dog excrement game breaking, time traveler vehicles, and new game breaking distraction mechanic.

  11. Can I attempt a lawsuit against gaijin for nerfing some nations and vehicle and using repair cost to compel player to invest real money and premium in their game ?

  12. day 78 asking for ASEAN tech tree

  13. “Ah yeah, thats a new … uhm … aircraft” …. jeeez … *eyeroll* Gimme back Mike! Unwatchable, sorry!

  14. i would love to see updates with 4th and 5th generation planes

  15. Can you add m/95 APFSDS to Strv 122 please? Strv 122 now has a shell with the least penetration at top tier. Good to see Type 10 added with a better shell though for Japan.

  16. When is the Update gonna hit the live Server?

  17. I *NEED* The Thundercheif.

  18. I give this update 3 shoes out of 20 black holes

  19. Gaijin is making self-propelled artillery into tanks, what…

    Distribution artillery in the 60s-2000s in the Swedish Lapland.

  20. When’s the update coming out?

  21. So when are you going to make the grind bearable for new players!

  22. Daniel Christiansen

    A-10 are we ever gonna get it?

  23. RIP update german aviation 🙁

  24. TYPE 10 HYPE !!! YESSS

  25. COPSI HI!!!

  26. they covered up the repair cost for the f105 :((((

  27. Why do you short planes air to air loadouts on missiles? If you can carry 20 tons of bombs whats the issue with getting a few decent air to air kills because you have a decent missile?

  28. some other tanks in the swedish tree would be nice. If you cant come up with some, just add danish M24, M41 or finish STUGs and T34 etc. Sweden really need some medium and light tanks to fill up some gaps, before the coldwar

  29. Please get Mike back. Mike is more spontaneous. New guy is like I don’t want to be here.

  30. Nothing about the video, no aggressive for the channel. Just an announcement, bwd is a DICKHEAD

  31. Ok i cringed when they called the scharnhorst a pocket battleship…

  32. Tbh Im kinda disappointed with this update so far, we dont need more USSR vehicles, Germany is fine as it is while the UK has MASSIVE lineup gaps in both air and ground trees.

    We dont want new Top Tier stuff, we want the lower BR’s filled up

  33. What happened to Mike?

  34. توجيهي علمي

    you must remove terrorist’s Israel so that we can play the game safely

  35. where is mike. where is egg. reply.
    (edit) after seeing new man in the rest of the video he seems very polite

  36. Is that really the reload speed?

    The Swedish meatballs launcher 3000

  37. 6:44 missile prodekchiles

  38. Swedish BKan, Band Kanon Cannon on tracks. Kanon pronounced Kah-noon.

  39. Mike…..

  40. Fix the economy

  41. Glad the Kingfishers got some love

  42. 13:40 Yo, does this mean we will have carriers someday?

  43. 27:07 if u want to see type 10 here it is

  44. My man has more GE than I do SL

  45. We must take a moment to respect all those F-105 Thunder chief flights that when into Vietnam and never came back the same or at all at that matter. We’ve lost so many of those aircraft.

  46. 13:20 it’s nice to see the Prinz Eugen and Scharnhorst are together again

  47. israeli 109 looks like cross breed between 109 and la series

  48. The Soviet 2s3m should be after the su-100p. Cause he’s a light tank with heavy cannon.

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