World of Happy Little Tanks

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. Today I’m playing two “low” tiered vehicles – the Stuart and Ikv 103!

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  1. Chines M5 in much more better:)
    Fun fact:Lower tiers is better than X tiers.

  2. Purple player play t4 tank WTF?

  3. Try play Valentine AT, this is fun tank ?

  4. oh boy… the M5 Stuart…. pure horror 😉

  5. snowisthebestweather

    0:40 You _could_ have the M5 Stuart today with a brand new account, but why on Earth would you _want_ an M5 Stuart with that gun?

    It was a decent little tank back when it had the 75mm, even though it also saw tier 8s. At least it had a good gun.

    And if 200 damage in 3 seconds makes it a bit of a monster at tier 4, then what does that make the Cruiser IV, doing 200 in 1.5s?

  6. Try the D1 with the top turret and 25mm, like the TOG its not a good tank but great fun to play.
    25mm on that is the fastest-firing single-shot gun in the game, does 40rpm base.

    Hull has mediocre armor, mobility is shit, turret has crap armor, effective range is crap, but spewing a shell every 1.5 seconds or less is hilarious.

  7. Awesome video! More tier 4-6 please!

  8. Well, it shows u can be a pro in t6 and above but also a noob at t5 and below.

  9. Ikv aka The Coinflip….you either oneshot your enemies or you do 0 dmg. I got tails way too often. Totally hated that tank.

  10. ChristianMan777 [69TH]

    Quickybaby please try out WoT Blitz again! So much has changes with major equipment system changes and tier 10 medium tank nerfs! Also, premium ammunition does less damage than standard rounds (about 15% less). No more spamming premium! Please check it out!

    Attempt number 2

  11. finally .. TY .. Now do a T-127 vid.. its a prem.

  12. 50 apcr round….

  13. You know the ikv has got an haubits

  14. Thank you for playing low tier tanks 🙂

  15. play the hetzer with the 105.. thats rather fun too, if you’re top tier

  16. The stuart’s gun was kinda annoying but it was good at scouting. I didn’t like the Ikv much at all, the accuracy and shell velocity are crap and the HEAT shells have a hissyfit unless they hit something thin and flat without spaced armour.

  17. Luchs is my go-to low tier. That thing is a beast once you know how to play with it.

  18. IKV has horrific shell velocity

  19. QB you should play the elc bis 75mm or whatever this trool gun is !!

  20. Sherman 3 pls

  21. I love it….do Luchs or leopard.


    Pz1 c is a happy tank

  23. Just wanted to day. HAppy birthday QB!
    I loved the ikv. I got my first mark of excellence in 33 games!

  24. why not pz ic german ferarri?

  25. Ikv 103 is glorious.

  26. 1st game…. NO CAP! KILL ALL!!

  27. The 3 arty kill medal is now the Burda’s medal

  28. Plzz do the type 64 i love the tank i finde its the best tier 6 ??

  29. i want to see low tier gameplay with no equipment 75% crew and no premium consumables or ammo!

  30. Pz I C is the cancer of low tier vehicles. I love it.

  31. Justin justintheman

    m5a1 is faster

  32. biggest monster of tier 4 still is covenanter with itz fast reloading clip, but itz good you don’t feature it 😀 nobody knows it then 🙂

  33. Happy Birthday for the other day QB . I hope you had a fantastic day 🙂

  34. Just look at how badly the ELC was ruined by Wargaming in their “rebalancing”, the thing can’t accelerate for shit anymore, it’s pathetic.

  35. Got a ace tanker on my Stuart lol

  36. that title image Ikv looks like o-ho turret or something 😀

  37. I love my ikv 103. Great little td 🙂

  38. Content cop – quickybaby

  39. So back then when I had a M5 stuart in my garage I read that they changed the top gun into an autoloader. While I love the derp gun, I guess an autoloader with decent DPM might works too.

    Then I shot the first shot in the clip to an enemy.

    And then a friendly tank drive in front of me, and I ended up shot him twice because I can’t stop the f*cking gun.

    Well, that was the fastest decision to sell a tank that I ever made.

  40. Teir 3 fv4005(cruiser 2)?

  41. Sees head line: Seal clubber!

  42. The Cruiser IV with the pom-pom gun has the same characteristics…it just fire 2 shots instead of 5. I But i love the cruiser IV even though i have played WOT for long time and have many top tier tanks. Its fast, agile, have a devastating gun with good pen…its good fun (but love the cruiser 2 with derp also :-))

  43. Surprised that you said nothing about the ongoing special sale and how the… *Sigh* Pz. II J is available at 99’99€ again.

  44. This is why I love watching QB videos..beast gamer even when playing some tanks for the first time

  45. m5 stuart is crap now….i miss the 75mm howitzer that was on that

  46. The best moment that I ever had in the M5 was back when it had the howitzer and I ended up directly behind a Matilda (who didn’t see me for some reason), derping shots into its rear for about 40 damage per shot, because heavy armour and HE don’t really mix at T4.

    PS. I focus on lower tier vehicles on my own channel for both WoT and WoWS, just on the off-chance that anyone is interested in watching some lower tier replays to complement the ones here.

  47. A top expert plays top tier in tier 4 ?? LoL He’s killing everything that moves and laughing. Players at that level are still trying to figure out how to drive around a building. This game needs some player classes.

  48. nice video i would like to see something like (from 10 videos for example)

    and 3 low tier (something under T8) 🙂

  49. QB, i wich you Will make a b-c 25 t review! 😀
    I thought you had one but i can’t fint it. A video going thrpugh the statistics would be fantastisk! 😀

    Big fan from Denmark

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