World of Tanks – 0-15 in 5 mins | Tomato Episode 12

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  1. gg, you had a noob team -_-

  2. I am not a great player…but when you play assault mode. You think to
    yourself……..DAM……………I am better then I think am… see
    the worse of the worse. When on Assault mode defending. I bring my WN8 up
    as 99.9% chancwes I wont wein.

  3. Why do you render your videos in 50 fps? You aren’t a console peasant, you
    can hold a solid 60 frames

  4. Svatekl2 what is the name on this song on this video?

  5. 4 2 0 a e s t h e t i c

  6. such scrub, much WoT

  7. Great now I’m again stuck with witch doctor °~°
    And great video btw :D

  8. Scatekl2, what is the name of the song you use to end your video?? ???

  9. What does Assault have to do with n00bs?

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