World of Tank || Cliff Light Tank GamePlay Tutorial Tips Tricks Hints

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tank || Cliff Light Tank GamePlay Tutorial Tips Tricks Hints

The one where Sir Havoc takes on the worse possible match making on Cliff, as the ONLY Tier six tank on your side how can you help those high tiers, establish yourself in the game stay alive, do damage and get kills?
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►Looking for replays with-
(Replays MUST be the latest version of WoT meet ALL requirements set)

Hall of Fame Rare Medals Or Base XP over 1600
Its Moron Time – People on your team being Dicks
Really Funny things in game LOL moments
Thug Life moments

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►Music –

►Intro Music : Aaron Wilde “Together We Rise”

Aaron Wilde is a brilliant up coming Composer, please give him your love guys!!!


  1. Good early game intel. I think that’s the most important thing light tanks
    should do in early game.

  2. Looking forward to the TD vids. By the way talk about ‘daft’ matchmaking
    was in a tier 10 match last night in trusty Tortoise and there was a
    Cunningham T1! Now this guy actually managed to get 2 penetrations out of
    12 shots fired and score higher than 2 tier 10s. Keep these informative
    vids coming now watch u more than jingles:)

  3. Coming next are some Tank Destroyer and Heavy Tank videos so stay tuned
    mates :)

  4. Nice one mate, that’s a real good one. I do prefer them without the
    background. Music and. I like the way you pulled. The camera back to give
    more tactical view. A lot if you tubers use sniper and I ra difficult to
    picture the positioning.

  5. Loving the light tank tutorials.

  6. I am a light tank driver too. You do have to learn fast not to stick
    yourself in the fight too early. That light tank speed can get you in

    I do not have an MT-25. Maybe I should get one sometime. I have not gone
    down the Soviet tank lines yet. I have all the American lights. Those are
    really nice…well most of them at least.

  7. Very informative. I watched it several times, paying close attention to
    what you did, where you moved, and why. Keep up the good work.

  8. another top vid boss :)

  9. As a yellow player who’s working to become and stay green, I appreciate
    this videos – it’s good for me to stop and reflect why I do the things I
    do, and how I might do them better. Thanks for the work you put into
    teaching people how to be better players. :)

  10. That was a great match, I’m glad I got to see that one while you were
    streaming. Keep up the good work, sir. :)

  11. I’ve decided it’s better to just watch you play well then try and fail to
    make my game better so I made a fresh pot of coffee to watch this :P

  12. I had a game where i proxy spotted a vkb and 4 other tanks and prevented
    them from coming around the corner in f2 with help from 2 tanks on e2 and

  13. thank you again for another cracking video +Sir Havoc.
    Still loving the intro’s

  14. Amazing game! I need 6th sense on my tanks… just reached 2k battles and
    my nearest is about 80%

  15. I agree with AP….it has to be arty with the thumbs down….how can anyone
    not like these vids?????

    It did take me a while to find them at first coz I thought Jingles was
    saying sir hadock!!! Bit fishy what!

  16. What is this UI, looks different from the game?

  17. where can i download your modpack?

  18. always a pleasure to learn…

    south east asia

  19. Gravitic the Imperator [Königreich of Albion]

    love your videos Sir Havoc ;)

  20. Top tier VK 45.02 B being AFK was HUGE. In a frontal fight, that thing is
    insanely overpowered. It could have swung the fight over on the 9 line for
    the other team.

  21. Slowly getting better with light tanks with a lot of help from videos like
    this. Thanks!

  22. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Could you possibly do revieas/tutorials on the BT series and or the A-20? I
    just can’t seem to do well in them, making it impossible for me to get to
    the proper scouts.

  23. Wasn’t this a live stream game? 

  24. The Anonymous Patriot

    the one person who disliked this was the arty driver on the enemy team LOL

  25. Looks so easy when you are playing it. Me in the light tank first one out
    guarantee… Well played mate… 

  26. Thanks sir havoc

  27. +Sir Havoc I would like to know which modes are you using. Ty

  28. When is a video about t71?

  29. can u give me a link to where i can get the sixth sense sound the beeping
    for 10 secs so i know when im not spotted anymore, i would really
    appreciate it

  30. The spotted sounds are cool but distractingly loud, louder than your voice

    Part of that game going well is how your entire team was, 15-1 is crazy,
    but im sure you helped enable it by giving your team the confidence with
    recon. Still seems like a lot of how well you can do in a game is dependant
    on your team, but then people make a huge deal about your personal winrate,
    in a team game lol. 

  31. Goes to show what a low tier light can do, Instead of just suicideing.

  32. The one where Sir Havoc takes on the worse possible match making on Cliff,
    as the ONLY Tier six tank on your side how can you help those high tiers,
    establish yourself in the game and stay alive, do damage and get kills?

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