World of Tanks || 1.0.1 Mod Pack with XVM

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks XVM Pack by QuickyBaby 1.0.1!
►v1 1.0.1 – 03/05/2018


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Thanks!

  2. If you want to zoom out a bit (which QB no longer uses) go to:


    My drive is H: yours might be C:

    Inside the default folder use Notepad to open the file camera.xc

    Edit this so that the word next to “enabled” is true instead of false

    Further edit to the line starting “distRange” – delete 25 and replace with 100 – this is enough for me anyway.

    Click save and close Notepad

    The top part of the file now looks like this:

    * Camera settings
    * Настройки камеры
    “camera”: {
    // false – disable camera settings.
    // false – отключить настройки камеры.
    “enabled”: true,
    // Arcade mode
    // Аркадный режим
    “arcade”: {
    // Camera distance range: [min, max], default – [2, 25]
    // Отдаление камеры: [мин, макс], по умолчанию – [2, 25]
    “distRange”: [2, 100],

  3. Super KameHameHa

    Italian Footballers playing WoT? Nice advertising WG.

  4. Thanks QB. A lot of critics and experts around…”There’s no right or wrong, there are just opinions.”

  5. any problem with mark of excellence ?

  6. What About updates?
    Everytime i decided to download a modpack, the game updates and I need to reinstall the whole modpack
    Is there a quicker way to do that instead of reinstalling?

  7. How to remove flag in this mod?

  8. For those of you xvm whores that don’t believe xvm is a cheat mod, this xvm sword has a double edge.
    I play arty, and with xvm, I can, and do target the better players.
    I don’t bother targeting the tomatoes and potatoes unless there are no better players.
    Now if there was no xvm, this game would’ve been awesome. I don’t care either way. If and when I get spotted, I am dead anyways.

  9. And i thought that i was the only one having bad time with Mauschen

  10. I have tried to instal this mod, but it did not work. I did the same as you did in the video…is it also for EU server? Or what is the catch?

  11. rodrigo ferrer perez

    there are many many mods you can add like help to auto-aim(2 seconds for example) or a mod that shows tanks life on the minimap

  12. No offense, but who still uses mods in 2018? Just to use XVM? Because all the others are very minor things.

  13. So what does wargaming wait? When will they balance obj 268.4?

  14. Cool kept wondering why I couldn’t spot anything then realized bino’s not moving.

  15. why dont you have the same thing for camouflage like for the equipment?

  16. 0.35 dajm that sand river music is so wild xD

  17. Many tks QB very good as usual! one more thing: why you do not include the mod that shows the Win8 color near the name of the player over the tank in the ingame mode? that would be great!

  18. Ole-Kristian Fossmann

    Every time WG comes with a small update, the mod pack stops working. How do I fix that?

  19. @QuickyBaby Have you ever had the mod not transfer your equipment? That is the biggest reason I have used XVM but it has not been moving my equipment around the last couple patches.

  20. Can you add the option of demounting camo automatically since WG has now added demountable camo?

  21. Your mod pack does not work Clearly i did the exact things you said/showed up until activating XVM, i log into the game after doing the steps and the only thing that changes is my entire crew dissapeer except fort the commander….this is why i dont trust/use mods because they never work.

    • i have no issues with this pack. same with many other people. maybe you installed wrong or have a conflicting mod?

  22. Jonatan Mercier élève

    HEY QUICKY 🙂 quick question… could you include this mod in your next modpack ( It’s the same thing as the move crew and equipment mod but with camo. So essentially now that you can use camo on multiple tank, you can use the same camo on all you tanks of the same nation of course. If you can’t thats ok, it would just be a cool little extra

  23. The only mode that I would consider as useful is that which shows you what wn8 rating you achieved in battle you played.


  25. This may sound crazy, but could you do some guides for console players? Some mechancis are a little bit different on console.

  26. something is broken on your mod packs , the last 3 or 4 you have put out do not work on NA server. only my top crew member shows, teams dont show on map in game and more.

  27. It’s always good team vs. bad team. How many times you saw enemy team rushes your team like hurricane and your allies vanish instantly? Too many? That’s because most of them can see tomatoes or potatoes or whatever nickname you like and rush like there’s no tomorrow. How many times you saw suicidal maniacs dying in first minutes? Too many? They don’t want to try playing because xvm says they have 80% chance to lose. Arty issue was mentioned and etc… On every single map you have crucial points you need to take in order to win the battle, sparrow on the branch knows that. Without xvm (imagine that lovely world) you could see players playing more carefully, trying to actually win the battle or at least that would give some time to good players in the bad team to try to do something, to turn the odds in their benefit and not watching 1:5 in first 30 seconds of the game and give up. There always be bots but give a decent players some chance ffs. That chance is called MISTERY.

  28. Man, update just came out and the cheats are already out. I miss the days of having at least one day of the cheats not being enabled.

  29. Thank you!

  30. About time

  31. Stanislav Coros

    i think u dont have one important thing compared to official XVM modpack. a winPercentage color indication above all enemy and friendly healthbar. at the begining of healthbar

  32. Stanislav Coros

    but I have to admit,… XVM should be at the end BANNED, becouse people using XVM can start game differently based on skill level of enemy team. If u see a lot of noobs, u can change your tactic and push hard together, what u whould not do normally as u have to be patient as u are scary dont know who you play against.

  33. Vaggelis Mizithrakis

    why the app is not running after i set the mods?

  34. Whether or not you approve of XVM, it’s clear that “debating” about it on YouTube is convincing no one, muddying up the issue, and is overall just one insult-slinging fest of embarrassment.

    Just stop.

  35. MountainLion1 USA

    Thanks QB for being so quick with the updated mod.

  36. Hey I’m a noob you said try kv-1 I agree is great for every reason you mentioned but I think the mobility kills it by playing medium/long range you still have to deal with lights mediums and quicker heavies like kv1s

    • mobility isnt great, but the damage and armor is phenomenal. just angle well and most tier 5 cant get through you front, many tier 6 too

  37. Does WoT give players an option to hide their stats like WoWS? This could be a bridge for the ones who in favor of XVM and the ones who against it

  38. can you remove your face from the 6th sense popup ??

    • you can find the specific part of the modpack that does that in the folders and remove/replace it.

  39. Giancarlo Dalle Mole

    Thanks for the mod pack. It’s the best!

  40. Laurent Brabant

    C’est a chier world of tanks trop truqué les batailles sont gérer par eux même ! A déconseillé ce jeu

  41. Hey QB, your mod never worked in my game, when I install it my game HUD disappears, the crew besides the commander of the tank cannot be ssen anymore, map disappear too. And the game only turns back to normal if I repair the installation. No clue in making it work 🙁

  42. German Carballo

    thx man

  43. Michael Meszaros

    QB, does ANY modpack allow a player to rotate the mini-map 180 degrees?

  44. Italian Invasion Infuriates I.

  45. Thanks for your work on the mod, and for getting it out day one.
    Ever thought about making a video about how to mod XVM?

  46. How do you activate you free cam?

  47. Works perfectly as usual. And as usual, thanks !

  48. You need the color of players above name and arty aim cross like in vanila client. Really usefull

  49. 491 tanks…. okay i have 4 tanks xD

  50. Yesterday,i pay for 30 days premium and after few battles,premium days are lost and it says buy premium,this uppdate is full of bugs,contacted support and still waiting answer?

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