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Source: Circonflexes

One of the worst tanks, in the entire game, tier for tier.


  1. No views, 3 likes, 1 comment. GG Youtube

    • Balc0ra's Gaming

      And after 5 years of this. You would think people would know by now that they check for view bots before they show any view numbers.

  2. Well I’m first, so let me crack a joke.

  3. No views, 6 likes, 1 comment. GG Youtube

    • Views have to be verified first before they can be publicly displayed. Likes, however, do not need an auth check. So it’s indeed “gg” that YouTube prevents botted views.

  4. Ah, so that’s the thumbnail I was posing for. Nice one. It is only winnable with a circon on one of the teams.

  5. 25 views 13 likes. GG viewers Kek 😜🤔

  6. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Man Chinese medium tanks have good light tank camo ….

  7. It wouldn’t have even mattered if they did say they wouldn’t sell the Defender again, they’d still sell it for that fat roll of money in their pockets.

  8. Balc0ra's Gaming

    1:30 Just to again clear the air. E25 was removed when EU did not decide on their own on what would be sold or not unlike now. And since it was not up to EU, they simply said they can’t guarantee it won’t be sold again. As the removal page is still up showing it. The M6 Mutant was more or less the only one they did say about that… as such.

  9. falko czerniawski

    dos he find the E25 that OP?

  10. Can someone please tell me what kind of crosshair he uses, i would love to use it. Thanks

  11. Well, that was… interesting.

  12. Didnt this tank got quarantined by wg because coronavirus ? Rest in piece circon.

  13. That consistency though… I had to check, wether this was a reupload from the last vid 😀

  14. Most entertaining part of the whole video was the Twitch chat lmfao

  15. 69k credits spent
    and they say it isn’t pay to win 😀
    [i’m just joking, just in case anyone thought i was being serious]

    peace (from the UK)

  16. I see, #Winnable is the theme of the week

  17. CirCamp the God of Gold.

  18. Why’s the webcam black tho?

  19. 0:40 Mandela Effect

  20. 1:33 i think the m6 mutant they did say they werent gonna sell it again, i think jingles mentioned it. my memory isnt the best so take what i say with a grain of salt

    • The thing is they say that all the time with shit like the E25 and it happens all the time

    • BerserkHealerOfficial

      Promises made by wargaming are worse then promises made by politicians. At least with politicians you know they are always lying, but with wargaming, you never know. Wait, I think I reversed that.

  21. WhosYourDaddyNow

    I literally clapped at the end! Amazing clutch playzzz!

  22. Corona virus?

  23. They did say it aoout the Giraffe, get your unique limited tank by preordering in to an unknown game. thought it would be special till the end of times got cucked.

  24. Thx for deleting my comments, Circonflexes. No wonder skill doesn’t want to platoon with you, because you’re a pussy.

    • Checking your history of comments, im not sure what your talking about, but you do leave some strange ones at times.

    • @Circonflexes I’m talking about my 2 deleted comments today, in which I didn’t offend anyone, just pointed out that you were wrong about WG. There were no reason to delete them.
      As for Defender, as well as for E25 and Leffe arty, they said at one point they won’t sell them for the time being, but didn’t promise they won’t sell them again. But you forgot the Mutant affair, when they sold the tank which they offered as a special reward tank, not intended for sale.

    • Honestly, i have not deleted them, they might have been auto removed by youtube spam filter?

    • If you where replying to someone else, then it might be have been caught there.

    • @Circonflexes Not sure what kind of filter would delete them, because they weren’t fast spam messages, nor answers to anyone.
      I probably used an F* word, but not as offense. You could loosen up your own filters. It’s somewhere in the options.
      Anyway, you can delete this convo if you want.

      PS I’m not sorry, bc I was triggered and you were still wrong, at least partially. On the other hand, my bad is for being triggered with such trifle and using offensive language toward you. For that, I’m sorry.

  25. I remember having fun in this tank. Once.

  26. Russbot Apocalypse 2020

    Typical game for a T-34-2, to win a match in it you have to kill 5 enemy tanks, anything that hits you will pen, and you’ll still die.

  27. oh god you’re actually doing it. the t-34-2. RIP circon

  28. Hey circon i was just wondering about the highlight reels, they are always so funny and always bring a smile to my face, do you know when the next one us being released? ❤️

  29. Hi, could someone tell me which MoE mod Circon is using & how to configure it to look exactly like he has it? Cheers!

    • gunmarks extended, then in game do alt+ numlock 9 to go through all the options.

    • @Circonflexes Thanks a ton! Any idea how to get it to work? Downloaded & set it up but the statistics don’t load and the MoE won’t refresh after I do damage etc.

  30. 4:58 dat spagheto be like: Must have been the wind..

  31. Dont show him your lower plate T54!

    Oh nevermind………..

  32. This is the content I sub for

  33. Well, looked heavy job,…..but you did it Circon !! and the Standard B !

  34. @13:15 USEPLANB lol

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