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  1. Day 170: Phly, you should play the Hampden TB Mk I. High-yield, low-tier bomber goodness

  2. Agree, I rarely play above 6.3-6.7, depending on nation. Precipitous fall off in fun after that. Peak fun is around 4.0 IMHO.

  3. Philippine army used wooden armor as well to combat insurgent rockets

  4. Hey phly could you show your keybinds and settings please

  5. The soviets used the wood on the tanks for when the got stuck in mud or Skeg. You would chain the wood to the tracks to act as a giant paddle. There are vids showing this.

  6. Phly you don’t like playing more than 6.3 BR because at 6.7 starts the freaking HEATFS crap..
    Armor meta stops at 6.3.
    I wish they never added the leopard 1 and it’s 400mm HEATFS versing 2nd WW tanks…

  7. The angled engine deck of an is series is actually far more resilient than you would think. It will stop a Panther’s round and can even give a long 88 a run for its money.

  8. when russia tanks combine with logs as a powerful strategy

  9. Cmdr. M1A2 Abrams

    The reason why the Soviets changed to wood because Human Space armor doesn’t protect the tank to chemical rounds

  10. How do I get this tank

  11. IS-2 Oak vs Object 268 Pine

  12. 17:20 Kool Aid Man! OH YEAH!

  13. Can you do a video on the T10M? It look like an is-3 on steroids, is really funny to play and is also a really good tank. I personally play it just with the APHE an some HE.

  14. Her Phly how do you unlock that all and soooo many golden eagle and silver lion??

  15. Oldschool tanks where it’s a slugfest. Yeeeee. MBTs? More like MB-tease. Never any good brawling action.

  16. Louie George Destreza

    Yes, the wood also acts as a spoiler on the Obj. 268, it’ll win in the next F1 GP

  17. If its stupid and it works its not stupid. but I believe most of the time it’s there to unbog the tank. hook a chains to the logs hook chains to the tracks move forward unhook log at back of tank rinse and repeat please see starting statement

  18. Marshall Blanton

    War Thunder ground rb summed up – bonks riding a 1/6 scale sherman while Steve presses w and clicks the button to shoot


    I love how when u shoot the shot intimately obliterated the crew before even pening

  20. Just to answer the question
    Monaco GP was yesterday

  21. My brain seriously cannot understand how two wooden logs have almost the same thickness as the tigers front plate

  22. Reactive wood armor when

  23. The maneuverableity comes from the torque of the diesel engines used in all of the russian tanks. They just needed fewer gears, as as an example their german gasoline powered counterparts.

  24. I think the logs saved me once from a heat FS round once.

  25. butter bean salad

  26. As long as this IS-2 pice of shit do continue to fire at long range, it’s still pure science fictionnal arcade tank

  27. To the end of the 2nd World war the Finns and Germans mounted wood on to the sides of their StUGs, they thought it wold give them extra protection. But the reports should that it wasn’t as effektiv as they hoped, in reality the reports of the Finnish military showed that the Wood does is adding weight, gives a bit of protection but many is used to free the tank from snow and mud. Their is a last thing to mention there are rumors that the Transmission heavily suffers from the added weight to the Tank.

  28. wtf is butter bean salad?

  29. Maybe it depends on the type of wood ahahha


  31. 16 reverse speed

  32. I remeber reading somewhere, that the loga where used as an help with mud etc. But also to put under the tanks rear for getting more depression in Hilly terrain.

  33. Nicholas Bryant

    It’s the density of the wood.. Hard wood or soft, Oak vs. Pine..

  34. Comming in hot with the next update: super-op cope cages! xD

  35. boy the worst part is wood actually helps in terms of protection at the time

  36. try out the new m1a1 AIM in dev server its pretty fun

  37. IS-2 has diesel engine so you would think that it has alot of torq

  38. If a tank with the same horsepower and weight was from a different nation it would be much much slower than the Is-2… IS-2 fast b/c Russian bias

  39. Do they have 2x4s as cosmetics ? Slap those on an RT-20 or an AUBL and recreate the Battle Of Marawi

  40. Ussr had the best 6.3 lineup with the T44 before the nerf plus the is2 and the su100p

  41. but the gepard at 8.0 🙁
    and i love the RU 251 at 7.0 so 🙁

  42. That wood do it

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