Winning with TERRIBLE Tanks in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today isn't about premium tanks… Let's get back to basics and focus on winning with TERRIBLE tanks!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I looked immediately 🙁

  2. One day once I have enough money I WILL make a PC and play World of Tanks on max graphics…

  3. I’d want more to know about if trees give same value of camo as bushes? ( tree mechanics)

  4. Once again you said that Prem rounds helped ensure a win.

  5. Nice flex QB

  6. I know its not a quick explain, but reading the mini-map is a lesson I’ll repeated watch.

  7. good review QB.. no crying.. just teaching. excellent.

  8. So GSOR actually has higher win ratio than this tank? Interesting..

  9. How about a tutorial on Missions not just the regular ones which i do need but the Holiday ones too. I have basic understandings but I’m sure I’m missing something important, Timing schedules rewards etc.

  10. Are you not also an armchair general?

  11. i dont see why people say 703 II is op,its not. ive been match up with it in my tier 6,7,8 and 9 and all i can say,i can pen it with standard ammunition no problem.

  12. Can you please make videos with live commentary of what you were thinking during the battles, live strategy explanations.

  13. “Bushwork 101”. Sounds like 1970’s porn!!! LOL!

  14. But but… But I like my WZ-132, T-34-2 and T-34-3..
    But yeah, they cant carry at all >.>

  15. I 3 mark tanks for money wot

    8:13 80% or even more % of players dont understand this simple stuff…

  16. Dumb question, how do you except a platoon invite in and during the battle?

  17. I have 44camo rating on move and 56 with out move tank is elc even 90

  18. Is there a game setting that makes the bush completely disappear when you are close to it? Mine are always really hard to see through because they dont disappear, they just get slightly more transparent.

  19. “brake even” = – 12 000+ credits…..what have you been doing during the math classes?
    Just joking, we all know WG pay2win strategy.

  20. Mid tier light tank… it’s tier 9 and it’s “mid” tier

  21. This has been one of my favorite t9 light tanks to play. Granted I’ve only went up 3 light tank lines so far.

  22. i have a problem with my spotting indicator i dont now when i get spotting and i get absolutely abused by tank destroyers so how can i fix my problem ???

  23. Love watching QB roasting my favorite light tank line ?

  24. Terrible? It’s one of the better tank for spotting! Moreover he have a great gun! In fact no armor because it’s a real light…

  25. Love to see a series of videos where you go through different styles of tanks and tips and tricks on how to play the styles and play against them

  26. This was an exceptional video QB. A welcome break from the typical sort of content you might find on some other channels which cherish top tier gameplay with full gold loads in things like the 430U etc.
    I would like to see strategic locations/map mechanics explained. I have a hard time playing some tanks on certain maps (I find sand river to still be tricky in tanks without gun depression and i totally avoid the south flank entirely). You could make a series out of it easily.

  27. If it’s winning with terrible tanks why are you playing British lights?

  28. Dear quick could you please show all the f key commands also how do lock on cos I try to use that command and nothing happens

  29. I like Chinese lites.?

  30. Like that king from Shrek concerning TD’s and Lights – “some of you may die, but it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make”

  31. Can u play the m3 Lee. Just started playing thats so freaking wierd. Can u help.

  32. ZEE not Zed lol

  33. Lmao 132A is so good I have no idea what this is man is drinking but I would lay off of it buddo

  34. I’m sorry, QB, but you fell into that ‘load-gold-because-you-can’ hole. I’m just sad that gold ammo this mechanic is at it’s state and people who do not have credits to use it are just underdogs. I’m sad because community contributors should help them showing how to play without such a P2W thing that is spoiling the experience of majority of players. None of this is showed here – after first bounce you just tap-2-2 and – voila! – great game with (in your opinion) weak tank with 100 crew. So what? Most of us cannot afford to regularly use premium ammo because it’s so expensive.

    • “Most of us cannot afford to regularly use premium ammo because it’s so expensive.”
      That’s just bullshit.
      I could just as easily say that I can’t afford to shoot normal rounds so normal rounds are P2W and CC’s should only shoot the ammo I can afford which is HE.

  35. I thought he’d be reviewing multiple ‘terrible tanks’

  36. Nice gameplay. Now do soemthing similar in the t 34-2. Up for that challange?

  37. The best comment I’ve seen in the battle by LT driver to such “pinger” TD:
    “I will not die so you can miss once”.

  38. Where’s Tiger II, then?

  39. I did check my outlook there for a sec 🙂

  40. at 11:16 after that game you took a look on where that hit and it was at the bottom of you tracks ofc it bounced had nothing to do with hull or turret armor

  41. Hi there QB, perhaps you could explain the armor penetration a.k.a. overmatching mechanic? I am often wondering why I am having so much trouble connecting shots against for example an IS-7 but when I play one myself, I am just … fodder…

  42. try playing LTG 🙂

  43. Nice video QB! I would love to learn more about the view mechanics. I thought you could only have a maximum of 445 view range. But I hear people having more than that.

  44. Finally… I thought the next few days WoT Youtube is only about double barrels and loot boxes, I’m already sick of it

  45. I want to sart a light-tank-line. can someone recommend a fun one?

  46. Try playing stock heavy on your free account, bet cant you win a game because always +2 xD

  47. Situational awerness gives you more view range than recon.

  48. “do you have human rights?”

  49. I had the best game of my life on this map in the 132-1. complete with a ram kill of their tier 10 light at the end.

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