WORLD OF BOTS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks. Today, on Christmas , I want to give you something special – here's World of Bots!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Merry christmas quickybaby!!

  2. don’t the bots have a colon before and after their name? I swear that’s how it was

  3. the fact that you can get kolobanov and raseiniai against bots is such bullshit…

  4. Every Australian game I have ever played, but at least I like to think I was doing really well.

  5. For a minute i thought quickybaby found the ANZ server, tiers 1-5 on ANZ are half bots

  6. omg that was funny as hell loved it

  7. Merry Christmas QB to you and yours. Looking forward to another year…..Happy Hunting

  8. Console has this and it’s a blessing. The bots allow me to start a new tech tree.

  9. This is hilarious…!!!

  10. Back when i used to play in 2013 we didnt see these kind of things hehe.
    Merry Xmas QB

  11. Crush that ai

  12. That isn’t a silly hat

  13. come over to the ANZ server, the bots do shoot and some will hunt you down! Yeah, other bots will drive in circles and the ones that shoot rarely miss. Merry Christmas

  14. i would rather have bots than be low tier 5 or 7 times in a row

  15. QB the bots with the under score arent official WG bots. WG bots perform considerably better than these bots.

  16. I have a feeling like I’ve seen this video before. Maybe Jingles?

  17. Quickybaby as a lab person who has to look and find people’s cancer I sincerely thank you for the charity stream and slowly putting my out of work. Have a Merry Christmas!

  18. Merry Christmas to you to, you rly made my day laugh,thank you!

  19. australia server : meh, ain’t the first time down here m8

  20. aahhh, and he’s alive!!!

    Best part of the vid. Great job QB!!!

  21. Start playing WoT again after remember all the fun times I had with it back in the day. I load into a tier 5 tank I remember enjoying to warm up. First battle I load into is like 2/3rd’s bots. Finished the match and uninstalled the game. Devs should have focused on keeping the game f2p and p2w with better balancing. Why would anyone join WoT now when they have to face a bunch of 10K+ tankers with fully geared OP premium tanks and fully kitted crews? The bots show you how the game is dying.

  22. This is both amusing and sad at the same time.

  23. The australia server has bots, they are much better than these ones

  24. the bots don’t do this on the ANZ server, they just get lost in the base & go in all directions… I wish they funneled like this. This must be something of the EU server software.

  25. Theory: WoT needed more low tier players, so introduced bots, but instead of creating decent bots, they created terrible ones to entice more players into low tier matches.

  26. I prefer bots to players most times

  27. i don’t know why, but in this video your commentator skills are the best from the last 2 months…gratz on this amazing video!

  28. Bots on Aus server play better than that.They also use prem ammo.

  29. I seriously wish bots were worst thing had to worry about in wot, whether wg put them in or not, other wounds in the game that are slowly choking it out but wg rather sell another russian premium tank and let those wounds fester and rot instead of fixing them. Know alot of beta players that left the game permanently because they got tired of putting up with wg crap. Know one left because a wg employee decided to ban him because he was helping another player in a forum and that was a problem according to the employee, never logged in again after that.

  30. Full gold, tier II, vs bots, this is were funny ends and disgusting starts

  31. a joke is that…but now, i know where poor players get these rare medals

  32. The ANZ server peaks at ~1200 players, and often it’s less than half that. So nearly every game below tier 5 has at least a few bots, and often it’s like this, with 10+ bots.
    However, they’re quite differently implemented. You know they’re bots because they have : at the start and end of their names, not and underscore.
    And while they are still very stupid, they’re nowhere near this bad! They do at least shoot back and they don’t all go to one place on the map. Sometimes they even use gold ammo ffs!!

  33. Bots in EU server are a bit more intelligent and are playing at higher tiers.

  34. Roses are red violets are blue im stuck on the easter front and so are you

  35. well i guess cause my name starts with _ that means i’m a bot then????

  36. awesome video for christmas eve! thanks quicky 🙂

  37. Another seal clubber…Sad.

  38. Quickybaby: I’m not gonna show 15 kill games
    This game: ArE YoU sUrE aBoUt ThAt

  39. Merry Christmas

  40. Insanity lol

  41. As always my respect for QB for choosing to be such a nice guy, even the thumbs up or down shows his choice of being humble. Thanks for the awesome video. And happy Christmas.
    An occasional viewer.

  42. Le Lapin Crétin Ambulant

    the enemies player in this game are very idiot

  43. The game is dead

  44. Only played against bots and yet he almost screwed it up. How bad do you have to be. He doesn’t even know how bushes work.

  45. OMG….he killed the entire enemy team!!

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